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Your future, your ability to make your dreams a reality depends on: how soon you can let go of what is holding you back, how you can stay focused on your long-term goals, how you can adjust to prevail in changing circumstances (without compromising your values/beliefs) and how quickly you turn setbacks into steppingstones for a new beginning.

On April 11 1997, I left a full time, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job to be a professional speaker, trainer and author. I could no longer expect a paycheck every other week. No more employment related benefits-401K, Health and Life Insurances. No assurance of when or if I would be called to give a speech and by whom. English is not my native or even second language. My college education is not in any remote way related to what I was embarking on.

There were underlining factors that made the decision to leave a predictable paycheck to uncertain expectations even more disturbing. The needs of my family, one wife and four children, were increasing significantly. The financial and emotional support of aging parents could not be left to chance. Just two years before that day, we had built and moved to our first house in Eagle, Idaho, bought our first new family vehicle and committed to help a brother with his college tuition.

Now 10 years later I can say that, to say I am blessed, has had a deeper meaning. There are many lessons of business and life that one could not get from any institution of formal learning. You can read key points of my journey in the interview below. I would like, however, to take a moment at this point and highlight some astonishing revelations on what brings professional and personal fulfillment in any endeavor.


Think of Help Line. The late Paul Reynolds, a funeral home owner
and director, is one of the people I met through my speaking engagement. Before his passing at 60, he granted me permission to interview him about anything in life. When I asked about the most important lesson he has learned in his business, Paul said, "Don't
look at the bottom line. Look at the help line…ask yourself, is what I am doing benefiting my fellow human being?" He then shared a story of years ago when his cousin died in a car accident. He realized that while he was a service provider, he was a grieving family member, too—that changed his view of business. Look up this great story of how the Help-Line thinking works: CLICK HERE


Have a life. There is a difference between making a living and
having a life. Making a living should be secondary to what matters
the most—having a life—do the most rewarding activities in your line of calling without leaving your life behind. I have heard many professionals speak of how their calendars are booked, some with over 200 engagements away from home in a single year. My model was and continues to be home and be part of my children’s lives. I created a profitable basic business model that allows me to be away from home for less than 25 nights a year.


Challenge yourself.
Without trying new things, reading new books, visiting new places, soon life to be a boring routine. Stretch your skills, thinking and physical abilities.


Follow the spirit. There is a song which says, “I will sing when the spirit says sing…” The best motivation for achieving anything is the love you have for doing it.


Do something consistently towards your growth—I asked Peter Legge, a great Canadian speaker if he had advice for any one who was is just beginning. His responce was simple. Speak at any opportunity you get, whether paid or otherwise. In 10 years, not only have I spoken for paid engagements but also I have made efforts to seek non-profit organizations that don’t necessarily pay (although when you think of it—everything you do pays).


Understand the Be-MISH principle. When I formulated the path
for my new endeavor in 1997, I realized I needed a compass. My
new calling was on unfamiliar ground. Competition was not an issue since in 1974 I discovered that all you need to do to beat any competitor is to do what you are good at in an outstanding manner repeatedly. But still no one knew about Kituku. The Be-MISH principle was born. Be-Magnetic (know what pulls people towards you, your products and/or services. Be-Involved in your community and in
other people’s pursuits for a better life. Be-Seen. Be-Heard. Those who take the seminar on 9 Proven Ways to Market with a Zero/Shoestring Budget, that I offer know how this works so effectively.


Count your blessings daily. The relationships you have. The clean air. A glass of clean water. Clear thinking abilities. Physical strength to do what you do. Living in a free nation. Being alive and probably healthy.

As you read this, you may be facing a decision that seems to be more marred by obstacles than illuminated by the opportunities of your dream. Maybe your limitations seem to outweigh your strengths. Or maybe your skills, resources and connections are way below what is logically needed for your vision to bear fruits. Take heart and get moving. Permit yourself to leave the comfort of a harbor that may soon be a dry land of regret for never trying, so that you can discover, learn and grow. Faith is following a path that may not be a path to anyone else but you. Faith is what will help you look up as opposed to sorrow that focuses on the past and worry that is concerned with the present.

