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You may even title this article the Proven Ways to Avoid Being a Victim of Downsizing or Out of Business.

As of this writing, Micron, with headquarters in Boise, Idaho—the hometown of Kituku & Associates, has announced and laid-off over 800 employees in what seems as the first phase of an uncertain future. Just a few weeks ago, Citigroup embarked on the task of eliminating over 17,000 positions.

These are unpredictable times, as they have been for about 20 years. Whether you work for a public or corporate organization, or you run your own business, you must be prepared to meet each day’s challenges, with the tenacity used by jungle animals to not only survive but thrive to reproduce and perpetuate their kind. Learning to act and change fast is a must.

In the past I have used the well known analogy that partly states that, “…it does matter whether you are a lion or gazelle, when the sun is up you better be running.” But what you might not know are other intrinsic and unpublicized skills and strategies animals in African jungles use to live that 100% applies to anyone with a job and expects a thriving future. Here are a few pointers.


Know how your jungle
— lions and other beasts don’t just keep their head down and enjoy their meal. From time to time, they lift their heads and check out their environment. Are you up to date with what is going on in your line of work? What immediate challenges need addressed? What are the signs of the times?


Educate others
— How does what you do make life better for people? Do people (whether your boss or public) know about it? When people don’t have information about your products or services they create their own perception and that to them is reality.


Target achievable goals
— PLEASE Watch this video to understand the other 5 key lessons from the wild. Subject: An amazing video of Water buffalo against Lions (just cut and paste) This unbelievable jungle episode was forwarded to me by one of my mentees. You saw for yourself how the lions targeted a buffalo they could handle. What matters is to
succeed in the goal you set.

this video came to me through online connections with no source indicated-credit goes to the unknown video crew or tourists.


Team up with others
— Challenges and opportunities can only be realized to the fullest in the we setting—not the I perspective. In that video -- you see both lions and buffaloes using the power of team. Who is in your team? Do they know what each should be doing? A top teams’ performance is a reflection of several individuals performances put together.


Plan of attack
— Did you notice how the lions arranged themselves immediately after spotting the buffaloes? In time of challenges, a
simple plan on how to move forward might be exactly what is
needed to enable a whole organization to navigate through the turbulent landscapes of change.


Take charge
What can we say about the buffalo that decides it’s time to kick a lion? You are in-charge of making change work. There
are times when you have to take the initiative and do what needs to be done.


Prepare for Unknown Expected Challenges
I grew up in Kenya, I never saw and it never has it occurred to me that lions would struggle against crocodiles for a meal. Lions fought with hyenas—having crocodiles in the picture suggests your competition is not limited to
the easily identified ones.


Dr. Kituku, what sets your keynotes and workshops apart?


From the beginning, I tried to avoid what many speakers do, give one memorized speech. I tailor my speeches to specific group’s needs. Same kind of speech to inherently different groups of people cannot inspire participants to make change for a better future. I do tremendous research. I call or visit participants before the presentation date to find out what challenges (buffaloes) the organization face on a day-to-day basis and also from a long-term stand point. I want to know the objectives and what outcome is expected for individuals and their organization. This is the backbone of my success. I capitalize on key issues and prepare a powerful customized presentation that is not only informational but also riveting, engaging and challenging. I honestly want my listeners to never be the same again because their potential is re-invigorated, they have broader vision of life and are driven from within to perform to the best of their ability with limited resources and time.

I use stories of my African heritage intertwined with in-depth understanding of corporate America and over 20 years of living in American communities to help people overcome life challenges and thrive in their professional and personal endeavors.


“Your presentations were clearly the highlight of our conference! I really appreciated the time and effort you took to prepare your presentations, and the way which you created presentations that really addressed and met our needs.”

Roy Sargeant, Chief,
Bureau of Mental Health and Substance Abuse


“I wanted to personally thank you for your outstanding Keynote Address during the Pacific Coast Gas Association Event…I was exceptionally pleased with your efforts to customize your address to the needs of our audience by way of your telephone interviews with several of the attendees…Your singularly distinctive efforts brought great credit upon yourself and the Pacific Coast Gas Association.”

Michael P. McGrath, Director, Market Services & Regulatory Affairs, Intermountain Gas Company

“… We are currently undergoing a restructuring…which take my job to Houston. I have a teenage daughter…and don't feel I can uproot her from her birthplace and family support. Your presentation provided excellent counsel for both situations. I have also visited your web site and enjoyed several of your stories with lessons I will surely use in my life. Thanks for being a person willing to share your gifts with others. May God bless you and your family.”

Shelley Balistreri, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Dr. Kituku, I regret that it has been a couple of days since your seminar here in Twin, and I have not yet thanked you…Tuesday was one of the most enlightening days I have spent in a very long time, both for my professional and personal well being. I am so grateful for the information, but mostly for the motivation and direction… I feel so blessed by you. Thank you for not only helping me, but for the good you do in our society and the life lessons learned by just feeling your genuine spirit of love and concern for your fellow man, and of yourself. I will not let you down for the time you spent with me. God bless you and your family.”

Judy McCurdy

Suzi Boyle (formerly with American Home Mortgage)

Dwayne Speegle
Vice President
6220 N. Discovery Way
Ste 100
Boise, ID 83713
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 August 30th8:30am - 3:00pm (Thursday)
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 At the Waterfront Catering
 3250 N Lake Harbor Lane, Boise, 83703

Only 7 more participants are needed before registration is closed.

