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Are the people you lead “drinking ‘social’ dirty water?”

There is an Akamba, Kenya, proverb that says, “Syaasya ndongoi, inyusaa muuluu.” This wise saying means when a herd of cattle lacks a leader, it ends up drinking dirty water. This saying is based on an observation in which the last herd to get to the water source finds the water has been made dirty by the ones that arrived before it.

All things kept the same for different groups, the ultimate outcome of success or failure largely depends on the effectiveness of a group’s leader. With a visionary, involved, and inspiring leader success is not a matter of chance.

One of my childhood responsibilities was tending to our family livestock. We had a steer named Masikau that was trained by my grandfather to lead the herd to grazing areas. That steer led the rest, at noon, to the water source and in the evening it led them home. My job was to follow the last cow or goat—Masikau did the leading.

When that steer died, grazing became chaotic. We had to have two people, one leading the column of steers, cows and goats to the water source and one at the end.

However, it was years later that I learned the importance of a leader with elephants. The most vulnerable herd of elephants is the one without a leader. Once a leader is poached the rest become disillusioned, even in an environment they have called their home for years.

In whatever situation you lead, whether as a CEO, manager, parent, preacher or teacher, know that you directly impact the outcome of your entity’s success or failure. Understanding the power of dreams, believing in others and getting people to love and be involved as partners for success are key aspects for effective leadership.

Take the case of Taft Elementary School in Boise, Idaho. The school has a little over 300 students and it qualifies for Title One (when about 50% of the students are in the discounted lunch program). This school has about 70% to 80% in the discounted lunch program. In general terms, that is an indicator of low income population. Yet that school’s successful academic performance has challenged conventional wisdom, year after year.

It was the only Title One School in the Boise School District to pass the recent Idaho Reading Indicator Test. The score was 88%, the second highest in the district following Highland Elementary School that has less or about 10% of the students in the discounted lunch program.

Taft has been selected as the school of choice by parents living as far away as Nampa, Eagle and Meridian taking advantage of the open enrollment policy. About 107 students come from outside the school boundaries.

These spectacular results are the works of a visionary leader. Dr. Susan Williamson became the principal in the late 1990s. We met when she invited me to speak to the students on the importance of hard work, making the right choices, staying away from drugs, having dreams and never letting the lack of material possessions to limit oneself.

But Dr. Williamson’s vision was to involve parents in their children’s learning. “Our goal is to have 100% of parents involved in our students’ success” she said. That is a tough goal. She continued by saying, “At times we would go to their homes if they couldn’t come to school for teacher-parent conference…there was a time when one parent who worked as a car salesman couldn’t take time off from work and we had to go visit him at his workplace.”

The school has established programs for parents and students to work together, activities such as pottery, environmental club, reading night, mathematics night, you name it. Parental involvement in a child’s growth is known as one of the fundamental factors for determining success.

Dr. Susan Williamson and the staff of Taft Elementary School have refused to allow the school they lead from “drinking the dirty water” of poor performance.

Leadership means different things to different people. But when people see success, they know, there was an effective leader in-charge of making success a reality.

Don’t let your organization drink dirty water.

Questions to ask as a leader:

Do you have a vision for your organization?
Do others know that vision with the clarity that inspires them to act?
Do you communicate to motivate or to threaten?
Have you taken a moment to establish what success means to you?
Are you involving others as co-partners in your quest for success?
How do you manage change?
Are you providing opportunities for others to grow?

If results are important to you, then
Dr Vincent Muli Kituku is the speaker/trainer for your group.
Call (208) 376-8724, or email Vincent directly at

The lessons that you spoke of are priceless when it comes to building a championship team. As veterans in this business we know that championships are not won by athletic ability and schemes alone, having the correct state of mind is what separates individuals from the crowd; we feel you have helped us with that edge

Chris Petersen, Head Football Coach, Boise State University
(note Dr. Kituku has been BSU’s football motivational speaker since
1998 and the school’s Alumni selected him the 2003 Homecoming
Grand Marshal).



Hi my name is Jordan… and you have been a big inspiration to me and a big influence in my life since I first heard you speak when I was a little girl. I have heard you speak several times over the years and your word of inspiration have stayed with me all the years …Thank you.


What a powerful two-day Seminar! You are amazing and one of those "minute miracles" that has happened to me. Once again my spirit was filled. You give so much of yourself and it is felt by those who come within the reach of your voice. You are one of my life's precious gifts! After being in your company, you can rest assured, I will never be the same. The speakers that you were so blessed to gather for our seminar are magnificent. The messages were so timely, inspiring and powerful for all of us who were present and fortunate to hear. The two days were miraculous … My continued best wishes.


