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Vincent Kituku

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» An Overview


Managing the "Buffalo" of Change in Chaotic Times
» Leading in Chaotic Times & Overcoming Buffaloes as a Leader
» Branches Along the Path of Visionary Journey
» Living and Working With Cultural Differences
» Organization: United States Environmental Protection Agency
» Individual "Spears" for Overcoming Buffaloes With Team Members
» Marketing With Zero or Shoestring Budget
» Thirteen Reasons for the Success of Our Programs
 An Overview

Kituku & Associates works with organizations to improve productivity and performance through employee and leadership development programs.

Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, International and National Non-profits and Public organizations. We have also worked with numerous universities and colleges. See Client List

We work in collaboration with our clients. We involve our client's identified key participants by seeking out and using in our presentations, their rich knowledge of the organization's challenges and expectations.
 Our Practice and Philosophy

We have consciously chosen a simple philosophy and made it a repeatable practice: Improve our client's condition by paying attention to bottom line and help line.

From the numerous clients we have worked with, we have concluded that improved performance requires investment in employees, the tools they use and managerial support structures. This emphasizes the re-direction of existing talents, experiences and resources without the use of extra resources to hire and train new talents. We know to improve performance someone has to want to succeed as a person.

A fundamental reason for our success is that we help our clients capitalize on the talents, experiences and resources they already have in order to provide exceptional customer service and grow business by re-focusing talents, experiences and resources outwards.
 What We Do for Our Clients

Our work has two angles - specific objectives and specifically established outcomes within reasonable timetables.

We work with our clients from a basic principle � Although challenges for different organizations may seem similar, this doesn�t necessarily imply that the same solutions will work for all clients.

Our approach has been to study patterns of challenges across our clients industries and then gather practical strategies that have worked. The next step is to get specific information for the client we are working with. We interview a diverse sample of people with different experiences of and exposure to the challenges facing their organization. We find out what has worked (or not) and why.

Equipped with this knowledge, we design a customized program, for a specific client that connects identified challenges with practical strategies for building the organizations future they envision.

Note that the following are just a few examples from our hundreds of clients. We can only attempt to highlight our specific contribution for these clients� successes but not the entire range of our work with them or within their industries over the years.
 Managing the "Buffalo" of Change in Chaotic Times

Organization: American Ecology


We developed and presented Tools for Human Resource Managers to use in changing times without compromising performance and quality of services.


The tools were geared to help the organization build structures that allowed: smooth transfer of information; recruiting and retaining talents at rural sites; longevity recognition systems and connecting individual vision with the organization's core value.

Prior to meeting with all HR managers, we interviewed a representative sample that highlighted general and specific challenges that were site related. Based on our findings, we stipulated eight practical strategies that HR Managers were able to apply immediately.

We had a special advantage when we accepted this project. Our principal consultant Dr. Kituku had worked in a corporate HR department as a Training Specialist. He also has worked with and given presentations at numerous HR professional conferences.


"Dear Vincent, Unlike most management courses/seminars I participated in, you went a step further in designing our program and built a course that taught skills rather than imparting theory alone. I am confident to say that we are now better prepared to survive the appearance of water buffaloes in our workplace." Betsy D. Sterk, Human Resource Manager, American Ecology.

"Dear Vincent, The presentation, HR, Thriving in Chaotic Times, was very relevant and timely to all the attendees. Your experience, insights, and practical ideas certainly gave each attendee valuable information that they could put to use in their lives and organizations immediately." Kari L. Korell, Seminar Chair, Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley
 Leading in Chaotic Times & Overcoming Buffaloes as a Leader

Organization: Prestige Care, Inc


We worked with managers, nurses and staff from different facilities and developed leadership skills that are critical in a dynamic and sensitive industry.


Our general industry-wide research had identified challenges such as: unpredictable regulation changes; poor government payment services; shortage of professional staff; maintaining safety; finding, hiring and training competent people who have a heart to care; maintaining a budget in times when Medicare and medical costs are skyrocketing; incorporating the needs and challenges of residents, their families and employees; dealing with families experiencing turmoil as their parents are going through transition.

The structure we provided for the first group of managers resulted in immediate success. We were given the task of working with another group within four months. We stipulated strategies that involved the Residents and their families, Care Facility Manager, Supervisors, Nurses, and Staff. The strategies were geared to creating an environment that builds a tradition of respect, integrity, commitment and trust.

