“...What we do for others is what gets us ahead...”
Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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Vincent Kituku’s speaking and articles have inspired and motivated people accross the United States.  Our syndication program allows you to use the same articles in your publication or online newsletter.  For the low rate of $10 or $15 a week, you’ll have unlimited access to Vincent’s articles. 

Some of the current titles available include:

Professional and Personal Growth Articles 

  • Beyond the Lion’s Claws and Teeth of Your Future
  • Jumping Into Your Future Personal Success
  • Looking Back On A Life With Purpose
  • Balancing Work and Life
  • Jumping Into Your Future Personal Success
  • Un-used Air Conditioner
  • Persistence

Other topics that Vincent covers includes:

Family and Marriage 

Spiritual Challenge, Encouragement and Growth 


Turning Adversities into Opportunities

Buying Articles

All articles available for syndication will include the link “For Sale” after the date on each available article. Clicking on the link will take interested purchasers to the Syndication Request Form.

Purchasers have the following license options when purchasing articles from Kituku.com

Your subscription rate is based on your periodicals circulation.


Fewer than 20,000 $10/wk

More than 20,000 $15/wk

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