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Did you know many people would lead a better life if only they could let the past remain where it belongs—in the past? Did you know past failing experiences, disappointments and/or fumbled dreams and relationship, if focused on, have the ability to not only limit ones potential to have fulfillment but can also destroy creativity, ability to develop new relationships and chances for work and life balances?

In my presentations, I have used a chair to demonstrate how past detrimental experiences can be the main obstacle to the future or present life of fulfillment one wants to have. You stand up from your chair to go to the door. However, before you take a step you pick up the chair and place it in front of your path. That chair becomes the obstacle between you and the door.

Millions of people in the workplace and other settings of life have limited their opportunities for growth because they are too attached to: a past of mediocre performance, past negative criticisms, or purely past failing experiences. After ten years of working with hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and from all continents I have been overwhelmed by inspirational stories of people who have overcome devastating pasts. Some are so drastic that it sounds like you are listening to a narration of a fiction movie.
Yet, other stories are disheartening. Those are stories where an individual’s present and future hope, vision and goals are blurred by a past they can’t change.

Thinking about this brings a story I read to mind. It was about two monks who vowed never to talk to a woman. As they were traveling they found a young girl who couldn’t walk and was stranded. One monk had pity on the girl and carried her to her home that was along their path.
A few hours later, he realized that his friend had not talked to him and asked him why he was silent. The friend answered and said, “You messed up our vows when you carried that girl.” That is when the merciful monk said, “I am sorry you are still carrying that girl. I left her five hours ago.”
Are you still carrying your past?

Here are some key ways to leave your messed up past behind.


Forgiveness—it takes a strong person to forgive himself and others of past hurts. You liberate your energy, creativity and focus more than words can describe when you forgive parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues or those mean people who hurt you purposely. When you forgive, you give yourself the opportunity to live a new rewarding life.


Create a new vision—there must be a present and/or a future that is different from the past you dislike. It’s hard to leave a past and enter into an unknown present or future. What attributes that are different from your past, that you would like to experience?


Develop new relationships—
one element that keep people in a circle of disappointments is the company they maintain. Bring achievers into your life and your life will be a life of achieving.


Get involved in wholeness activities—programs that provide you with the opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally and physically on a daily basis. These aspects of life are the foundation from which you launch your potential to create the world of your dreams.


Develop other people—there is probably no better way to turn your painful past into something of beauty than helping those who are traveling on the same path you traveled or helping to prevent others from experiencing the same dreadful fate.

Remember, you have the ability to start living the life of your dreams now so long as you are willing to leave your “chair(s)” where it/they belong—in the past.

THANKS to our sponsors for making our 10th Anniversary an experience to remember for all the 300 attendees. We have been inundated with emails, cards and phone calls. They are all talking about how the activities, refreshments, networking and the special guest speakers added value to their experience in learning How to Overcome Buffaloes at Work and in Life.

Here is one participant wrote:

“Dear Dr. Kituku, I, too, am a "blessed man" because of the opportunity to be at your 10th Anniversary seminar last Tuesday. From what Sarah Minnis had told me about you, I knew to expect a blessing, and it was. And, after just a brief conversation with you, it was so tempting to head this letter with, "Dear Vincent,"

Often the smallest of details can make the biggest impressions. Such is the case with meeting you. I found it fascinating how you greeted your "guests" at the seminar. Typically, when people are approaching to meet someone new, you can notice them instantly evaluating and judging each other; in that fleeting moment deciding just how much to offer of themselves to the other. Vincent, I watched you for a while and never saw you doing that. You seemed to be instantly open and available to connect, and to me that makes you seem immediately to be a friend. It's a beautiful quality!...

You have a beautiful family. I understand from Sarah that when your wife comes into the room you "just light up". You are indeed a blessed man.

Again, sir, I am thankful to have met you and joined in the seminar.
Sincerely, Paul Myers”

Another participant wrote to a friend the following:

“ Michael, WOW! What a great seminar! Vincent delighted us all day with wit, wisdom and inspiration….The icing on the cake was Vincent's obvious passion and appreciation for Toastmasters and he was able to convey that to the crowd perfectly. He offered to pay $10 of the sign up fee for new members who attended his seminar! YEAH!...Thank you Vincent, it was an energy charged day!
Cheers! Deborah Whitman

Here are a few highlights of the day:

Dr. Vincent Kituku presenting a Masai Warrior shield and spear to Chris Petersen, Head Coach Boise State Football Team who was the keynote speaker at Kituku & Associates’ 10th Anniversary.


