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13 Top Lessons on Exceptional Leadership

1. Exceptional leaders are ethical. They are trustworthy and they know integrity in all aspects of life is being true to their conscious even when no one will know about it.

2. They lead by example. Their motto is ?What I do speaks so loud and clear that what I say is barely audible.?

3. They know their personality power and use it in strong combination with knowledge and skills (demonstrated knowledge and skills that critics respect and supporters admire) power and a dose here or there of positional power.

4. Exceptional leaders are visionaries. They see ordinary things that can be turned into extraordinary results.

5. They are solid communicators. They are clear, concrete, and consistent in communicating their vision or instructions. They deliver messages with enthusiasm and sincerity.

6. Listening is the other part of communication which great leaders are good at. They listen and try to understand the challenges about their vision that are limiting people?s productivity.

7. Exceptional leaders are risk takers. They don?t wait for opportunities to present themselves. They knock on doors and climb high places in search of new ventures.

8. Leaders develop and cultivate new heights of positive attitude as they meet new challenges from day-to-day.

9. Exceptional leaders are change agents. They embrace change knowing it is packaged with challenges and opportunities.

10. Effective leaders are lifelong learners. They learn from their own mistakes and from observing mistakes made by others. Growth conscious leaders hunger for current and past wisdom and get it from reading, listening and thinking. They buy into Eric Hoffer?s philosophy that, ?In a time of rapid change it is the learners who inherit the earth. The learned are prepared for a world that no longer exists.?

11. Exceptional leaders give their all. They go the extra mile that is needed to make their vision a reality. They are determined, flexible and dedicated.

12. They care! As early Egyptians mummified their Pharaohs, they removed the dead leader?s brain but left the heart intact. They believed that for a leader to be great, a compassionate heart was necessary. A leader?s huge heart prompts him/her to create a family-like working environment, where employees feel and know they are valued, respected as individuals and given opportunities for growth and having fun.

13. Exceptional leaders value fun and time out for spiritual, family and recreational endeavors.

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