“If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.

Gerald R. Ford, U.S. President.

9 must have skills that will get you
invited to speak/train and get paid

Develop the platform image that captivates audiences all the time

Know what makes each of your presentations memorable

Learn to make any audience listen, learn and call you back

Top tips to turn your fear of public speaking into a profitable

3 strategies you need to know and relate with any of your
audience’s expectations

Learn how to make your information lead to maximum audience
learning experience

How to use your uniqueness and deliver presentations skillfully

What, why and when to use props and other visuals for maximum presentation impact

How to start and keep your
speaking/training and consulting business growing

Getting from unknown to a celebrated and well paid speaker/trainer or consultant

9 proven ways to market your business with minimum budget
for maximum returns

How to create a dominance presence and derive rewards in a competitive market

The Be-MISH strategy that gets you paid for your expertise and speaking skills

The 7 streams of income that keep dollars flowing into your business

Strategies for leveraging your services to add value for clients and increase your fees

How to skyrocket your profits and minimize your costs



You will need to be approved by Kituku & Associates after a 5-10
minute phone interview unless you have received a formal
invitation to participate

You must be willing to do assignments—your success is the
number one priority for Kituku & Associates


Participants are required to be present from the beginning to
the end of the seminar unless an emergency situation arises


You should be able to give a presentation in front of other
participants and get their input on how you can improve your skills

You are required to use your free 30-minute consulting with
Dr. Kituku within 90 days after the seminar

Please note: this is not for people who just want to give presentations. This is for individuals who want to inspire, challenge and equip people with tools to reach new heights in their professional, personal and spiritual journeys.

Only a small group of participants is allowed in this life changing (professional, personal and financial) commitment.

“Dr. Vincent Kituku: What an amazing experience! Your training on “How to Speak and Get Paid!” was one of the most value-packed trainings I’ve ever attended. I arrived expecting to learn how to get paid as a speaker and left with a better understanding of my speaking abilities, useful ways to make my speeches stand out, and how to market myself as a speaker.

The three-day training session was jam-packed with information and you even provided us with a very useful book with plenty of valuable “wisdom” and knowledge. Your training seminar gave me the extra push needed to take my trainings to the next level. … You are a marketing genius and you fully understand the importance of effective partnerships. …

I will continue to recommend your presentations to friends and colleagues with the hope that they will also benefit from your knowledge and experience.

With much appreciation,”

Ben Quintana, Programs Manager,
Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

 Discount Rate Information:
  $249/person if you register before August 17, 2007

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You can transfer your registration to future workshops. You are guaranteed a 100% refund if you cancel your registration 45 days before the day of the seminar. A $39 administrative fee will be subtracted from your registration amount if cancellation occurs between 44 days and two weeks before the seminar. There is no refund if cancellation occurs within 14 days before the seminar.

Guarantee: You will not be disappointed!

 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku
 October 30, 2007
 Doubletree Hotel Riverside, Garden City

8:00 a.m-12:00 (noon)

(Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours and also qualifies for 4 hours educational credits Idaho dentists and dental assistants)

The wise have said, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion, or it will die. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” If you want to thrive in professional and personal endeavors, this seminar is for you.

What you will learn:


7 Must know essentials for moving forward

How to Embrace change, Unlock creativity and Overcome fear
Strategies for thriving in chaotic times


Key aspects for planting “seeds of success” in
a dry season

12 Strategies to turn setbacks into setups for a new beginning
Charting the future you want

1:00 p.m-5:00 p.m.

Approved by the State of Idaho Real Estate Commission and Education Council—4-hours

This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with a zero or shoestring budget.

Topics discussed include:


Key benefits of cultural diversity for business viability and prosperity

How migration changes the way people spend their resources

9 compelling reasons for creating dynamic marketing strategies

10 ways to advertise your business with zero capital and with cultural sensitivity


Top 4 proven strategies to build your business with unlimited referrals
10 marketing tips you can use in any season

Turning ordinary events/activities into extraordinary business returns

 Your investment for the TWO seminars:
  $99 Early Bird Registration BEFORE October 1st - you save $60
  $159 AFTER October 1st 2007
  $79/Participant in groups of 20 or more if registered BEFORE October 1st.
  $99/Participant in groups of 20 or more if registered AFTER October 1st
 Your investment for a SINGLE 4 hour seminar:
  $89 or $99 for a single 4-hours seminar AFTER October 1st

Your investment includes a program workbook and refreshments but not lunch.


Call Toll free 1-888-685-1621 or (208) 376-8724


Mail a check or money order to:

P.O. Box 7152
Boise, Idaho 83707

You can also use your credit card to register when you call our office

Each participant who has attended and participated in the entire course will receive
a certificate that includes student name, course title, delivery method, dates, classroom hours, course approval number, signature of school representative,
school name.

“This was a turning point for my professional growth and balance in life.”
“I wish I had heard Dr. Kituku when I was in my 40s.”
“Vincent changed the attitude of our employees. No one is afraid of
change anymore.”
“I am glad I came with my teammates. We came back reading from the same page.”
“It’s amazing to discover that I have what I need to succeed.”
“Everything, Focus on 98% of good not 2% of bad.”
“Wonderful speaker - excellent thought processes to get started.”
“Ability to give analogies that help change our way of thinking.”
“All of it was helpful-there was nothing I couldn't use; will be useful in both private and professional life.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the speaker – I listen to him on the radio - wonderfully inspirational; could have listened to him all day.”

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