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My mother gave me a small plot to garden when I was ten—long before she bought me my first underwear and shoes. It was mine to cultivate, plant and care for my crops before harvesting them. Sugarcane was my crop of choice. I could harvest one at a time without asking for my parent’s permission.

At that tender age, I discovered a source of tranquility and moments for creative thinking that are rarely experienced in our fast paced world. Up to 1985, I gardened whenever schools were closed. What many consider manual labor was an interconnection of mental, physical, and spiritual aspects that always left a sense of significance words cannot describe.

That interconnection was interrupted when I left Kenya for graduate studies in Wyoming early 1986. Ten years later, I was out school and had the time to till my backyard in Eagle, Idaho in the summer of 1995. It was something beautiful.

Once again, the old time stories my mother taught me as we gardened re-surfaced with the same meaningfulness. This was the summer I decided to teach African Folktales at Boise State University and wrote my first book, Wasya Wa Mukamba: The Voice of Mukamba-African Motivational Folktales for All Ages (visit

All the years of schooling, with emphasis on science subjects, had not erased the thrill that comes with helping a seed live to be a plant when planted and cared for. Little did I know gardening would be my classroom for parenting lessons and the incubation site for many speeches and workshops in addition to inspiring several other books.

Gardening has tips that can be applied in leadership strategies, parenting and spiritual issues. Here are some lessons for leaders (please note that if you are a parent, you are a leader):


Prepare the ground.
Unless the ground is cultivated, rocks and unwanted plants
eliminated, your harvest may not be as it could be. The seeds many never have a chance of surviving. Employees need an environment
that is prepared and to be nurtured and challenged for professional, personal and/or mental growth. Sometimes gardens are prepared months before the onset of the planting season. You never go wrong by learning what you need to know about leadership skills before you are in position of leadership.


Plant early in the season.
Midseason planting may or may not yield what you expect. You
need to stipulate your expectations from the onset of employer-employee relationship—your organization’s mission, core values and
the role of the employee in the overall success of everyone. Don’t
wait until things go for you to teach employees their responsibilities. You can only straighten a piece of wood when it’s green. When it’s
dry, you may break it when you try to straighten it.


Know the landscape of your garden.
Even with a small piece of garden you would be surprised by how different parts are better for different crops. A tomato plant can succumb due to excess water or an attack from insects while the
next plant is thriving. Keep leading, whether all is well or not.
Different employees, like children from the same father and mother, have different requirements and perspectives about life—hence productivity. Knowing the differences helps in presenting them with tools that prepare them to use their uniqueness.


When plants are not doing well, don’t blame them.

You want to find out whether they lack water or manure or if there
are worms and/or insects. Is the problem affecting all plants or just
few plants of the same species? And in what side of the garden is
the problem? When employees are not doing well, you want to know whether it’s something you can control. Is it the lack of a two-way flow of information? Are there aspects that are due to their out-of work activities that are interfering with their at work responsibilities? Most of the time, the employee is not the problem…the issue of concern is.


Prepare for the unexpected.

Farmers have done their best only to see locusts, worms, drought
or others natural disturbances bring their labor to nothing. Today’s employees are faced with a myriad of unexpected challenges,
constant change, stiff competition and attractive reasons to be
self-employed. Even well paid employees leave for what seems promising for the life they envision.


Forgive yourself.

A farmer must learn to leave past disappointments behind in order to prepare his garden for future planting and, hopefully harvest. When mistakes happen, you cannot blame yourself forever. There is a tomorrow that needs your renewed hope.


Learn from others.

Farmers exchange valuable information including best planting times
of the season, best crops for certain areas and weeding strategies. Other leaders might be your best source of practical tips on how to address some concerns about your employees.

Caution: Plants can’t explain their concerns and can’t talk back either.

How to Grow and Bear Fruits

 For most plants to grow and bear fruits, they must be green.
 For you grow and be productive in your personal and professional life:

Make a conscious decision to be a lifelong learner

Never wait to do what is good--be self-initiating

Don’t limit your potential because of job description

Ask questions and listen to understand

Grow spiritually, mentally and physically on a daily basis

What, why and when to use props and other visuals for maximum presentation impact

Know the solutions to your challenges are with other people-network constantly

Be an expert in turning obstacles into opportunities

Now is the time to plant seeds for your professional and personal future growth

We deeply appreciate the following organizations for providing us the opportunity to serve them in during the first part of 2007:

Kent School District-Washington
Washington Future Business Leaders Association
William Northwest Pipeline Executive Customer meeting
The Leavitt Group
Medical Management
Idaho Department of Correction
Training 2007 Conference & Expo
Arizona Refugee Resettlement Project
Boise State Football Team
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Meridian School District-Idaho
American Home Mortgage
Idaho Funeral Service Association
Children's Mental Health
Race for the Cure
Smokejumpers- Boise Station
Idaho Funeral Service Association

National Junior Golf Tournament

Women Council of realtors
Idaho Association for Education of Young Children

If results are important to you, then Dr Vincent Muli Kituku is the speaker/trainer for your group. Call (208) 376-8724, or email Vincent directly at

The lessons that you spoke of are priceless when it comes to building a championship team. As veterans in this business we know that championships are not won by athletic ability and schemes alone, having the correct state of mind is what separates individuals from the crowd; we feel you have helped us with that edge

Chris Petersen, Head Football Coach, Boise State University
(note Dr. Kituku has been BSU’s football motivational speaker since
1998 and the school’s Alumni selected him the 2003 Homecoming
Grand Marshal).



Hi my name is Jordan… and you have been a big inspiration to me and a big influence in my life since I first heard you speak when I was a little girl. I have heard you speak several times over the years and your word of inspiration have stayed with me all the years …Thank you.


