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***NEW*** Both Living and Dead Fish Flow Down Stream

However, only the living fish can swim upstream. Are you swimming upstream, against the current turbulent economic times? What about the obstacles in your professional and/or personal endeavors?are you wallowing in self-pity or tackling them headon?

Some realities of life need put in perspective. There is probably nothing that inspires creativity and the desire to make our future better than our dislike of the past or current predicament. When we don?t like what we are experiencing we work to create better experience. Pain causes us to seek for cure.

To survive and thrive beyond these chaotic times, we have to change our outlook of life, and the way we have done whatever we do. Increased growth comes when something different is done. This can mean arriving at work earlier than usual or staying a little longer. It can mean making more sales? calls than in the past or opening up new markets.

We are reluctant to accept the fact that if we don?t change, we are changed?by realities. Jobs are some times made obsolete by technological advancement. Positions are eliminated to by the creation of unmanned systems. Our foresight and willingness to learn new ways of doing things keep us marketable and in gainful employment.

This brings us to basic questions. Can you document your productivity for the last six months? If not, then change how you do what you do. Have you added value (brought new customers, saved resources and added new products/services) in your organization?s bottom line is the last six months? If not, why? Any time we add value in something bigger than self, we grow and increase our own value.

The presence of necessity propels accountability to new heights. To thrive during challenging times, you must be the CEO of your decisions and actions. Here are top proven ways to help you swim upstream.

1.Be in-charge of your attitude. The most basic responsibility you have, as the CEO of your life, is being in-charge your altitude. Your altitude is the showcase that reveals who you are to the rest of the world. Your altitude is the gate through which thousands of lives enter your life and enrich you in ways you can hardly imagine. The good news is that positive attitude is an aspect that can be developed. It starts from the moment you start seeing what is positive from any experience you go through.

2.You are where you are today as a result of the thoughts you have chosen. Your future depends on your willingness to change your thoughts - change your thoughts and you will change your actions. You will then be on the road to a fulfilling life.

3.Know and work with your colleagues. There is not a single CEO in this world who doesn?t have other executives or board of directors working with him or her. You can never be the CEO of all you do without working with others. Give your best to others and they will give you their best.

4.Never entertain the thought that you work for anybody else. Own whatever you do. Find something good to think and talk about daily, something besides the paycheck. If you can?t find anything good about what you do, you are stealing from yourself. You will probably stress about it and try to sabotage efforts for progress, even sometimes your own progress. You have to find something about what you do that gets you excited.

5.Take risks to grow. When you take a risk, you may suffer pain or failure. However, it is a tragedy to never live up to your potential because you didn?t risk. By not risking, you may avoid pain or the experience of failure. However, you won?t learn, change or experience self-appreciation. The worse part of never risking is the pain of being stuck in a situation you dislike and the regret that you did nothing about it when you could.

6.It?s not wise to blame others (parents, your spouse, boss or God) for your circumstances. The moment you accept responsibility for your thoughts, choices and actions, it?s the moment you become the man or woman in-charge of all you do.

Doing nothing is not and should never be an option in bad times. Nothing happens when nothing is done (actually something does happen?people fail). In most cases, doing nothing leads to a worse situation than what we started with. Did you know, if you don?t have a monetary rewarding job you would far better of volunteering in any of the non-profit organizations in your community? You will experience fulfillment money can?t give you, develop relationship that last longer than a career and acquire skills that are unable elsewhere. Volunteerism does not mean non rewarding involvement.

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