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Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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Vincent Muli Wa Kituku


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Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku works with organizations and individuals to increase productivity and achieve optimum potential. He is one of the most sought-after business motivational speakers and trainers. Vincent has risen to prominence by delivering authentic, informative and high-energy messages that help people "spear social buffaloes" and live up to their greatness.
Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Ph.D., from the day he was born in Kangundo, Kenya, seemed destined for failure. Chronic stomach illness, early struggles in his schooling-six years in three grades and the loss of five siblings did not stop Vincent from his dream, to be somebody, someday. He refused to be discouraged. He didn't let what he couldn't control become obstacles. With simple and plain persistence, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming and has distinguished himself in the field of helping individuals live up to their potential. In 1997. Dr. Kituku left corporate America so as to reach people in different organizations, both private and public. Dr. Kituku's knack for storytelling and ability to inform to empower, inspire to give hope and challenge to encourage people to reach new heights of personal and professional growth has placed him among the nation's leading motivational speakers.
Dr. Kituku, a native of Kenya, Africa, draws on his rich cultural heritage and his in-depth experience in corporate America to help others apply the strategies of personal and professional success to their lives.
Vincent offers individuals and organizations the necessary spears to overcome and thrive beyond their buffaloes.
The impact of Dr. Kituku's memorable speeches and workshops has propelled him into a league of his own. He has given presentations to Fortune 500 Companies, as well as the National Association of Rural Mental Health, the National Citizen Police Academy, the National Trainers Association, Mountain Home Air Force, and the U.S. Forest Service. Vincent was the featured speaker for the 38th Idaho State Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast and Luncheon. His expertise is called upon annually by many groups to establish creative training techniques for the use of other trainers and educators in businesses and youth development programs.
Dr. Kituku is a widely read influential writer in business, inspiration and education. Using his exuberant, concise and riveting style, Vincent has created books and articles of substance that are eminently readable, with authentic clarity and relevancy. He is an Inspirational, Family and Professional expert whose columns appear internationally in numerous daily, weekly and monthly publications of both traditional and electronic venues, including Zidaho.com. Dr. Kituku is the host of "Buffaloes in Our Lives" a weekly radio program, aired in the Northwest area on KBOI 670 AM, Saturdays at 7:00 a.m. He is chief editor of the "Buffaloes in Our Lives" newsletter.
Dr. Kituku received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nairobi and both his Masters and Doctorate from the University of Wyoming. He has worked extensively with both government and private sectors. A former training specialist for Idaho Power Company, and an active adjunct professor of Boise State University, Dr. Kituku also conducts professional and scholarly workshops at the University of Montana, George Fox University and the College of Southern Idaho.
Some of Dr. Kituku awards include: The 2000 Integrity Counts Award given by the Better Business Bureau, 1st Place for Most Spiritual Lessons Articles awarded by USA and Canada Catholic Press, and 1st Place for Devotional and Spiritual Poems given by Christian Writers of Idaho. He recently earned his candidacy for CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), the highest designation presented by the National Speakers Association.

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