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***NEW*** Better than Duty, Career or a Job

Is what you do from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. just a job or a duty? Is it something you look forward to even on Monday morning? Does it bring to you intangibles that can not be substituted with money, no matter the amount? Is it something that when you are in it time doesn?t matter? Is it something that when you are not doing it your life somehow loses some meaning?

For more than a decade, I have interviewed many people who work in rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes as part of my preparation for either keynote speeches or leadership development programs. I have visited and observed some in their work areas.

Suffice it to say that I have been moved by the perspectives of those who receive (or perceive they receive) more than a paycheck from what they do. These people experience intangible rewards money can?t buy. Time working with the ill or elderly, to them is an investment in their (service providers) own wellbeing.

Diana Nomura, is the Director of Nursing of the Lincoln City Rehab Center, a division of the Pinnacle Healthcare Inc. with head office in Eugene, Oregon. She says, ?I have lived a lot of different lives through the residents I work with.? Her next sentence was, ?I want to help our residents. The country I live in was built by them?it?s a way of appreciation.?

When you realize that your wellbeing is orchestrated by the people you serve, you look at your services from a different perspective. As you work with people, regardless of your industry, take heed of Dianna?s admonition that, ?just remember why you are doing it.? If you don?t have a purpose for what you do, you have a job, a career or duties. Deep conviction makes what you do a mission.

?Everyone has a value.? That is the foundation for Karla Hunt, Administrator, French Prairie, a nursing home and rehab facility in Woodburn, OR. She says, ?Express that value to them whether they are residents, staff, visitor or volunteers.? We express how we value others in different ways. We can give gifts. We can tell them. We can serve them. We can spend time with them. Learning of their stories, of the paths they have traveled, the challenges and triumphs of their lives give our own lives deeper meaning.

You may think your work is not the same as what I have presented here. But think again. Anytime you do (work) anything that (in one way or another) impacts people?s lives, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact. When you enjoy what you do and it brings you more than material rewards, you radiate it with the kind of services you provided. When the people you serve are happy with your services, your job or career becomes a mission. In a mission field, time, days or season?s have lesser value. What matters is that the mission is accomplished with all involved enjoying fulfillment .

To care, you don?t need credentials. You may not be able to solve people?s problem or cure their illnesses, but at least you can care. Every day you care for someone, you are ahead in what matters the most in life. Your level of fulfillment can?t be described but experienced.

By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, motivational speaker and author of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life is an expert who works with organizations to increase productivity through leadership and employee development programs. Contact him at www.overcomingbuffaloes.com or (208) 376-8724

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