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Have you seen these statistics—that of all the books in libraries, 73% are never checked out? What about the chilling fact that only 49% of the American population ever reads a book over 400 pages once they are done with their formal education and a whopping 86% of adults with a grade school education never read literature in 2002?

After the 2002 Kenya elections that ushered in a new government, after years of dictatorial leadership, an 84 year old former freedom fighter enrolled in an elementary school to start his formal education as a First Grader. Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge was taking advantage of the new government’s goal—to make primary school education (K-8) free for citizens.

This man’s desire for education made my high school classmate, who was in his 40’s, determination to drink from the fountain of knowledge pale in comparison. My classmate was only three times older than most students. However, the story of the 84 year-old first grader brought memories of a unique experience I had while I was in Tala High School. I taught people who were “old”.

The classes where organized by the Catholic church that ran my high school. Adults would come after working hours, twice a week, to learn counting, basic additions, the alphabet and how to write their names. The learners goals were simple, to be able to read letters from their children and sign their own name instead of thumb impression for their signature. Tears still come to me when I recall the joy of one elderly lady the day she learned to write her name.

Her mouth had no more than 3-5 teeth remaining. The hardships of life were symbolically portrayed by the wrinkles—her husband had died around the time she was starting her education. That woman had never worn a pair of shoes or what one would consider decent clothes and she often walked three miles just to inform me she would not be attending school that evening—she would be searching for dinner.

I have taught from time to time from 1976 to this day, but the radiation of that lady’s face, with her few teeth showing, is one of the best sights I have seen in my life. After she wrote her name, the class had to join her celebration. She repeated the exercise—writing her name, for the entire 90 minute class time.

What would such individuals do if they had the opportunities we have in America? That’s a mystery I am unable to interpret. What I read from the source of the above statistics is that reading one book a month for one year, without fail, you will be among the top 25 percentile of all intellectuals worldwide. Further, reading just five books on one subject places you with other world leading authorities in that subject—I am starting skiing! When you read for only 15 minutes a day, every day of the year, you can complete about 20 books.

In the last fifteen years, after ending my daily presence in the formal education setting, I have been able to learn of cultures, the lives of great leaders, forgotten wars and human social-economic dynamics that I was never taught in school. It is not a shame to be unable to read or write but it is a shame to have the opportunity to learn to read or write and not take advantage of it.

I think of another jailed Kenyan in his fifties. Prisoners in Kenya now have the opportunity to learn. This 53 year-old had been removed from school by his father because of poor grades so he could herd goats. He considered his arrest and sentence of six years (for possessing marijuana) as time to complete his primary education. Laban Gichuki Kariuki’s view was, “…God has blessed me with good eyesight and I do not require reading glasses.”
On November 12, 2003 Kariuki, who had left school in the 4th grade, sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam. What are you doing for your education? Stories like these make my six years in three grades a great investment.

The workplace is changing drastically. If you don’t learn when you can, chances are that you will do it when you must.

Dr Vincent Muli Kituku had never been to a football game or held a football when he started giving inspirational speeches to the Boise State Football Team in 1998. In 2003, Vincent was selected the Homecoming Grand Marshal. Here is what head coach Chris Petersen wrote, signed by all coaches, to Vincent last season after his August presentation to the team:

“Dear Dr. Kituku,…The lessons that you spoke of are priceless when it comes to building a championship team.
As veterans in this business we know that championships are not won by athletic ability and schemes alone, having the correct state of mind is what separates individuals from the crowd; we feel you have helped us with that edge. Your contribution to our football program is greatly appreciated.”

Read more from the Idaho Statesman at

From Dan Hawkins (2001-2005):

“Dear Vincent,…Your motivational talks to the team and your special session with our key leaders have helped us reach a higher level of performance on and off the field. Our players and staff feel very close to you and greatly appreciate our relationship with such a unique individual. You are truly a blessing to us.”

From Dirk Koetter (1998-2000)

“Dear Vincent,…Your presentations on leadership and team building were exactly what we needed and right on the mark. Even though you never played football, your understanding of how a team must function as one to be successful is amazingly accurate…What sets you apart is the unique way that you weave your stories from Africa into material, forcing the audience to visualize the points in a different way from any other speaker they have ever heard.”

A word from Dr. Kituku

Just imagine the fear in my heart the first time I faxed an article to a football coach I had never seen, for a sport I had no clue how it was played in 1998! A time comes when you must make a move towards the thing you fear—that is where you discover grounds you can stand on and enrich your life and the lives of other people. The only person you need permission from to do what is good is you. I wish I could have the words to explain the rewards of doing something you are not paid for, yet the benefits derived from the experience overshadows what payment can give you. In life, there are truly some experiences better left un-described.

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Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission
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As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary in business, we plan to provide you with a monthly dose of useable speaking/training tips that have placed Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku among of the most-sought after speaker/trainers for organizations and conferences.

10 Steps for better storytelling for any
presenter, trainer, manager, leader or parent

Be very clear why you are telling the story.
A bad story is worse than no story.

Use a personal story if you don’t have a folk tale.

Use the twist of the story to build your presentation or message.

Select stories that fit your values and perspectives of life.

Bring your story to the understanding level of your audience.

Your story’s length and delivery style must never be a lullaby
for listeners.

Use concrete word pictures, places and experiences.

Intermix laughter with seriousness without compromising your point.

Use voice variation and body gesture to give weight to your story and point.

Practice telling the story and it’s meaning (to you) with family
and friends before exporting it.

