“What we do for ourselves can get us by.   What we do for others is what gets us ahead; whether in our profession, spiritual pursuits or relationship.”
Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Ph.D., CSP

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Dr. Kituku is a widely read influential writer in business, inspiration and education. Using his exuberant, concise and riveting style, Vincent has created books and articles of substance that are eminently readable, with authentic clarity and relevancy. He is an Inspirational, Family and Professional expert whose columns appear internationally in numerous daily, weekly and monthly publications of both traditional and electronic venues.








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Dr Kituku's Top 13 Lessons for Professional & Personal Success

The Secrets of Putting Presence in Your Presentations

Top 45 Must Know Lessons for Top Achievers

Jamba Mama (Hello Mom)





Multicultural Folktales for All Ages

East African Folktales

Slices of Hope and Inspiration

2nd Helping... Slices of Hope and Inspiration





I Stopped Raising Angels

Wasya Wa Mukamba (The Voice of Mukamba)

Rays and Storms -as the river flows-

For Caroline Kasiva (Sweet 16!)

Sukula Ite Nguta (The School With No Walls)

Once Upon A Time...

Mbathi Sya Ndeto Ya Ngai Sinitwe na Wasya Wa Mukamba (Gospel Songs Sang By the Voice of Mukamba)





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