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Few Days in My Wife?s Shoes Part III

By the fourth day, after my wife left for a conference leaving me in-charge of three of our four children, I had known why in some African cultures the words wife and home are synonymous.

In my wife?s absence I tried to keep our children focused on their schoolwork and involved in after school activities. My efforts were towards these important. But one day before she was to come home, I looked around and our house seemed to have turned into cyclonic disaster. Shoes, toys, blankets, books and clothes were everywhere. How did this happen in just four days? Nothing else was to be done but tighten the place before my wife set her eyes on it. I thought it would be a nice treat for her?to find her home clean.

When the house was picked up, I decided to go an extra mile. I invited our closest family friends for dinner. It was on Friday and I knew they couldn?t turn the offer down since we always meet for Bible study on Fridays. I promised to barbeque?the job I always help with.

It is what happened as I was starting the barbeque grill that triggered my thoughts on how much my wife?s presence had been the backbone of mostly everything I do. I almost burned myself doing what I have always done with no problem. The grill had not been used for several weeks and with my mind also concerned with what the children were doing inside the house, I guess I let out too much gas. Jumping fast is what saved me but not before my front hairline, mustache, and eyelashes were noticeably burnt. My lips felt the heat too.

The four days fiascos prompted me to write this poem for my wife.

Come Home

Your absence is biting deep
Deeper than words can say
Without you, this is not home
Come and remind us of home

Our children eat and sleep fine
Thank you for the food you left
Your presence is the meal we need
Come and remind us of home

Did you know you took my thinking
And ability to turn thoughts into words?
Who can I explain my bewilderment?
Come and remind us of home

In the surface, things seem the same
But living is not in the surface, it's deep
Your presence is our lives vital fabric
Come and remind us of home

It seems that we are un-regrettably yours
Or should we say you are un-regrettably ours?
The many shall become one-one home
Come and remind us of home

The beauty of life is mostly born in moments when we feel overwhelmed, when our loved ones matters the most. When we experience what others go through, we appreciate them the more. Now I understand what Dad meant when he said that, ?When a man is blessed with a good wife, he has to show his in-laws his appreciation from time to time.? He mentioned that there was no price for a good wife and the gifts given to in-laws was a continuous way of saying thank you.

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