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***NEW*** Procrastination?s Multiple Pains

How did a $75 project cost me an additional $500, cause my daughter to panic and keep the whole family cold for a night? All I needed to do, two summers earlier, to prevent a small problem from becoming an emergency, was to pick the phone, call an insect control specialist and pay $75. Procrastination can and does create multiple unexpected painful results.

A group of bees had built their nest inside my house?s roof. Their presence was not a secret. In summer we watched them get in and out through a small entrance in winter. You could hear their deep vibration if you sat next to the wall near their nest.

Not that I didn?t attempt to control them. My efforts, however, were limited to attacking a few bees as they approached the entrance to rest for the night. When she realized that the bees were not threatened by my efforts, my wife advised me, more than once, to call insect control company, but I didn?t. I procrastinate.

Since I lived in a makeshift house inhabited by rats, ticks, and occasional snakes in my youth, I figured bees were a lesser pestilence. However, the bees? population kept growing. With time, some unlucky bees found their way into the living room where they met the wrath of my fly swatter.

Apparently, my daughter Lucille had a different method of controlling insects instead of a fly swatter. Her effort to eliminate just one bee would be the book I needed to learn about the high cost of procrastination. The errant bee, pacing against the inside of one of our living room?s windows, became an easy target for Lucille. She used a shoe to smash the bee. Imagine the force applied that smashed the window glass.

The problem in need of immediate attention was no longer the bees but the open glassless window that required more than $500 to fix. The bees were controlled in 5 minutes, with the standard $75.

Why do we procrastinate? Do we expect things to get better without our efforts? Do you have dreams that you have procrastinated over the years? Are there things you have wanted to accomplish but find yourself unable to address because of irrelevant excuses? I wish the bees? problem were the only thing I had procrastinated.

We procrastinate whatever we don?t prioritize. We procrastinate what we might deem a small issue. We sometimes procrastinate, waiting for the perfect time. What we postpone doesn?t get better. Regrets, due to our procrastination, are more painful than the pains we would experience by addressing problems before they need emergency attention.

Never confuse procrastination with patience, a great virtue. It costs less to do things at the right time. When the right time comes, don?t procrastinate. Act.

By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, motivational speaker and author of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life is an expert who works with organizations to increase productivity through leadership and employee development programs. Contact him at www.overcomingbuffaloes.com or (208) 376-8724

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