Our advantage in this project was Dr. Kituku's ability to relate his African experiences to caring for senior citizens. His knowledge base has been enriched through his work with other senior citizen related organizations. He is a member of Idaho State Governor's Coordinating Council for Families and Children were he chaired the Awareness Committee in 2002-20003.


"Before the Retreat, Dr. Kituku gained as much information as possible about our company and the industry we are involved in. He made telephone calls to management team members to tailor his seminar very closely to the needs of our employees and the circumstances they face each day in the present economy. Dr. Kituku was so widely received in July, the decision was made to ask him to return to again present to our company in October" Harold G. Delamarter, President/CEO, Prestige Care Inc.

"Dear Vincent, I was exceptionally pleased with all your efforts to customize the presentations for our healthcare staff by conducting telephone interviews and discussing personal needs with several of the attendees." Faith Jones, BSN, RN, CCP, Director of Patient Care Services, Powell Valley Healthcare

Editors Note: This program has been asked for and presented to more than ten independent Health Care Facilities in less than two years.
 Branches Along the Path of Visionary Journey

This is one of the top three most sought-after of our programs.

Organizations: Over 50 different organizations


We worked with planners and participants to establish their expected future given their challenges, talents and resources. We then use their input together with the information we have gathered from diverse sources.


Our success in this program can be attributed to establishing 5 key Branches Along the Path of Life that lead to personal and professional success. We work on building individual ownership for one's attitude, choices, and how to leave the past behind.

Our next step is to provide seven strategies for overcoming "social buffaloes" and nurturing the three major relationships that provide strength and focus for success.

Among the Branches is that of change. Our goal is to equip the individual with tools that empower them to navigate the turbulence of change as a jungle rod.


"Dear Dr. Kituku, I was very impressed when I heard your presentation during the Association of Governmental Risk and Insurance Pool and recommended you to my board of directors as my choice for a speaker during our Annual Membership Meeting. I am happy to say you exceeded my expectations and helped our workshop to a great success." Thomas Brouwer, Director Michigan County Road Commission Self-Insurance Pool
 Living and Working With Cultural Differences

Organization: Treasure Valley Community College


We designed and conducted surveys to gather information on the perceived treatment of women, minorities and people with physical challenges throughout the college. Our recommendations addressed their current inequities, futures needs in recruitment and retention of faculty and student and advancement opportunities. We provided the foundation for continuous education and communication in order to create a college that values diversity instead of programs that lead to everyone trying to look and act the same.


"I believe the success of your presentation was due not only to your motivational style but also the time and effort you spent in learning about TVCC's unique social climate and needs regarding cultural awareness. I'm sure that the interviews with faculty and staff you completed before you came to campus made them feel more a part of your presentation as well as providing you with direction on what areas needed to be addressed" Judy K. Tiffany, Director of Human Resources
 Organization: United States Environmental Protection Agency
(Both the Idaho State and Washington State Centers)


We worked with leaders and staff prior to doing workshops that were geared to all employees. This is an area in which we have worked with numerous organizations.


Our surveys indicate that, for any organization to implement a workable cultural diversity program, individuals must reach within themselves. They must re-discover their personal experiences with cultural differences, and they must define personal culture. With this background established, we move to stipulate steps to create an environment for celebrating cultural differences and define diversity as a concept and a value.

We also help clients differentiate between incorporating cultural diversity and simply fulfilling mandatory programs such as Affirmative Action. We provide our clients with eight strategies for celebrating cultural differences and enumerate the benefits from business's bottom line perspective. A native of Kenya, Dr. Kituku shares his personal cultural experiences (or shocks) as a student in Wyoming and a corporate America employee. He invites participants to relate to his own experiences and vulnerability with theirs. Another advantage Dr. Kituku had during this project was his in-depth background in conservation of natural resources (both as a student and leader). His college education was in Range Management and he worked in both Kenyan and American environmental organizations.


"Dear Dr Kituku, Your background and experiences lend themselves to a very interesting delivery which was most captivating. It was clear your were one of us and that out ultimate goal is one and the same. Thank you, once again, for the efforts you put into our theme of showing diversity in the workplace and in our lives. You were great!"
James Werntz, Director, Idaho Operations Office
 Individual �Spears� for Overcoming Buffaloes With Team Members

Organization: Hewlett-Packard


We explored the challenges the BLD Printer Lab Team was experiencing and worked together. We developed a workshop for all team members that outlined specific steps each individual was able to use for immediate results.


