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The fastest way for an achiever to revert to mediocrity in any endeavor of their calling or profession, is to have no unfinished business. Competitive edge, continuous growth and success, are loosely tied to achieving established goals. The key is to turn yesterday’s goals into today’s routine, it is also the platform you need to set goals that are more challenging, the one that you never thought of yesterday. You must see and set yourself up for a life beyond today’s goals.

This thinking takes me back to Kenya where exams, whether for high school or university admission were outrageously challenging, the pain of limited resources, where a child in elementary school is not guaranteed secondary a education even if they wanted it. Out of my 7th grade class of 125, only 10 of us were fortunate enough to be admitted to government aided schools—by far we were the ones that were promised a glimpse of a better future. In my 120 student, 4-year high school class, 3 of us were admitted to a university based on our academic performance.

But what is more revealing is that you could witness an A student at one level flank miserably in the next. I am not talking of an A student sliding to a B position, but relegated to an F status. Some of those A students were so close to me that their mediocre performance, after a spectacular exhibition, has bothered me for almost three decades.

Yet that is what you see with teams, businesses, and individuals that were once a success story. You see the efforts, the focus, the exceptional customer service and the attention paid to details that helped them climb to the top. You see the fruits when the team, business or an individual is at the top. Then you see that yesterday’s talk of everyone disappear into the unknown with unbelievable speed. You are then left with one question, “What went wrong?”

A team, business or an individual without unfinished business is a finished business—until some serious re-thinking, re-focusing and re-determining of what brought success and how to stay successful, is done and then followed by action.

Here are a few keys on how to stay on top:


The first step to remain a top achiever is to know that you can always get better.
It is hard to think of what to improve when you are on top. Yet that is exactly what you need—Constant improvement that calls you to search for new challenges to conquer and opportunities to seize.


Learn from a gazelle’s or lion’s survival in the jungle. Those creatures are always either running for food or from being the food. Their yesterday’s success is not a guarantee of today’s or
tomorrow’s survival. Each and every day is lived with renewed determination to survive. What have you done today to not only survive but thrive?


Make success in whatever you do a habit,
something you experience constantly (positive results and/or learning key lessons), not an act here and there. In this arena, you focus on a goal from a broad perspective. You learn that long-term success depends on commitment, effort, flexible creativity, motivation and discipline.


Move forward by looking back. What were you goals two, five or ten years ago? Are they all achieved? If yes, is that all? Have your achieved goals become routine-something you do with minimum efforts or attention? Could you set your focus on higher heights?


Introduce yourself to new people, materials and activities. Nothing improves our lives more than new experiences—meeting people with experiences/backgrounds you have limited knowledge about. Read, take courses or attend workshops on something you have an
interest in.


Develop other people. Our own continuous success is only guaranteed by our ability to help other people get better. This became so clear to me when I started teaching “9 Proven Ways to Market Your Business with a Zero/Shoestring Budget” and teaching professionals “How to Speak and Get Paid.” We get the best when we give others our best.

Celebrity your victories albeit how small they seem

Was going back to school a goal that you had and have now accomplished? What about using that experience as your footing for the next step? Was writing your first book a goal that is no longer a goal? When are your readers going to read your second book, read your weekly column or enjoy your online presence? Whether your goal was to build strong relationships, a business or lose weight, you have to always have something to live up to that will keep you focused, motivated and growing. That is the recipe, having unfinished business, to help you stay on top.

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Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission
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What assets to possess and develop as a maximum team player

Outrageously available resources you can use for your success

How to turn ordinary actions into extraordinary results at work and in life

9 proven ways on how turn setbacks into opportunities for a better future

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As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary in business, we plan to provide you with a monthly dose of useable speaking/training tips that have placed Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku among of the most-sought after speaker/trainers for organizations and conferences.

9 Guaranteed Styles that Will Capture
Your Audience’s Attentions


Start with a startling or challenging question that is related to
your presentation.
For example…did you know that gaining body
weight is considered a blessing in some cultures?


Begin with a thought- provoking quote or a saying from someone your audience might have heard of.
For example, Mark Twain said, "Let us endeavor to live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry."


Tell your audience the subject of your presentation directly with your first sentence…
For example, "Today, my presentation will be on How to Overcome Buffaloes in Our Lives."


Use a humorous story, analogy or metaphor that is related to
your subject.


State facts that the audience will find disturbing.
For example, "Today like any given day of the year, about 3000 teenagers will start smoking."


Tell a personal story that paints a mental picture.
For example, "In high school physics class, Kenya, Africa, I learned A/C means
Alternating Current. When I came to America and bought my first car, I noticed that it had a button written A/C. I didn't press that button
even in hot summers because I had learned not play with electricity.


Show a prop, chart, table, map or other exhibit that commands attention.
Vince Lombardi is credited for lifting a football and saying (to his Green Bay Packers team to capture their attention), "We need to go back to the basics." Then while pointing at the ball, he said, "Team, this is a football." It is said that someone from the back stood up and said, "Coach, you are going too fast."


Divide your audience into small discussion groups and have them discuss the challenges related to their profession or association.
Have each group give one response at a time.

Use a statement that creates curiosity by its informative nature.

You know, have heard or read a sad story of someone who won the lottery only to have his life dive into lows worthy leaving alone. Have you read what happened to many of the winners we saw rush to huge dollars and then seem to disappear to oblivion? They have been Miss Universe or sports players, who leave high school and earn unfathomable millions of dollars playing.

