...What we do for others is what gets us ahead...
Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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Vincent Kituku




What Qualifies Dr. Kituku as the Speaker/Trainer for Your Group


  1. Vincent KitukuBorn and raised in Kenya, Africa, and a resident of the U.S.A. since mid 80s.  Dr. Kiluku delivers presentations from a perspective that is unique, authentic and with lasting impact.

  2. Not a single participant leaves Dr. Kituku's presentation without either learning something they can use to better their personal or professional life or inspired to begin a new path of growth and success.
  3. Dr. Kituku's enthusiasm and ability to develop rapport with his audiences seems natural, thus allowing him to deliver presentations that inform to educate, train to increase productivity and inspire to give hope.
  4. Dr. Kituku is an international communicator who uses African stories and life experiences to connect audience challenges with expectations of the future they want.
  5. Audience's attention, comprehension and retention of learned material are enhanced by Dr. Kituku's use of props (e.g. African spear, village made candle, wood carved shovel, coconut monkey trap, and even a football and coach's uniform).
  6. Reared in a mixture of cultures, African village and lived in industrial world, Dr. Kituku views and share life from an understanding of cultural insight that opens audiences' thinking into living and working with differences for professional and personal growth.

    Group activities that Dr. Kituku consciously includes in his presentations, keynote or training, are spiced with interactions that increase networking opportunities as participants learn from each other's experiences.
  7. Dr. Kituku is a former training specialist of corporate America, university lecturer and experienced trainer for Human Resources managers, coaches and
    organizations and public leaders. His tips on leadership, team fabrics and the chemistry of change for growth have helped organizations to increase productivity and teams to win conference championships and bowl games.
  8. In a decade as a speaker and trainer, Dr. Kituku has built such relationships with his audiences that 98.9% of his repeat or new speaking/training engagements are due to satisfied participants and/or planners talking to their families, co- workers and other associates
  9. Dr. Kituku presents for results! He is a believer of turning thoughts into tangible results.  The past, no matter how bad it was, he says, Can be a steppingstone into a new beginning.




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