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Gregory M. Deitchler is a results-oriented professional and personal growth expert. He provides tools to organizations, individuals, and families who want to learn how to tap into internal motivation and increase productivity with clarity of focus. Greg has been described as intelligent, inspiring, and witty. His vivacious personality and charm exudes passion and inspiration that captivates audiences and helps them to move forward in their endeavors. With his inspiring background as a cancer survivor and his extensive education he not only inspires but educates his audiences.

Greg has been speaking to large and small audiences since the early 1980’s. As a motivational speaker/trainer he was named as one of the State of Idaho’s top motivators by the Idaho Statesman and was inducted into the Associated Students of Boise State University Hall of Fame for Community Service. His inspiring stories will challenge and inspire you and your organization to reach new heights of determination to turn your goals and dreams into reality.

What sets Mr. Deitchler apart is not only his story of triumph over adversity but also how he turns setbacks into comebacks. After receiving pioneering cancer treatments that followed a 1% very bleak prognosis, Greg’s purpose quickly became bigger than his own survival. He became speaker/fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at the age of 10. Greg has enlightened others about the value of donating money to research-based treatments. Mr. Deitchler was instrumental in starting Camp Rainbow Gold, a camp for kids with cancer. As an extension of the camp, Greg founded the first teen support group for teens surviving cancer. Mr. Deitchler became the youngest person ever to be elected as the Vice President of the Local American Cancer Society at age 19. His unrelenting desire to help others culminated in establishing Promising Horizons, a private clinical practice in marriage and family therapy and mental health. His expertise is in treating individuals and families experiencing traumatic illness.

Greg has spoken to many groups to help them move forward in their endeavors. His extensive list of speeches and workshops includes partnerships with local cities and hospitals to bring low cost marriage and relationship education to the masses. He has given presentations to Fortune 500 Companies, Adoption, Cancer, Diabetes, Mental Health and Developmental Disability Agencies as well as Chambers of Commerce, and Lyons Clubs. Greg has also presented papers and programs to the Idaho Counseling Association, SMART Marriages Conference: the Coalition for Marriage, Family & Couples Education, the National Candlelighters Association, and many others.

In addition to his private practice Greg is well known in the adolescent mental health field for his work designing school based day treatment programs for at risk/emotionally disturbed youth. He trains educators and educational officials on the complexity of issues in adolescent mental health, group dynamics, and team building. Greg is also certified to train in non-violent crisis intervention. Greg’s work has been instrumental in helping corporate America learn the dynamics of team building, goal setting, and how to become mission-driven organizations.

Gregory M. Deitchler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Minor in interpersonal communication and dispute resolution, and his Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling from Boise State University.

While Greg’s programs are developed and customized to address clients identified needs and expectations, the following are among his sought-after presentations.

Drive Your Own Carrot

  • Commitment to a full Life
  • Be more than a dreamer
  • Surround yourself with top achievers
  • Commit to continuous learning
  • Never forget to be grateful

  • Healthy Marriage: A Pathway to Good Health, Happy Employees, Great Communities, and Happily Forever Families

  • A Healthy Marriage leads to a Healthy Person
  • Employment satisfaction, productivity, and longevity are all linked to Happy Marriages
  • The cost of bad marriages effect all of us the benefit of a good marriage does wonders for the community
  • Happy Healthy Marriages Lead to stronger parents and stronger children

  • Happily Ever After: A Dream or a Myth

  • Learn the facts about what makes a strong marriage
  • Learn the Danger Sings that go unchecked will bring down event the strongest marriages
  • Learn how to gain control by gaining self insight
  • Drive Your own Carrot in marriage
  • Lasting fulfillment

  • 5 Keys To Empower Teens and Stop Arguing

  • Learn the powerful secret of what drives behavior & emotion
  • Learn what triggers set you off and set up power struggles
  • Stop arguing and start empowering teens
  • Learn to communicate effectively with teens
  • Teach the teens to gain control and Drive Their Own Carrot

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