Photo by Monte Stiles, Boise based photography expert


What is the objective of telling the story?
If the story doesn’t help you make a point, don’t use it. Even a humorous story has a point - to make people laugh.


What is your audience’s age structure
(children, teenagers, adults)?
Kids are attracted by stories with plot and action. Teens and adults learn from a story with humor and from inter-playing with characters.


What is the social and intellectual level of your audience?
Stories are like clothes, “Not all sizes fit.”


Elements of a good story include, the plot or point of your story, setting (place); characters (two or three are easy to remember and less confusing); occasion; the problem or conflict; and outline of events.


Yes, you can use other people’s stories, but give credit to
the writer or the traditional group that is associated with the story.


Personal experiences, especially those on overcoming adversity, family fiasco, or where you played the fool, make excellent stories. Most listeners in any audience will immediately relate with your experience, or just get WOW with the
new revelation. Caution: you have to be comfortable with what you can let others learn about your life.


Make sure your audience knows when the story starts and ends. Have clear opening and closing sentences.


The insight of a story can be apparent to the audience or alluded to by the (I bring out the hidden message of the story).
The moral of the story must be relevant to the audience; it should be simple, familiar and from wide-usage subjects (I tell stories that help people balance work and life, stories they can use with family members and co-workers). The lesson, spiced by a twist, must be clear by inclusion of: plot, dilemma, action and/or solution and has challenge or call for action.


The technique of captivating an audience includes any action that makes them Feel something
(love, sympathy,
fear, anger, hope, inspiration, hatred, relief, grief or jealousy). Audience’s emotions are either directly generated by scene, characterization, and dialogue or indirectly aroused through the reactions of the characters. When telling the story, your Tempo must vary with the action. Use Rhythm to add emphasis to a story. Inflection, the rise or drop of voice at the end of a word, adds
meaning and emotion. A Pause (3-5 seconds) stimulates listeners’ curiosity before a change of ideas, or an important word or action,
or it allows listeners time for reflection. Volume shows surprise, suspense, emotion or excitement.


Stories are “elastic.”

They can be lengthened or shortened depending on time. With a
story I educate, heal, inspire, encourage spiritual awareness/growth, help marriages, build hope for discouraged youth, foster values,
resolve conflicts, find common ground among diverse cultures, or build relationships.

Depending on the purpose of your presentation or talk, you may use either folktales or personal stories that are unique, revealing, and memorable, but tailored for the group to whom you are speaking. Audiences recognize you as a human being vulnerable to triumphs and drawbacks, thus to them, you are not a robot. And in the process, you help individuals, business organizations and other social entities identify and deal with their professional and personal challenges.

Suzi Boyle
(formerly with American Home Mortgage)

Dwayne Speegle
Vice President
6220 N. Discovery Way
Ste 100
Boise, ID 83713
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 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku
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8:00 a.m-12:00 (noon)

(Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours and also qualifies for 4 hours educational credits Idaho dentists and dental assistants)

The wise have said, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion, or it will die. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” If you want to thrive in professional and personal endeavors, this seminar is for you.

What you will learn:


7 Must know essentials for moving forward

How to Embrace change, Unlock creativity and Overcome fear
Strategies for thriving in chaotic times


Key aspects for planting “seeds of success” in
a dry season

12 Strategies to turn setbacks into setups for a new beginning
Charting the future you want

1:00 p.m-5:00 p.m.

Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours

This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with a zero or shoestring budget.

Topics discussed include:


Key benefits of cultural diversity for business viability and prosperity

How migration changes the way people spend their resources

9 compelling reasons for creating dynamic marketing strategies

10 ways to advertise your business with zero capital and with cultural sensitivity


Top 4 proven strategies to build your business with unlimited referrals
10 marketing tips you can use in any season

Turning ordinary events/activities into extraordinary business returns

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See Dr. Vincent Kituku at the upcoming

DATE: Thursday, October 18, 2007
TIME: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Registration begins at 8:30 AM
LOCATION: Best Western Vista Inn • 2645 Airport Way • Boise • Bitterroot Room
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“This was a turning point for my professional growth and balance in life.”
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“I am glad I came with my teammates. We came back reading from the same page.”
“It’s amazing to discover that I have what I need to succeed.”
“Everything, Focus on 98% of good not 2% of bad.”
“Wonderful speaker - excellent thought processes to get started.”
“Ability to give analogies that help change our way of thinking.”
“All of it was helpful-there was nothing I couldn't use; will be useful in both private and professional life.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the speaker – I listen to him on the radio - wonderfully inspirational; could have listened to him all day.”

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