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Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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Buffaloes in the Workplace: Thriving Change as a Jungle Rod

Workshop Title:  Marketing With Zero or Shoestring Budget

Moving Forward in Chaotic Times Clinic NEW!

Moving Forward Without Leaving Families Behind, Presented by Dr. Kituku and Patricia Kempthorne NEW!

Developing Functional Conflict Management Techniques

Balancing Work and Life

Storytelling in the Workplace

Presentations With a Punch: 9 Steps for Making Your Presentations Powerful!

Living and Working with Cultural Differences

Other Programs Presented by Kituku & Associates

Teams at Work: Their Success Package

Valuing Customers: How to Bring Them Back

Visionary Journey and Self-Empowerment

Building an Organization Image


Teacher In-Service: Educator Motivation

Programs developed based on customer needs.


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Buffaloes in the Workplace: Thriving Change as a Jungle Rod

Today’s workplace has become a jungle where every morning, both lions and gazelles wake up ready to run in order to survive. The survival principle is, “It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”  The unexpected changes in workplace could be compared to the appearance of water buffaloes in an African village, where I grew up. They invaded villages without warning, devastating social structures, uprooting the harmonious livelihood of villagers and leaving them feeling insecure and stressed out.

You need the tools for not only surviving but thriving in unpredictable times. This workshop is designed to equip with:

  • 5 must know jungle survival skills not only necessary today but for the rest of your life
  • 7 strategies of managing your life in chaotic times
  • 7 Tips on overcoming “Impala Syndrome” to growth
  • Thriving in change as a “jungle rod”
  • Charging on the buffalo of change proactively
  • Planting your personal and professional seeds in “dry season”
  • Charting a new vision

  • Workshop Title:  Marketing With Zero or Shoestring Budget

    Marketing wisdom shows that people are inclined to do business with entities they see or hear about. But what if you have the best product or service and no one knows about it and you have limited or no capital for promotions. What if the economy heads south, how can the name of you business remain in circulation if you have limited resources or no budget? Lack of marketing is marketing your business out of the market. Creative marketing is the key. This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with minimum or zero budget. Topics discussed include but not limited to:

  • Top 4 Proven Strategies to Build Your Business with Unlimited Referrals
  • High Performance Activities that Increase Customer Retention
  • Retaining Customers with Ordinary Practices
  • 10 Ways of Advertising Your Products/Services With Zero Capital
  • Why Forget Christmas Gifts--Turning Ordinary Events/things into Extraordinary Returns
  • 99 Tips to Get and Keep Customers—a special bonus

  • Moving Forward in Chaotic Times Clinic NEW!

    You will Learn:


    How to Take Charge of Your Professional and Personal Growth


    “Buffaloes” in the Workplace and How to Not Be a Victim


    How to Discover Hidden Strengths You Need to Cope in Challenging times


    How to Develop Definite Purpose in Life


    Sending or Posting Your Resume in the Internet for Results


    7 Powerful Attributes of Nurturing Your Purpose


    4 Critical Assets to Know and Use, Always


    12 Top Secrets that Move People Ahead in Chaotic Times


    Top 9 tips for Overcoming “Impala Syndrome”


    The Power of Planting “Seeds” in Dry Seasons and 7 Tips on How to Do It


    Ordinary Practices with Extraordinary Career Rewards


    Proven Steps (12) for Turning Setbacks into Setups for New Beginning


    Moving Forward Without Leaving Families Behind, Presented by Dr. Kituku and Patricia Kempthorne NEW!

  • How to Move Forward Without Leaving Your Family Behind
  • Recognizing The High Cost of Life Imbalance
  • 8 Top Sources of Workplace Stress
  • 7 Reasons to Implement Work-Life Initiatives in Your Workplace
  • 7 Key Solutions for Work Overload
  • 5 Top Growth Strategies that Incorporate Work-Relationships
  • 6 Ways to Keep Relationships Up to Date for Busy Professionals
  • Beyond Chaos: Keeping Home and Career Under Control
  • Top Notch Strategies for Handling Unexpected Changes
  • About the speakers

    Patricia Kempthorne, a graduate of University of Idaho, co-founded the Family and Workplace Consortium in Idaho, which encourages and assists companies in developing a family consciousness in practice and policy. Since joining Business Psychology Associates, in Boise, Mrs. Kempthorne has been the director of Work-Life Initiatives.
    The first lady has focused her attention on the welfare of children and families and finding solutions to specific challenges they face, including childcare, education, healthy life choices, and work-life balance.  A devoted community volunteer, the first lady serves on the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics advisory board and she is an honorary chair for the Boys and Girls Club.  She serves on the advisory councils of St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, the Casey Foundation, and the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame.  She and the governor have two adult children.

    Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is one of the nationally most sought-after business motivational speakers and trainers.  He has risen to prominence by delivering authentic, informative, captivating, and high-energy messages that tell people how to “spear social buffaloes” and live up to their greatness. It is a message Dr. Kituku, a native of Kenya, Africa, has learned from experiences in corporate America and his life, and now helps others apply to their lives.

    A former training specialist with Idaho Power Company and active adjunct professor at Boise State University Dr. Kituku is both national and regional columnist for numerous publications in professional and personal development as well as media personality with his own radio program, “Buffaloes in our Lives” KBOI 670 AM.      

    Developing Functional Conflict Management Techniques

    Conflict management skills are presented in this interactive seminar with the view that conflict is a natural and healthy part of life. Each participant will:

  • Identify his or her own conflict handling ways
  • Recognize reactive and proactive conflict managing styles
  • How to cope with conflict
  • Understand change as a conflict creator
  • Learn 4 guidelines on “How to Get to Yes”
  • Learn 5 rules for engagement and
  • Learn 8 steps for Win-Win method of conflict resolution.

  • Balancing Work and Life

    In this presentation, participants learn to:

  • Establish a personal lifelong purpose to avoid burnout from daily routines
  • Align individual goals with those of the organization
  • Develop self-empowering strategies for balanced living
  • Dig for change’s positive attributes
  • Bouncing back to productive life after life/work change
  • Adhere to practices that minimize change and work-related stress
  • Be flexible and involved in non-work related activities 

  • Storytelling in the Workplace

    No communication style is as effective as telling stories to foster harmony, team spirit, and increase productivity. With a story, auditory, visual, kinesthetic and affective learners are all included. This presentation is designed to give participants tools on how to use folktales and personal stories to:

  • Motivate/inspire others
  • Defuse workplace tensions
  • Increase team members’ participation and synergy
  • Stop unproductive habits
  • Challenge and tap unutilized potential
  • Find common ground for diverse cultures
  • Help co-workers heal from life turbulence
  • Communicate issues in a memorable way
  • Select/develop positive and acceptable and informative humorous stories

  • Presentations With a Punch: 9 Steps for Making Your Presentations Powerful!
    (Recommended for Managers, trainers and speakers)

    You may know you can serve others by touching their hearts, bringing them tomorrow’s technology today, building self-confidence, or sharing hope and faith. But you don’t know how. This hands-on workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools to make your presentations powerful. You will learn how to:

  • Conquer your fear of public speaking
  • Research and customize your presentation
  • Organize your information
  • Deliver information skillfully
  • Make your presentation memorable
  • Create platform image
  • Motivate your audience
  • Select and effectively use visual aids
  • Avoid presentation pitfalls

  • Living and Working with Cultural Differences

    The cultural dynamics in American communities, public services and business establishments in the new millennium are begging for businesses and community leaders to refocus their efforts and address social aspects of living and working with cultural differences.

    In this presentation, Dr. Kituku addresses:

  • Personal experiences in living and working with diverse cultures
  • Diversity as a concept and value
  • Diversity Vs. Affirmative Action
  • Benefits of cultural diversity in community life and business viability
  • Principles of appreciating cultural differences
  • Benefits of promoting cultural differences where we live and work
  • 5 main branches along the path of recognizing and celebrating differences.

  • Other Programs Presented by Kituku & Associates

    Teams at Work: Their Success Package
    Valuing Customers: How to Bring Them Back
    Visionary Journey and Self-Empowerment
    Building an Organization Image
    Teacher In-Service: Educator Motivation
    And/or programs developed based on customer needs.


    Vincent Kituku

    Vincent delivering keynote speech for the
    38th Annual Idaho State Governor's Leadership Prayer Breakfast.




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