A story is told of a pastor who informed his congregation that their Sunday evening service would be devoted to praying for rain. He requested everyone to invite family members and neighbors who didn't belong to their group. Their region had suffered from drought for several seasons. Farmers lost their crops and food for their livestock. Industries that depended on water such as, hydrogenation, skiing, and whitewater rafting had financial losses that resulted in closures of some businesses.

Word on the prayer service spread in the rural community fast. People were ready for any action that would halt the devastating effects of the drought. The pastor stood at the door and watched members of his congregation and strangers enter the sanctuary. After the initial signing and announcement of that week's church activities, the pastor said that he had changed his mind on the evening service because people were not ready for rain.

When the prolonged murmuring and disbelieve gestures that followed his statement settled, he said there was no way God would send rain until people showed Him that they believed their prayers would be heard and have immediate results. No one had brought their umbrella.

Remember lesson number 7 of the Top 45 Must Know Lessons for Top Achievers? It states, "Learn to behave as if you know what you are doing. Then know what you are doing." It is one thing to have faith and totally another ballgame to put it into action.

In 1996, I heard Tom Peters challenge a group of professionals to send the invitations before you even work on the content of the presentation, if they plan to have a seminar. There is no way I can fully describe the impact his words have had in my business.

 Here are key thoughts to ponder as you put your faith into action.

If you are waiting for the perfect conditions before you act, you are a waiter but not a doer.

No one knows of your faith unless they see the fruits of your actions.

The impact of faith, when put into action can last longer and reach beyond expectations.

No one is known to have had everything they needed before acting on their faith.

When you don't act on your faith, you hurt you future and that of your loved ones.

When you act on your faith, you permit and empower others to act on their own faiths.

You will never know what could happen in your life until you act on your faith.

Most of what you need to make your dream a reality will become available once you take the initial step of acting on your faith.

If what you are doing is not challenging, there are no obstacles to overcome, then you will probably never know the thrill of achievement.

In August 1995, I attended Toastmasters annual convention in San Diego. It was the first time a writer ever autographed a book for me. As I watched Jim Cathcart sign that book, I couldn’t stand still. He had told us that success comes from the moment we start using what comes naturally to us. I had been a scientist and in that moment I realized how much I enjoyed communication. Soon after arriving in Idaho, I applied for a sales permit without a single item on my hands to sales. I just wrote that I would sell books, CDs and African carvings on the sales permit application. Within months, I was not only selling a book I wrote (still on the market) but also signing autographs.

Get up and act on your dreams.

Let’s start with a startling question, what is really stopping you from living the life you envision? Having the career of your dream or the quality relationship you deem great for you or the business rewards that reflect your potential.

Simply said, over 80% of adults don’t live up to their greatness because they suffer from what I call “African Impala Syndrome.”

Jumping high and forward is an inborn talent for survival of the African Impala. The Impala is known to jump about ten feet high. This high jump propels the Impala to land about thirty feet from the spot where it starts. With this ability of vertical and horizontal jumping, the Impala survives and thrives in the carnivore-infested savannas of Africa.

However, the Impala has a unique limitation. It jumps only when it can see where it will land. I once read from an issue of “Bits and Pieces” that when the African Impala is confined in a three-foot high fence, it won’t jump.

As I think of the African Impala, I often wonder how we fail to live up to our potential because we suffer from “African Impala Syndrome.” We don’t “jump” unless we can see “where we will land.” When we suffer from this syndrome, we choose to tough it out in careers or work environments that may be stressful. We don’t let go of habits that may be detrimental to our spiritual growth, bodies, profession or families. We don’t try new projects because we may not see what the results may be. We lack the faith needed to move forward.

Here are the Top 7 Tips For Jumping Into Your Future Personal Success


To jump forward, one has to use the word BUT cautiously. “But” is a “wall” that nips talents before they can blossom. When one’s life is governed by “buts,” chances are that his or her talents, gifts and experiences are underutilized. Someone would say, “I would like to write a book, but who would publish it or who will read it?” Or “I would go back to school, but I am old.” However, unless we let go of this attitude, we will leave this world with unused skills, probably stressed and disappointed.


Understand that your not “jumping” not only hurts you, but all those who could benefit from your jumping. If you, as a parent or boss go back to school, chances are that your children or employees will emulate your example.


To “jump” from your current state that you don’t like or wouldn’t like to be in five years from now, you only need permission from one person, YOU. Take inventory of what resources (people and material goods you have) to help you launch your “Jump.”


Think of Noah, the one who built the ark in a desert without clouds in the sky. Faith is a dynamic condition of mind through which desires, plans or goals are translated into tangible results. The
first step of putting your faith in action is to determine your desire and purpose and pursue it no matter what obstacles you face.


Once you have developed a goal, keep negative thoughts like failure, fear, anger and envy from your mind. Associate with people who will encourage you. Acknowledge that for every step backward, there is one or more forward steps that bring you
closer to your goals. Pray and work like you have never done before. Accept the fact that you are only using a portion of your potential at any time, and you could always do better.


As you jump by faith toward your determined goal, never let a day pass without doing something related to your goal. Surround yourself with materials that are in tune with the goal you want to achieve, and always remember, the power of belief makes the difference.


Remember, when we “jump”, we may suffer pain or failure. However, it is a tragedy for one to never live up to his potential because he didn’t jump. By not jumping, you may avoid pain or
the experience of failure. But you won’t learn, change, or experience self-love and growth. And the pain that you are stuck in your situation and the regret that you did nothing about it when you could is more scathing. It is only by jumping, that we liberate ourselves and others to jump higher and further.

If you are waiting for inspiration in order jump, you are a waiter.


St. Augustine said, “God has promised forgiveness for your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow for your procrastination.”

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