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Take a Bath in the River of Opportunities

If you are in the United States of America, continue reading this article.

If you are not living up to your potential while in the USA, ask yourself why? Get a pen and two pieces of paper and on one, write down all the obstacles you think are prohibiting you from achieving your dreams. Don't work with anyone else in this personal assignment.

The Kamba people of Kenya have a proverb that says, "People who live near a river do not necessarily take a bath" which literally means people who are surrounded by opportunities may not take advantage of them.

Now get the other piece of paper and write down the opportunities that make people live up to their potential. Start with the first thing: FREEDOM. Millions of people in free countries take this for granted, yet it is the most elusive aspect of life for billions of people in other parts of this world. Freedom to be creative and market the products of your creativity without governmental interference, I think, is what has made Americans innovative and outpace their counterparts in other countries.

In the list of opportunities, don't ignore opportunities for advancement at your own timing. Think about it. In most parts of the world, if you don?t make it to high school by achieving pre-established passing marks in the 7th or 8th grade, you are doomed to be a house boy or house girl--basically unable to cater to your own basic needs.

Jobs are set in a way that if you select a career after high school, there is no changing even if you don?t like what you are doing. For those who make it to college (a dream as far fetched as that of a high school football player aspiring to join the NFL), there are no opportunities for being "Undecided." God forbid you should be downsized for any reason. I have a great high school friend of mine who was sacked in 1996 and he is still writing and sending resumes. He has never had the privilege of being interviewed.

What can you do with the river of opportunities in America?

1. Change your attitude. Appreciate life as a gift. Be thankful for all you have.
2. Do not blame anyone or any entity for your current situation if you are mature enough to be gainfully employed.
3. Acknowledge that you are the CEO of your own life. Get a vision of the future you want to live and set goals to make that vision a reality.
4. Take an inventory of the resources that you have right now that you can start with.
5. Talk to people in your life who will encourage you to live up to your potential.
6. Avoid those who might discourage you the way you would avoid poison ivy.
7. Never let a single day pass without doing something towards your ultimate goal.
8. Remember to serve those who are less fortunate?it?s the basis of a higher calling.
9. Nourish your soul with a strong relationship with the creator
10. Balance work and life. Move forward without leaving relationships behind.

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