Dr. Vincent Kituku (center) with Dwayne Speegle (left), Vice President of the Leavitt Group-Boise and Cherno "CJ" Jagne, President, CNV Cleaning Services, two of the sponsors of the Kituku & Associates’ 10th Anniversary.


Joan Endicott, speaker, trainer and consulting expert speaks with Coach Chris Petersen at Kituku $ Associates 10th Anniversary.


Three hundred leaders, business owners and professionals listen to Dr. Vincent Kituku as he equipped them with the tools they need to thrive in unpredictable workplaces and in life.

The seminar on How to Speak and Get Paid (greatly) has been
postponed to a later date (TBA).

We want to say a Special Thank You to our clients, sponsors and readers. Because of your continued support, trust and partnership, we have been able to give presentations to more than 800 groups (both private and public organizations) and over 350 schools. There would have been no 10th Anniversary for Kituku and Associates without you. Thank You!

These seminars are sponsored by:

Dwayne Speegle
Vice President
6220 N. Discovery Way
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Boise, ID 83713
Ph. 208.375.9199, 208.658.1951 fax


Cherno "CJ" Jagne
CNV Cleaning Services, Inc
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Cell Phone
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 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku CSP,
 the pioneer of zero ($0) input for maximum ($$$) output.
 May 16th, 2007 9:00am - 3:00pm (Wednesday)
 The Waterfront Facility,
 Lakeharbor Lane, Boise, ID

What if you have the best products or services, but no one knows about them? What if you have limited or no capital for advertising your business? What if you want your business to remain profitable in any economy? Lack of marketing is the most effective way to go out of business. Creative marketing is the key to growing your business. This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with zero or a minimal budget.

What you will gain and use to market
your business effectively:

9 Compelling Reasons for Creating Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Using the Be-MISH Principle to Market Your Products/Service
for Quick and Lasting Returns

The Art of Finding “Horses” and Running with Them Even You
are a “Donkey” in the Market

10 Ways to Advertise Your Products/Services With Zero Capital

Top 4 Proven Strategies to Build Your Business with
Unlimited Referrals

High Performance Activities that Increase Customer Retention

Top 11 Tips for Retaining Customers with Ordinary Practices

10 Marketing Tips You Can Use in Any Season

Why Forget Christmas Gifts—Turning Ordinary Events/Things
into Extraordinary Returns
  99 Tips to Get and Keep Customers (including easy-to-apply practices)

Let’s start with honest questions that will help
you decide if you need this seminar

Are your products and/or services known and sought after by existing and new customers on a consistent basis?

Do you think your business is not growing because not many people know about it?

Do you know how to help your business reach a new height by partnering with giant entities?

Have you ever thought of marketing your business without a penny?

Do you know during which holidays your customers are least likely to recognize and appreciate your thank you notes?

Are there people, not customers, who talk positively about your business all the time?

Do you know and use the three forces, The Silent Marketing Force, The Visible Force, and The Invisible Force that create momentum to keep businesses in the black?

Can you name the four critical resources any business needs
to grow?

Of the four critical resources, do you know which one is the most likely to keep you in business under any economy?


Are you aware of the FREE resources in your community that
you can use immediately and have thousands of potential customers know about where you are, what you have or do
and how it can improve their lives?

If your answer to 4 or more of the above
questions is NO, then this seminar is a NEED.

 Rate Information:
  Includes workbook ($20 value), morning refreshments, lunch, afternoon
  refreshments, a 30 minute consultation/coaching with Dr. Kituku ($125 value)
  and program fees.
  $99/person if registered by May 7th
  $89/person in groups of 3 or more by May 7th

Guarantee: 100% refund (less $30 for administrative costs) if you are not satisfied with Dr. Kituku’s presentation.


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b. It was very informative and helpful
c. Fabulous—I love Vincent
d. Vincent is a great motivator
e. This was great
f. Really enjoyed Vincent
g. Thank you—3 times
h. Lots of good info!
i. I love humor and respond to it very well. Keep up the humor
j. Three hours went by like three minutes! Thank you!
k. Dr. Kituku’s enthusiasm is contagious
l. Workshop was much more motivational than expected.
   Helped to reinforce current ideas plus give new ideas & thoughts
m. Fabulous! I learned a lot & am sure we can use what I learned
n. Great!! 2 times
o. Very informative and entertaining
p. Very, very good

“Dr. Vincent Kituku:…You are a marketing genius and you fully understand the importance of effective partnerships. Your seminar exceeded my expectations and I feel very fortunate to have learned from you. The seven streams of income example, how to grow your business, and simplified negotiations techniques were extremely useful and added bonuses to this seminar…”

Ben Quintana,
Programs Manager, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary in business, we plan to provide you with a monthly dose of useable speaking/training tips that have placed Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku among of the most-sought after speaker/trainers for organizations and conferences.

