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Vincent Kituku

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Keynotes, Workshops  & Seminars

ALL presentations developed and delivered by Kituku and Associates are customized to address each groups specific challenges and expectations.


Other Services Provided by Kituku & Associates

One-on-one public speaking skills coaching (exclusively for leaders, professional (and aspiring) speakers and preachers

Life Coaching by certified and/or experienced experts

Bios, speech writing and editing

Inspirational story writing services for non-profit organizations to create awareness and get for support for their causes

Youth coaching and mentoring programs for high school students

Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life:
What You Need to Increase Productivity, Overcome Setbacks and Stay Motivated Without Leaving Life Behind

Instructor: Dr. Kituku

With today’s work and life challenges, you DO NOT want to hear and say that:

  • There is no solution for this situation—it’s overwhelming

  • Why change from what we are already doing?

  • I am not the manager or CEO-why ask me?

  • This is not my business, I just work here

  • I wish I can have time for my children

The unexpected challenges are comparable to the appearance of African buffaloes in villages without warning, devastating social structures, uprooting the harmonious livelihood of villagers and leaving them feeling insecure and stressed.

What you need are tools that will inspire and help learn to:

  • Set yourself apart at work and in life

  • Re-discover talents and resources you need for growth

  • Thrive by repeatedly providing exceptional services

  • Be part of something bigger than a career

  • Bounce back after setbacks

  • Move forward without leaving your life behind

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Overcoming Buffaloes as a Leader
How to Motivate & Increase Productivity at All Times

Instructor: Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku

Here are some highlights of what you will learn:

7 Must Know Key Spears to Succeed as a Leader

What the People You Lead Need When they Think There is a
Buffalo (change)

Top 7 Strategies to Overcome Bad Economy With the Resources You Already Have

13 Top Lessons on Exceptional Leadership

What Makes People Focus on What You Wish they Shouldnt

What You Must Do to Make Change Work

Key 5 Attributes that Will Make You the Leader Employees Want to Emulate

Top 9 Tips for Motivating People to Succeed in Any Situation

Over 49 metaphors, stories or quotes to use immediately and motivate your workforce to reach new heights

What Others Are Saying:

Dear Vincent, Unlike most management courses/seminars I participated in, you went a step further in designing our program and built a course that taught skills rather than imparting theory aloneI am confident to say that we are now better prepared to survive the appearance of water buffaloes in our workplace.

Betsy D. Sterk, Human Resource Manager, American Ecology

Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October

Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc.

Dear VincentWe always knew they (i.e., buffaloes) are amongst us! Yet your pictorial analogies for recognizing the frogs and dealing efficiently with water buffaloes of life have produced images Im sure we will remember for a remember for a long timeYour motivational style is very unique, pointing each of us to look inwardly and in conjunction with each other as a team. Many were so enthused, they are considering your return to speak to other expanded teams within HP...

R. Scott Johnson, Program Manager, BLD Printer Lab, Hewlett-Packard

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Moving Forward Without Leaving Families Behind,
Presented by Dr. Kituku and Patricia Kempthorne NEW!

How to move forward without leaving your family behind
Recognizing the high cost of life imbalance
8 top sources of workplace stress
7 reasons to implement work-life initiatives in your workplace
7 key solutions for work overload
5 top growth strategies that incorporate work-relationships
6 ways to keep relationships up to date for busy professionals
Beyond chaos: keeping home and career under control
Top notch strategies for handling unexpected changes

About the speakers

Patricia Kempthorne, a graduate of University of Idaho, co-founded the Family and Workplace Consortium in Idaho, which encourages and assists companies in developing a family consciousness in practice and policy. Since joining Business Psychology Associates in Boise Mrs. Kempthorne has been the director of Work-Life Initiatives.

The first lady has focused her attention on the welfare of children and families and finding solutions to specific challenges they face including childcare, education, healthy life choices, and work-life balance. A devoted community volunteer, the first lady serves on the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics advisory board and she is an honorary chair for the Boys and Girls Club. She serves on the advisory councils of St. Lukes Childrens Hospital, the Casey Foundation, and the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame. She and the governor have two adult children.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is one of the nationally most sought-after business motivational speakers and trainers. He has risen to prominence by delivering authentic, informative, captivating, and high-energy messages that tell people how to spear social buffaloes and live up to their greatness. It is a message Dr. Kituku, a native of Kenya, Africa, has learned from experiences in corporate America and his life, and now helps others apply to their lives.

