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Racing for the Cure While Praying for Sue

"And when the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said unto her, weep not"

Luke 7:13

If you have participated in the Race for the Cure for someone you love, you are aware and probably appreciate the difficulty of putting such an experience into words. Your loved one may be starting the journey of life with breast cancer treatments or he/she may be a living miracle, a survivor! Your loved one might have fought until their last breadth and now you Race for the Cure in their Memory. Each and every step you take in the Race has a meaning.

Yesterday, at the Boise Race for the Cure 2006, I participated for the first time for someone who has become a great friend over the years. My family's past participation in the Race has been because it is a good thing to do. But this year's event came in the midst of our continuing prayers for Sue. I have visited her at their home and in hospital and left encouraged by her strength and calmness. I just wanted to do this race for her.

Sue is married to Hal, a man I look up to for fatherly and professional guidance. Over the years, they have come to my speaking engagements and attended the professional seminars that I conduct. We have had many lunches together, and ours are not those kinds where you have to book weeks or months ahead, sometimes it's, "Vincent, we are in our accountant's office. Can we come by and have lunch?" Or I may say, "Hal, I am heading to downtown, what are guys doing? Can we meet for coffee?"

When they are out of town in the winter months, a habit they have developed since Hal retired, we keep in touch through their mobile phone number. Sue's simplicity and amazing love and appreciation of the people in her life is evident all the time. Sue had mentioned her daughter and grandchildren so much that I felt I knew them before I met them.

All the goodness of the people who have touched our hearts resurfaces in the moment of their greatest vulnerability, especially when we dedicate a few of our precious minutes just to think and pray for them. Participation in the Race for the Cure brings another human aspect that can only be known from a personal involvement. Your loved one is not fighting alone.

As in the past, this year's Boise Race will remain in my memory forever. When I finished, I started looking for my 17 years-old daughter and 9 years-old son let me admit, they finish ahead of me. I heard a voice from behind me asking, "Are you Dr. Vincent Kituku?" I turned to see this stranger who immediately informed me that he was the pilot who, on May 6 1995, took me to Wyoming to be at my dying 20 year old sister. I never saw him again.

We were reunited by a disease that has infested itself in the lives and bodies of our daughters, mothers, wives, fathers, husbands, sons, teachers and neighbors. I didn't read what was written on his t-shirt. But he had taken every step with a loved one in mind and heart. I had taken my steps with Sue in mind and heart. It is from compassion we bear the burden carried by our loved ones. As we race together, we tell them to weep not, alone.

I cleared the 5k in 32 minutes, a personal best since I started running/walking two years ago. God's willing I will be back next year!

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