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Attaining the Unattainable

There are men and women for whom attaining the unattainable seems to attract them with a pull, only they can understand.

Strange, but these are ordinary people with no noticeable expertise. In most cases their past is the reason why their present is mind-boggling. These are the Olympians whose childhoods were stricken with life threatening illnesses, broken families and the prominent absence of those facilities needed for training. These are the high mountain climbers whose passion for heights overcame the repeated adversities of broken limbs and mass critics. These are the academic giants whose performance hides seas of past disappointments and shame.

These people?s ambitions and passion are strong forces that brush aside self-doubt, critics and realists which normally deter cautious men and women from pursuing their dreams. Their weapons are faith, a spirit of determination, and endurance that in most cases might make their mental aptitude seem questionable.

In their case, their ability to take risks, can lead their families or associates to consult witch doctors or modern day psychopathologists. They dedicate enormous time, efforts, creativity and visible resources to pursue their dreams when others are involved with the more predictable routines, detrimentally sugarcoated Comfort Zones.

For the attainers of the unattainable, their mental psyche has settled on one resolution. That you can always do better and achieve more than what you are doing now. There is always room for improvement and new heights to aspire and attain.

They seem to have discovered that no one can stop them from achieving their blessings. Yes, others can attempt to be obstacles or even create obstacles along the path of these achievers. But the fire within threatens to consume them should they let their goals suffer because of what other people say or do.

In mind I have Muyanga, my young brother. The one who has risen against all odds, and has inspired me to write this article. While he was an academic sharp shooter, many erroneously relegated him to the lazy category. The truth is Muyanga hated waking up to go to the garden. He disliked carrying those humongous water containers on his head. And he would do anything possible to avoid being assigned the duty of washing clothes. It was a struggle for both him and me to be chosen in those P.E (physical exercise) competition teams during our elementary schooling. We begged to be included so we could eat half of a loaf of bread and a cup of tea or soda, the rare commodities of our beginnings. Using physical ability as a yardstick, no one would think Muyanga had any chance for a successful career in the military.

Then came the mid 80?s when joining the military seemed to pull him with hypnotic forces. But why, was the question. He was already in one of the best institutions of higher learning in sub-Saharan Africa: University of Nairobi. He was working pursing a degree in what was a promising career, building economics. According to common knowledge around that time, all you needed to be in military was to be tall and to be able to run.

For our father, the decision to leave the Ultimate Joint for Success, (the university) to join the military was nothing but the truest measure of lunacy. He tried everything possible short of disowning his child to bring sense into the mind of a son whose fascination with military had run amok.

What was said in lesser audible voices was worse. Being a helpless big brother, hearing scathing comments about someone you cried with, triumphed with and overcome social turbulence with. My father?s mind was set on denying the situation. I had to let nature talk its course.

Now in 15 short years later, Muyanga?s name is written after these humbling yet commanding abbreviations Lt. Col. My younger brother in now Lieutenant Colonel Kituku.

Sometimes after achieving a dream, even the dreamer can fail to make a mature and humble judgment on what brought him through the process ? what made him reach for what seemed unattainable. Some whys and hows in dreamers? lives are better when left alone.

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