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 Keynote Speaker:
 Chris Petersen
 Head Coach, Boise State University Football Team
 Featured Seminar Leader:
 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku
 April 10th, 2007 8:30am - 3:00pm
 Doubletree Hotel
 2900 Chinden Blvd, Boise, Idaho 83714
 Ph. (208) 343-1871

To succeed in today's workplace and in your personal life, you need more than goals, smarts or top technological tools. You must be passionate, highly motivated, and focused in every aspect of your organization. The competitive nature of the business world dictates that people must produce results in a fast changing marketplace for them and/or their organization to remain relevant. Individuals and their organization must be proactive in order to focus on measurable performance and eradicate frustration, stress and crisis. Dr. Kituku's work-life strategies help people bring balance back to their lives. They learn how to develop and leverage a personal vision that not only takes their work performance to new heights but also discover important strategies of creating an extraordinary quality of life.

Here is a sample of some of the key tools that you will learn in this seminar
and use immediately in major aspects of your work and life:


Discover America’s uniqueness and how to take advantage of it

9 actions that will make failing a non-option

Making change work: 11 top tips so as not to suffer from
‘Impala Syndrome’

The 7 must have ‘Spears to Overcome Buffaloes’ at work
and in life

What assets to possess and develop as a maximum team player

Outrageously available resources you can use for your success

How to turn ordinary actions into extraordinary results at work and in life

9 proven ways on how turn setbacks into opportunities for a better future

How involvement in your community is related with your professional, spiritual and personal success—learn key insights on Dr. Kituku involvement with Boise State Football Team’s success
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 Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku CSP,
 the pioneer of zero ($0) input for maximum ($$$) output.
 May 16th, 2007 9:00am - 3:00pm (Wednesday)
 The Waterfront Facility,
 Lakeharbor Lane, Boise, ID

What if you have the best products or services, but no one knows about them? What if you have limited or no capital for advertising your business? What if you want your business to remain profitable in any economy? Lack of marketing is the most effective way to go out of business. Creative marketing is the key to growing your business. This workshop will provide participants with practical steps on marketing with zero or a minimal budget.

What you will gain and use to market
your business effectively:

9 Compelling Reasons for Creating Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Using the Be-MISH Principle to Market Your Products/Service
for Quick and Lasting Returns

The Art of Finding “Horses” and Running with Them Even You
are a “Donkey” in the Market

10 Ways to Advertise Your Products/Services With Zero Capital

Top 4 Proven Strategies to Build Your Business with
Unlimited Referrals

High Performance Activities that Increase Customer Retention

Top 11 Tips for Retaining Customers with Ordinary Practices

10 Marketing Tips You Can Use in Any Season

Why Forget Christmas Gifts—Turning Ordinary Events/Things
into Extraordinary Returns
  99 Tips to Get and Keep Customers (including easy-to-apply practices)

Let’s start with honest questions that will help
you decide if you need this seminar

Are your products and/or services known and sought after by existing and new customers on a consistent basis?

Do you think your business is not growing because not many people know about it?

Do you know how to help your business reach a new height by partnering with giant entities?

Have you ever thought of marketing your business without a penny?

Do you know during which holidays your customers are least likely to recognize and appreciate your thank you notes?

Are there people, not customers, who talk positively about your business all the time?

Do you know and use the three forces, The Silent Marketing Force, The Visible Force, and The Invisible Force that create momentum to keep businesses in the black?

Can you name the four critical resources any business needs
to grow?

Of the four critical resources, do you know which one is the most likely to keep you in business under any economy?


Are you aware of the FREE resources in your community that
you can use immediately and have thousands of potential customers know about where you are, what you have or do
and how it can improve their lives?

If your answer to 4 or more of the above
questions is NO, then this seminar is a NEED.

About Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku

How can a person with no business background or marketing budget who speaks English as a third language promote and market his skills and products? That is exactly what Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku has done for 10 years. He developed creative and easy to repeat strategies that have kept his services and products in the presence of clients and prospects. This seminar has been presented through many business channels including the Boise Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Meeting Planners Professionals.

As one of the less than 7% of Certified Speaking Professionals and sought after business speaker/trainers, Dr. Kituku works with organizations to increase their productivity through employees and leadership development projects. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, workforce development agencies, university business departments, public and commercial banks, leadership development organizations, and university football teams that have won conference championship and bowl games. His expertise is sought after annually by many groups to establish creative training techniques for trainers and educators in businesses and youth development programs.

Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku was the 2003 Homecoming Grand Marshal for Boise State University and was the recipient of the 2000 Integrity Counts Award that is presented by the Better Business Bureau. Dr. Kituku was also the featured speaker at the 38th Idaho Leadership Prayer Breakfast (Boise) and Luncheon (Coeur d’Alene).

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j. Three hours went by like three minutes! Thank you!
k. Dr. Kituku’s enthusiasm is contagious
l. Workshop was much more motivational than expected.
   Helped to reinforce current ideas plus give new ideas & thoughts
m. Fabulous! I learned a lot & am sure we can use what I learned
n. Great!! 2 times
o. Very informative and entertaining
p. Very, very good

“Dr. Vincent Kituku:…You are a marketing genius and you fully understand the importance of effective partnerships. Your seminar exceeded my expectations and I feel very fortunate to have learned from you. The seven streams of income example, how to grow your business, and simplified negotiations techniques were extremely useful and added bonuses to this seminar…”

Ben Quintana,
Programs Manager, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce


As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary in business, we plan to provide you with a monthly dose of useable speaking/training tips that have placed Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku among of the most-sought after speaker/trainers for organizations and conferences.

12 Must do Things Days (Weeks or Months)
Before the Presentation

Know why your audience is coming to listen to you (if you are comfortable with this then proceed)!


Research two things about your audience, their challenges and expectations.

Know the size and structure of your audience, leaders, gender and other factors.

Gather information with number 2 in mind.

Organize that information into three sections: strong introduction, content loaded body and memorable conclusion.

Practice, practice, practice and practice some more!

Take care of all logistics.

Visualize their happy faces during and after your presentation.

Have someone critique your presentation when there is still time for improvement.
  Adjust your presentation if you must and prepare handouts if they are needed.
  Prepare the introduction the organizer will use to introduce you.
  Sleep well.

6 Proven Fear Reducers on the Day
of the Presentation Delivery

Wake up on time and do whatever gives you inner and physical strength.


Arrive at the presentation site earlier than participants.

Make sure room and equipment are the way you want them.

Remove any physical barriers that may be between you and your audience when you start your presentation.

Remove any items (coins, keys…etc) in your pockets that may disturb or destruct your audience.

Test microphone and have your introducer practice the introduction you sent him/her.

3 Practices that Will Build Your Presence ONE Hour Before Your Presentation

Be at the door.

Participate in enjoyable conversations.

GREET people—I mean shake hands with each participant, and tell them you appreciate their coming.

Imagine you are in a foreign country with your spouse and four children. You have no business background. You know your next move will mean no paycheck every two weeks and no health insurance. Your inspiration is desire is to be a professional speaker and help people and organizations succeed in their endeavors. English is not your native language. You set out to pursue your dream. Ten years later, you take a moment to reflect on how life has been. People ask you, “How are you and how is business?” and the response is BLESSED! Welcome to the life of Dr. Vincent Muli Kituku, nationally recognized research based motivational speaker, who started his professional life as a Range Management Specialist.

On April 10, 2007 Dr. Kituku will be hosting a full day seminar on Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life: How to Increase Productivity, Motivation and Growth Without Leaving Life Behind (See details at to mark his 10th business anniversary. We thought it is a fitting tribute to have him share how his life and business have been in those years.

Wow! Ten years doing something you love, what can you say about it?

Vincent: Henry David Thoreau is credited for saying, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with great success unexpected in common hours.” I have been blessed indeed. I am not aware of any other profession where every few weeks you can update your resume while receiving both tangible and intangible rewards. You learn from each client making your life so enriched that you can’t call what you do a job or career. God has blessed me indeed.

You cleaned your office and left corporate America on the 11th April, 1997. Were you scared and/or afraid of failing?

Answer: The wise have advised us not to fear failing. What we should be afraid of is doing nothing. Since 1974, after failing miserably in my first 17 years of life where I spent six years in three grades, I have never done anything expecting to fail. Maybe this has been so because I subscribe to the belief that my end results depends on actions that are products of my thoughts. It’s a wonderfully amazing and yet humbling experience—to see results before you do anything or envision the life you could live before you actually do anything to make that life happen.

You have been described as the master of research based motivational keynotes and training programs. When did you start doing research on the groups that hire you and what have been the results?