What a powerful two-day Seminar! You are amazing and one of those "minute miracles" that has happened to me. Once again my spirit was filled. You give so much of yourself and it is felt by those who come within the reach of your voice. You are one of my life's precious gifts! After being in your company, you can rest assured, I will never be the same. The speakers that you were so blessed to gather for our seminar are magnificent. The messages were so timely, inspiring and powerful for all of us who were present and fortunate to hear. The two days were miraculous … My continued best wishes.


Just think of it. What comes to mind when you think of your job? Do think of it as an activity you are involved in from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday that pays your bills? Do you see your involvement in that job as a means for you to accomplish a personal purpose for which you think or know you are making a difference? Or would you rather be doing something else?

After the end of the day, after you have been involved for hours in what you may call your job, what kind of thoughts does your mind entertain? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and can't wait to be back or you are glad the day is over?

I have been astonished, since 1997 when I started interviewing people before my presentations, by how some professionals, leaders and business owners have redefined what we call jobs and work-related success. These people have factored a critical element in their jobs or success in what they do—they understand how, at the end of the day, another individual's life is made better by their involvement.

They rarely see what they do as just a job, but a mission. Success for them in not based on the material returns for their involvement, but the fulfillment that is only experienced when one is consciously committed to making a difference.

What I have observed over the years is that the people who see their jobs as a personal mission generally have a better sense of belonging, create great work-related relationships, don't limit their contribution to a job description, own their decisions and actions and thus receive more than a paycheck from a job.

Here are some responses from individuals who see their jobs as a means to help others:

The late Paul Reynolds, was a successful businessman (owned and operated a funeral home in Twin Falls), who became a dear friend. Just before he died in March 2003, I asked him what he thought made him successful. His response was, "Think of the help-line first as you serve people and the bottom-line will not be a problem."

I asked a man, who worked for Community Partnership in Boise, what he considered a successful day at work as I was preparing to keynote address for a conference organized by his organization. "When I have taught an adult the difference between a quarter and a dime" was his response. He worked with adults with mental and physical developmental challenges.

Dr. Mark Smith of Smileworks is well known for his natural smile and genuine love for people. Before speaking at the annual conference of Idaho Dentists, I asked him if there was a piece of wisdom he had learned from his years of dental work. Without hesitation, he said, "We should never forget that the teeth we work on are attached to people. They have families, plans, challenges and hope—learn their story."

A lady, a college graduate with an accounting degree, is a school bus driver in Kent School District, Washington. I was surprised as to why an accountant would rather settle for dealing with the challenges, less pay, and dealing with tough road conditions, of driving school buses. "When you drive young people to school, you are preparing the future. I am happy to be the first and the last person from the school district who they come to contact with."

In the same school district I interviewed a man in the maintenance department (what other places call custodian), who called his place of work, "My building." He was one of the most articulate individuals I have ever spoken to with an unbelievable sense of pride for his contribution.

One of the Vice Presidents of Williams Northwest Pipeline told me that they don't look at what they do as selling gas but “providing people with means of survival.” Think of life without heating systems in winter or cooling in summer. What about life without cooking gas?

The question then is do you have a job or a mission? How do you define your work-related success?

Suzi Boyle (formerly with American Home Mortgage)

Dwayne Speegle
Vice President
6220 N. Discovery Way
Ste 100
Boise, ID 83713
Ph. 208.375.9199, 208.658.1951 fax


Cherno "CJ" Jagne
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 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku
 October 30, 2007
 Doubletree Hotel Riverside, Garden City

8:00 a.m-12:00 (noon)

(Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours and also qualifies for 4 hours educational credits Idaho dentists and dental assistants)

The wise have said, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion, or it will die. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” If you want to thrive in professional and personal endeavors, this seminar is for you.

What you will learn:


7 Must know essentials for moving forward

How to Embrace change, Unlock creativity and Overcome fear
Strategies for thriving in chaotic times


Key aspects for planting “seeds of success” in
a dry season

12 Strategies to turn setbacks into setups for a new beginning
Charting the future you want

1:00 p.m-5:00 p.m.

Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours

This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with a zero or shoestring budget.

Topics discussed include:


Key benefits of cultural diversity for business viability and prosperity

How migration changes the way people spend their resources

9 compelling reasons for creating dynamic marketing strategies

10 ways to advertise your business with zero capital and with cultural sensitivity


Top 4 proven strategies to build your business with unlimited referrals
10 marketing tips you can use in any season

Turning ordinary events/activities into extraordinary business returns

 Your investment for the TWO seminars:
  $99 Early Bird Registration BEFORE October 1st - you save $60
  $159 AFTER October 1st 2007
  $79/Participant in groups of 20 or more if registered BEFORE October 1st.
  $99/Participant in groups of 20 or more if registered AFTER October 1st
 Your investment for a SINGLE 4 hour seminar:
  $89 or $99 for a single 4-hours seminar AFTER October 1st

Your investment includes a program workbook and refreshments but not lunch.


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Each participant who has attended and participated in the entire course will receive
a certificate that includes student name, course title, delivery method, dates, classroom hours, course approval number, signature of school representative,
school name.

“This was a turning point for my professional growth and balance in life.”
“I wish I had heard Dr. Kituku when I was in my 40s.”
“Vincent changed the attitude of our employees. No one is afraid of
change anymore.”
“I am glad I came with my teammates. We came back reading from the same page.”
“It’s amazing to discover that I have what I need to succeed.”
“Everything, Focus on 98% of good not 2% of bad.”
“Wonderful speaker - excellent thought processes to get started.”
“Ability to give analogies that help change our way of thinking.”
“All of it was helpful-there was nothing I couldn't use; will be useful in both private and professional life.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the speaker – I listen to him on the radio - wonderfully inspirational; could have listened to him all day.”

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