We had prior knowledge of factors that forced teams to re-focus their talents, goals and energy when a project was midway. We recommended 7 key tools for team success and provided strategies for spearing charging conflict buffaloes. Our advantage was Dr. Kituku�s insights of corporate America as a training specialist. Also advantageous was his ability to tie in his unique African life experiences (villagers overcoming fierce unexpected beasts together) with challenges that teams have to deal with.


"Dear Vincent, We always knew "they" (i.e., buffaloes) are amongst us! Yet your pictorial analogies for "recognizing the frogs" and dealing efficiently with water buffaloes of life have produced images I'm sure we will remember for a remember for a long time, Your motivational style is very unique, pointing each of us to look inwardly and in conjunction with each other as a "team". Many were so enthused, they are considering your return to speak to other expanded teams within HP... R. Scott Johnson, Program Manager, BLD Printer Lab, Hewlett-Packard

"I was most impressed with his research into the issues facing the Idaho State Insurance Fund and the customization of his presentation to specifically address those issues. Time spent with Dr. Kituku is time well spent." Drew S. Forney, Manager, Idaho State Insurance Fund

Editor's Note: Dr. Kituku was not only hired to do other project but HP is one of our top repeat clients.
 Marketing With Zero or Shoestring Budget

Organization: Boise Chamber of Commerce


We developed and presented a workshop geared to provide practical marketing strategies for businesses and individual consultants.


Marketing wisdom shows that people are inclined to do business with entities they see or hear about. But what if you have the best product or service and no one knows about it and you have limited or no capital for promotions? What if the economy heads south? How can the name of your business remain in circulation if you have limited resources or no budget?

Lack of marketing is marketing means your business is out of the market. Creative marketing is the key. This workshop will provide participants with practical steps for marketing with little or no budget. We offered participants 4 top proven strategies to build business with unlimited referrals; high performance activities that increase customer retention; retaining customers with ordinary practices; 10 ways of advertising products/services with zero capital; why forget Christmas gifts and Dr. Kituku's 99 tips to get and keep customers a special bonus.


"I enjoyed your seminar this morning at the Chamber of Commerce. I've already told several people that was one of the best seminars they've had. I've heard some of your marketing tips before from other speakers but you have a special talent for making it much easier to understand. I've heard about the elevator speech before, but the speaker took much longer and was more complex at explaining it. After the few minutes you spoke on it, I understood it much better and was able to come up with my own, "I help small business market their business on the Internet." Duane Hinkley, Down Home Web Design, Inc.

Editor's note: Dr. Kituku presented a keynote speech for the Meeting Professional International-Oregon Chapter on Marketing With Shoestring Budget. The following is what was written for their newsletter after his presentation.

Eat Grass, Spear Buffalo and Run with Horses....?

Our November meeting was treated to a dynamic and energy-charged speaker, Dr
Vincent Muli wa Kituku.

Using strong and colorful metaphors of his distinctive African origin, Dr. Kituku presented us with 7 pieces of wisdom for success in downturns. Among these are the colorful "Even if you are a donkey, run with horses." (build a great relationship with powerful entities that will keep your products/services in front of customers) and the practical "Have grass ready in case there is no beef." (in other words, have a backup plan!)

These and other phrases, many adapted from practical African sayings and actual life experiences, pointed out ways in which we can all overcome the downturns in today's business. Mostly common sense ideas, Dr Kituku presented them in a very up-beat and exciting way that got you thinking about them anew. When was the last time you thought of business in terms of spearing a buffalo that had gotten into the workplace?

From his colorful African chieftain's clothing to the use of his spear and buffalo tail props, Dr Kituku brought home the idea that "we have to be the CEO of our own lives".

Dian Lindsay, President, EWE ME and Company, Conference Management & Consulting. 2545 SW Spring Garden Street Suite 150 Portland, OR 97219

 Thirteen Reasons for the Success of Our Programs
1. We make efforts to identify with client�s needs during the first visit
2. If we can�t help you, we won�t waste your resources and time
3. Our main goal is your program�s success
4. We have no interest in internal turf wars that may stifle creativity and
5. Our goal is to bring in knowledge and practical ideas from successful
6. We have no conflict of interest
7. We have a proven record that spans since the last decade
8. We work with you with no prior bias toward individuals or programs
9. Our programs are not repetitious of what you�ve heard elsewhere
10. Our message will make you think and create the future you want
11. We view programs like yours from an outsider�s perspective
12. We provide your organization with fresh perspectives
13. We guarantee over 95% positive evaluation from attendees

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