Each of the so many sad endings evokes one of my childhood observations that has refused to free itself from my memory. We lived in Kangundo, Kenya, a relatively high potential area with enough rain to support livestock from season to season. Another area, Yatta, was drier and rain was unpredictable. Livestock owners would keep their animals in Yatta as long as they could, hoping for rains. When these animals condition was pathetic and the hope for rains diminished, the owners opted to take them to areas where there was grass and water.

Watching a newly arrived animal eat, drink and die is one of those experiences that teach more of life than all theoretical classes and life lesson seminars can ever attempt to teach. The cow from drier area just ate whatever it could. When full, the next thing was to walk to the river and drink as much as it could. Cows rest after eating and drinking before continuing to eat. Unfortunately some of those animals never got up from their rest—they died there—killed by what was supposed to make their life better.

The general animal physiology explanation is that the animal in poor condition eats more and what its digestive system can handle. The undigested built-up leads to the production of acid that gets into the blood, gets transported to the brain thus killing it.

The astonishing part of death from instant success is that it can be avoided. Look at the people serving meals in famine stricken communities. The servers don’t just serve whatever is available and in whatever quantities. They start with light meals in portions the digestive system can handle considering the condition of the people. The food, amount and form, is adjusted as the body condition improves. Thousands of people are saved.

Did you know there are great professionals who would have continued enjoying what they did if only they didn’t have instant success in the beginning? Their instant success destroyed their motivation, focus or brought pride that always proceeds a fall.

Then this leads us to some basic wisdom. Enjoy the hardships of your growth—the rejections from publishers, the prospects who don’t return phone calls or email messages, the challenges of lacking the resources you need to get to the next level or the less than spectacular results you are getting from your weight loss efforts.

The dues of hardship that you pay in your learning process might largely be the parameters that will prevent you from “social death” from instant success—since your won’t be instant success. The long-term efforts one devoted in achieving professional and personal success are what makes their success a sweet experience.

I could not understand why my father was giving his in-laws the one cow that provided milk for our family. Through family discussions, I had learned that my father's family had given my mother's family more than the traditional token of appreciation, commonly known by the West as dowry.

Since my younger brother and I were the ones asked deliver the cow to my maternal grandparents, I asked dad why—a 17-year old son needed an explanation for the meaning of this transfer. Dad said that when a man is blessed with a good wife, he has to show his in-laws his appreciation from time to time. He mentioned that there was no price for a good wife and the gifts given to in-laws was a continuous way of saying thank you.

Of course tradition of dowry has been misunderstood and misused, especially by those less attached to its significance.

But it is the value of a good wife that has kept my mind thinking of my father's words. I have nursed the knowledge that I been outrageously blessed with a marvelous wife for almost twenty years. That said, the challenge of being in my wife's shoes for few days was humbling and revealing.

For months I knew she would attend a conference for a lengthy period of time-4 days. That meant my being home with two of our three daughters (13 and 10) and son (6). I kept the thoughts of her being absent in the back of mind until I realized I could not ignore the fact I afraid of being home alone.

A week before she left for the conference, she had to leave early in the morning for a meeting. By default I was in-charge of getting the children ready for school. One of them was sick and I had to call my wife to ask which medicine I was to give her. By the time I had found it the sick child and her brother had rushed to the bus. I rushed to the bus too, not only with medicine but also with another form that needed a parent's signature but had slipped my attention. The gracious bus driver just laughed when I said this is parenting 101 as I gave medicine to my daughter and signed the form.

At dinner time that evening, as I bragged at my effectiveness that morning, my daughter told me that I gave her nighttime medicine. Further, my son let me know that the form I labored to sign had been due a month earlier. Oh my! I induced my daughter to sleep in class. And my son had a worthless form signed by me.

Two days before my wife's departure, my daughters surprised me on how concerned they were in having dad as their cook. The 13-ear old one said, "I know what we are going to eat until Mom comes." "Ugali in the first day, followed by Ugali every night." Ugali, corn meal is the meal food in East Africa. Without hesitation, her 10-year old sister looked at me with appealing eyes and said, "I know Dad won't torture us that way. He will get us a pizza." My wife laughed so hard I had to join.

On the day my beloved left, I had to pray for my children while I was still in bed before they left for school-they had prepared themselves. I had not slept the previous night, since I spent it preparing myself mentally to be home alone with children scared of my cooking.

The after school activities were the next test of my parenthood. Knowing that the 13-year old had a basket ball game, I had to pick the other two from their school and head to the game. Out of my heart's goodness, I decided to carry snacks. But the way they found the snacks and just started eating forced me to ask, "Does Mom bring you snacks to eat before you go to the game." And the answer was a definitive "YEAH."

One day with my wife away from home felt like a decade of crisis. My professional creativity and performance recoiled to levels I am ashamed of. What mothers do can only be understood by being in their shoes. Now I understand why dad found fulfillment in giving his in-laws the cow that was invaluable. It was a token of his appreciation for the invaluable child (my mother) they had blessed him with. God bless wives. To order Dr. Kituku’s Slices of Hope and Inspiration, send $10 per book or $40 for the five series (payment includes shipping and handling) to Kituku & Associates, P.O Box 7152, Boise, Idaho 83707. Phone (208) 376-8724 www.kituku.Com

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