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A Leader?s Needed Kick in Chaotic Times

Job security is an expectation of the past. Yet, employers need to keep employees motivated to overcome challenges and take care of the bottom line through increased sales within the shortest time in these chaotic times.

Leaders who work directly with frontline employees have to learn different ways of encouraging positive attitude and productivity. A lesson on how a mother giraffe (the leader) prepares her baby to learn fast and be ready to run with the herd to survive suffices.

Born in a jungle infested with carnivores and sometimes scarcity of food and water, a baby giraffe is introduced into the world with kicks from his mother. In a world where it does not matter whether you are a carnivore or a carnivore?s food, from sunrise to sunset all must run to survive.

When the baby is born, the mother looks at her baby and she gives it a kick with her long leg, thus forcing it to stand up. If for any reason the baby fails to stand, Mother giraffe repeats the process says Gary Richmond in his book, "A View From the Zoo", until the baby stands up. Mother giraffe knows how crucial it is for her baby to be able to move to safety no matter how hard the learning process.

Leaders must know the kicks that will get employees to stand and make their organization thrive. Here are some of my observations of the kind of ?kicks? used by successful business leaders and football coaches that I have had the privilege to work with.

1. Know the challenges of your ?jungle? and share the vision for a better tomorrow that may not be clear to all.

2. Adhere to Rene C. McPherson?s wisdom (former CEO of Dana Corporation), ?It is critical to provide and discuss all organizational figures with all our people.?

3. Don?t procrastinate rewarding successful performers so as not to upset some people.

4. In football, a team player must adjust in order to fit in the overall team?s objective. Encourage flexibility and provide the environment for it.

5. Train people mostly for success that goes beyond projects?it?s better if it helps them grow in personal endeavors.

6. Know that as a leader, your decisions and actions (kicks) will not always be liked by all.

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