3 Must Know Strategies to Make Your
Presentation Authentic


Milk as many cows as you want from your family, neighbors and strangers but make sure you are the one making the butter. Observe presenters and read other people’s material but internalize them. Let the materials mix with your knowledge and experience and make sense in your life before you export them.


Develop your presentation for the audience you are to address. Know them. Know their strengths and challenges. Present the material as if they are the only ones who will ever hear it.

Put your personality, your uniqueness, into your presentation.

5 Top Styles to Capture Audiences and
Leave Them Wanting More

From the beginning of your presentation use:

Startling statistics

Stories, analogies and metaphors that are engaging and relevant

A demonstrative prop


Unknown findings or information

5 Ways to Include Each Participant in Your Presentation

Recognize those who helped you.

Ask questions.

Provide time for small group discussions, exercises or games.

Share something you learned from some of the participants.


Incorporate different pieces of information that are relevant to different segments of your audiences
(for example think of
parents and children or leaders and frontline or experienced and novice members of your audience).

Do you really love what you do? Is your love for what you do evident in the service you provide for your customers? Loving what you do, understanding the purpose of doing it (hopefully not for the money) and enjoying how you do it are the factors for: (1) Creating a following of loyal customers (2) Job security (3) Reduced job related stress and (4) Having a life beyond just making a living.

You wake up with an uneasiness because you can’t wait to be at work. The next thing you do it’s look at your watch and is time to go home but you have no clue how time just disappeared. However, your spirit is invigorated by what you have accomplished by the end of the day and inspired by the hope of coming back tomorrow and continuing.

That’s living a life of fulfillment. Your customers feel your enthusiasm and are not only ready to be back with their money, but will also bring their co-workers, family members and friends to experience the contagiously positive environment you have created.

Take Cecil, the Boise, Idaho based barber and co-owner of Talk of the Town Salon. After 30 years of visiting barber after barber, I found Cecil, the first barber to ever take a moment and tell me the history of hair cutting (did you know it was performed by doctors?). He explained the difference between African’s hair and that of European’s, thus the need to use different maintenance programs and items.

What was strange was his explanation that I need not wash my hair daily. “That affects the hair’s natural oil and makes it bristle” he said. Cecil demonstrated the natural lining of my hair on different parts of my head and how it should be combed to enhance “its youthfulness.” Those are things my mother never said as she trained me on how to use soap and water to keep lice from my hair.

Exceptional customer service is so rare and so valued by those who have experienced it that they would defy logical thinking just to receive great service. Cecil’s salon has 3-4 people waiting in line for their hair cut, every hour when the shop is open. I drive close to 20 miles, leaving other “barbers” to have my hair and that of my son’s receive Cecil’s special service—he is also the most expensive barber that I have ever had. Cost, in most cases, becomes a secondary consideration when customer service is outstanding.

It is astonishing to hear a CEO, manager or business owner ask me, “Dr. Kituku, what can I do with my people so that we can beat the competition?” My response is what the late Paul Reynolds told me, “Think of the help line first.” What is it that you do better than anyone else? How can you present it to customers in a way that makes them feel valued as opposed to being processed or pushed to buy? Can you tell the story behind your product or service? Is there information you have that will help customers make informed decisions?

Dwayne Speegle, Vice President, The Leavitt Group-Boise, believes he has to provide clients products and services he would use. He alludes to the fact that they think of building a relationship first. They want their clients to know what The Leavitt Group knows before they (clients) make a decision to the variety of services provided by The Leavitt Group-Boise. The mutual trust they develop is the crucible from which all transitions are incubated and hatched.

Another approach used by Suzi Boyle, American Home Mortgage and top expert with a national recognition, is educating clients and prospects on the current trends of the industry.

Because of great customer care, I drive for about 45-60 minutes to have my family van serviced by Bronco Motors in Nampa while there are other service providers, some within 7-10 minutes from my garage.

Most people are engaged in activities that pay their bills. When you take a moment to provide wisdom they would not normally receive from your competitors, you have just beaten the competition.

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