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High Cost of Living a Sheep?s Life

Have ever taken a moment to ask yourself, ?Does the life I am living reflect my potential? Is my professional performance the best I can ever offer? Do I benefit from the associates I have and/or do they benefit from me? Are there talents I could put into action to turn my life around?for the better??

If, after asking yourself these questions, your answer to all or any of them is no, there is good news for you. You can do something about your situation. On the other hand, five years from now, your situation may still be the same, unless you change now.

There is a story of a sheep farmer who had one female goat. The goat became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy kid. Unfortunately, the mother goat died soon after the baby was born. The farmer decided to have one of nursing sheep feed and nurture the motherless kid.

This young kid learned to play with the young sheep. He learned to eat grass and graze like a sheep. Never did he know that he could improve his diet by eating shrubs. He never learned to stand with his hind legs to eat leaves from trees or to view what was going on around his environment.

One day, this goat saw an animal in the neighboring farm standing on his hind legs while eating shrubs. After a while he asked the strange animal, ?How can you stand on your hind legs? Can you also tell me what those things you are eating taste like??

The strange animal responded, ?I am just a goat like you. We are fortunate that we can eat grass and browse shrubs. That means we have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of plants unlike cows and sheep. And during drought, we survive better than cows and sheep because they only rely on grass.?

That goat, for years, had lived like a sheep.

As sad as it is, many of us never live the better life that we could because we surround ourselves with associates that teach us to live just like them.

Here are some key practices to learn, grow and live up to your potential

1. Take time to write down the talents, gifts and experiences that you can use to better your life.
2. Make a list of what you think has been stopping you from using your talents, gifts and experiences.
3. Identify the habits you think you need to change in your life.
4. Upgrade your circle of professional and social associates if you really want to grow.
5. Make it a point to upgrade your resume in every three to six months with new accomplishments.
6. Learn from people who have succeeded in professional and personal areas that you have an interest in.

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