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Vincent Kituku

"FREE Buffaloes
in Our Lives"



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Private Coaching  | The Premium Mentor Program


Our mentor program is designed to last for six months. Participants have the privilege of unlimited access to Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku by phone, fax, regular mail or e-mail. This is a one-on-one program in which Dr. Kituku helps participants to position themselves and their enterprises strategically for success. Services include but are not limited to: how to gain local and national visibility, how to set fees and how to position and market with a shoestring budget. From a tactical point Dr. Kituku personally prepares you for your next meeting with your next proposals and overcoming rejections from clients and prospects. The investment for this program is $2,500 and many very committed individuals are able to recoup their cost within a short period of time. There are many of graduates of this program. The full fee must be paid in advance. We have limited admission and participants are admitted on "first come, first serve" basis.

A word from Dr. Kituku

Once I learn about your goals, you and I discuss the necessity of the program to your success. Then you let me explore your long-term goals, your current circumstances, expectations and basic proposition values. We work together to outline our mentoring goals and timetable. We may choose to visit weekly with in-between phone calls but this depends on you. My promise to you is that I will return all phone calls within 3 hours, and all written correspondence within 48 hours. Your investment is required to start the process. Should you choose to make partial payments, the mentoring program will begin once the full fee has been received. We don't refund fees (no exceptions). However, if your situation doesn't permit you to continue for a certain period of time, we "freeze" the program until you are ready to proceed.

Dirk Koetter, Head Football Coach, Arizona State University, when asked how he grows as a leader, had this to say, "I try to read as many books as I possibly can on this subject and I am constantly looking for articles, speakers, or any kind of slant that I think our players will respond to. Dan Hawkins, the head coach at Boise State, has been a huge help to me in this area. Also, Dr. Vincent Kituku has served as a mentor to me over the past five years."

Dirk Koetter, Head Football Coach, Arizona State University
(Posted in the Internet August 22, 2003).

Small firms with about ten motivated individuals can take advantage of this program for an investment of $12,000-15,000. About 30% of the mentoring program for small firms takes place in a group setting. The rest is individualized.

Kituku & Associates offer an Annual Conference for FREE that draws over 100 participants. This whole day program takes place in Boise, Idaho. We bring in experts who provide participants with tools to live up to their potential in any job market and economic situation.

We also provide a free monthly E-Newsletter, Overcoming Buffaloes in Our Lives, which contains international wisdom incubated in African heritage and hatched in American Workplaces and family life.

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