A former training specialist with Idaho Power Company and active adjunct professor at Boise State University Dr. Kituku is both national and regional columnist for numerous publications in professional and personal development as well as a media personality with his own radio program, Buffaloes in our Lives KBOI 670 AM.

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Developing Functional Conflict Management Techniques

Conflict management skills are presented in this interactive seminar with the view that conflict is a natural and healthy part of life. Each participant will:

Identify his or her own conflict handling ways
Recognize reactive and proactive conflict managing styles
Learn how to cope with conflict
Understand change as a conflict creator
Learn 4 guidelines on how to get to yes
Learn 5 rules for engagement and
Learn 8 steps for win-win method of conflict resolution.

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Balancing Work and Life

In this presentation, participants learn to:

Establish a personal lifelong purpose to avoid burnout from daily routines
Align individual goals with those of the organization
Develop self-empowering strategies for balanced living
Dig for changes positive attributes
Bounce back to productive life after life/work change
Adhere to practices that minimize change and work-related stress
Be flexible and involved in non-work related activities

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Storytelling in the Workplace

No communication style is as effective as telling stories to foster harmony, team spirit, and increase productivity. With a story - auditory, visual, kinesthetic and affective learners are all included. This presentation is designed to give participants tools on how to use folktales and personal stories to:

Motivate/inspire others
Defuse workplace tensions
Increase team members participation and synergy
Stop unproductive habits
Challenge and tap under-utilized potential
Find common ground for diverse cultures
Help co-workers heal from life turbulence
Communicate issues in a memorable way
Select/develop positive, acceptable and informative humorous stories

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Presentations With a Punch:
9 Steps for Making Your Presentations Powerful!

(Recommended for managers, trainers and speakers)

You may know you can serve others by touching their hearts, bringing them tomorrows technology today, building self-confidence, or sharing hope and faith. But you dont know how. This hands-on workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools to make your presentations powerful. You will learn how to:

Conquer your fear of public speaking
Research and customize your presentation
Organize your information
Deliver information skillfully
Make your presentation memorable
Create platform image
Motivate your audience
Select and effectively use visual aids
Avoid presentation pitfalls

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Living and Working with Cultural Differences

The cultural dynamics in American communities, public services and business establishments in the new millennium are begging for business and community leaders to refocus their efforts and address social aspects of living and working with cultural differences.

In this presentation, Dr. Kituku addresses:

Personal experiences in living and working with diverse cultures
Diversity as a concept and value
Diversity Vs. Affirmative Action
Benefits of cultural diversity in community life and business viability
Principles of appreciating cultural differences
Benefits of promoting cultural differences where we live and work
5 main branches along the path of recognizing and celebrating differences.

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Educators Professional Development Presentation

Tools for Preparing Youth to Excel in Life & How to Achieve Professional/Personal Fulfillment as an Educator

To provide staff with an opportunity to continue to build upon experiences that demonstrate the powerful influence mission and vision statements have on their professional and personal lives
To further enhance staff ownership of your school's chosen Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values and apply these to the personal & professional lives.
To provide an opportunity for staff to be inspired and energized by continuing to learn how to identify and reduce barriers that may impede their professional and personal success.
Participants will leave more informed about the connection between success and the application of mission and vision in their personal and professional lives.
Participants will solidify their personal ownership of your schools chosen Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values
Participants will leave with a continued commitment to work in a collegial fashion
Participants will gain the tools and processes used in developing and applying a personal set of mission/vision/purpose & values.

The Challenges You Deal with as an Educator
The 7 pillars of professional and personal growth
Incorporating school mission into personal growth strategy
Buffaloes along the Mission Path and how to overcome them
Becoming the magnetic educator students want to emulate and parents respect
Building a learning community with parents, students and community leaders
How to motivate yourself in chaotic times
Top tips for getting parents to be your partners in their childrens learning

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School Assembly Program for Junior and High School Students

Success: How to Become More Than a Dreamer

To provide youth with knowledge and skills on how to: make wise choices, become leaders, help to eliminate violence, avoid being a victim of bullying, take advantage of opportunities, acquire work ethics, become contributing members in their communities, present themselves effectively and realize their full potential.

Poverty is lack of dreams
The art of making the right choices
How to be a leader in any situation
7 Actions that make failing a non-option
How to stay away from drugs
Whats a bully and how not to be a victim
The 5 people to avoid as you learn, change and grow
What you need to make the world your home
How to take advantage of opportunities
What America means to meClosing thought

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