Vincent: I started in 1997. In life, learning about the other person’s story (or the story of an organization), their challenges and expectations, is one of the most underutilized tool by many product and service providers. When you know their challenges and expectations, you can provide solutions. My goal is to gather information that will help in developing a presentation my audience can relate with. In 1998, I was invited to speak at the Idaho State Mental Health Conference. I interviewed consumers and their families, advocates, and service providers. After my presentation, about a dozen people came to ask me where I had a mental health clinic. In five years, I had presented at more than 20 mental health conferences including the National Conference.

What do you consider your secret for giving successful presentations?

Vincent: Think of what Chris Petersen, Head Coach, Boise State Football Team wrote after my presentation to the team last year… “Dear Dr. Kituku… The lessons that you spoke of are priceless when it comes to building a championship team. As veterans in this business we know that championships are not won by athletic ability and schemes alone, having the correct state of mind is what separates individuals from the crowd; we feel you have helped us with that edge…” One must know the gap he/she has to fill for listeners to be equipped with the spears they need to thrive in their jungle, stay motivated beyond the speech/workshop and focus on the larger picture of life that make individuals own whatever they do.

You grew up in Kenya, Africa and didn’t learn about American football until you came to the USA. Yet, you have given presentations to the Boise State Broncos Football Team since 1998. In 2003, you were their Homecoming Grand Marshal and even gave a presentation two days before the team flew to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl Championship. How did the team get to know you and invite you to speak?

Vincent: That has been an astonishing experience. In 1995, I invited Pokey Allan, the team’s coach back then, who was battling cancer to come speak at my Toastmaster’s Club (my mother is a cancer survivor). Pokey’s words coupled with what I gathered by reading the local newspaper gave me an insight into the life of players. Pokey died and the team had three coaches within a short period of time. Inspired by what is hard to fathom, I wrote an article and faxed to the head coach (I didn’t know his name) on how to win as a team. A week later, I faxed another piece on how to use underutilized potential. He invited me to speak to the team and I did so on a regular basis. When the team won the conference championship in 1999, Dirk Koetter, gave me a ball, Bronco t-shirt, jacket and pants—a coach’s uniform for a sport I had no clue of it’s rules. The experience has brought me intangible rewards that are hard to describe.

You have been involved with Women and Children Alliance, Rescue Mission for the homeless, sponsored youth activities, given presentation to Alternative Schools at no charge. What inspires you do that?

Vincent: A key discovery in life is how we are all part of each other. A woman living with a feeling of security and hope for a better tomorrow is a foundation for our very existence. When you mold the life of a youth to be self-reliant, you don’t have to try repairing an adult. I think for someone to do God’s will, after accepting Him at a personal level, is to serve neighbors who need us the most.

If you were to advice someone on how to experience the richness of life, what would you tell them?

Vincent: Accept a simple fact—you are the CEO of your attitude, dreams and all you do. Forget job descriptions and never narrow your identity or let your race, gender, religion or what other people think of you diminish what you can achieve. Make conscious efforts to develop yourself daily in three aspects—spiritually, mentally and physically. You will need to associate with people who lift you up to the next level of growth. Learn the basic law of abundant life that, “What we do for ourselves can get us by. What we do for others is what gets us ahead; whether in our profession, spiritual pursuits or relationships.”

You have four children who are involved with school, church and athletic activities. What can you say to parents who raising children in this insecure world of conflicting values and morals.

Vincent: A lesson my mother taught me is, “what we leave in our children is more important than what we leave for them.” Stop raising angels, they are children with human characteristics—the ability to do what is right and sometimes what’s wrong. You succeed by being involved with their growth in faith, school and other activities. Be their parent who tells them what they need to hear—not necessarily what they want to hear. Know their dreams and provide an environment and encouragement for them to pursue those dreams. Make efforts to know their friend’s lifestyle and if they are not in line with the values you teach empower yourself to discourage the association.

You advocate balancing spiritual, physical and mental growth. How you find time to all that?

Vincent: The balancing act starts from the moment you realize that you can always find time to do whatever you consider important. I love gardening and in recent years, I have developed the habit of running long distances (dealing with my mid-age crisis). I can meditate, sing and/or reflect on presentations I am working or articles am about to write.

What key things can someone do to succeed in their business?

Vincent: You must do it for something more valuable than money. Know your angels along the path—people who may not bring you monetary returns but they believe in your endeavors and they talk to others about you. Your ability to use time and resources wisely, be flexibly creative and make peak performance a habit will elevate you to new heights.

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