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***NEW*** The Key Factor for Individual and Team Success

You know how punishing the skyrocketing gas prices have been. A day hardly passes without reading or hearing of layoffs in your local community. The increasing costs of food stuffs have made us more cautious about what to buy, from where, and how much. The future seems not so promising as analysts predict tougher times ahead as floods claim more food crops and more corn is diverted to ethanol production.

Individuals and organizations alike are deeply concerned about this darkening economic cloud. Is there way out? What will it take and who should be involved?

We turn to life in the jungle to get practical perspectives to help us through this downturn. Consider, if you will, a pack of four to five lions faced with the challenge of surviving. The only way to survive is to attack a mature water buffalo. The buffalo has the power, ability and pure meanness to maim and/or kill a lion. Those lions have key strategies they follow to succeed in bringing down the buffalo while keeping the pack intact for future success.

Understand the complexity of an individual?s success in a team setting. An individual lion?s chance of having a buffalo meal depends on the strength of the pack. The success of the pack, however, in bringing that buffalo down depends on each individual lion?s contribution. Your success is intricately tied to the overall success of your organization or community. Just give your best.

Tackle one ?buffalo? at a time. It is amazing to witness lions separating their prey from a herd. They know it?s impossible to fight a whole herd of water buffaloes. Focusing on the specific task needed to turn goals into reality is what will keep organizations viable and individuals employed.

Partner with others. The Idaho Statesman is now partnering with a relatively smaller competitor, the Idaho Press Tribune, in what they portrayed as an effort to reduce printing costs. That?s the survival strategy of the jungle. We can even learn from politicians?they have no permanent political enemies, especially when they need an ally for a given issue. Turn competitors into partners.

Change as things change. The Serengeti migration presents a premier lesson for those who are stuck in a past that can never exist again. The factors, availability of water and grass that prompt herbivores (like buffaloes) to travel hundreds of miles are beyond the control of carnivores (like lions). But as the prey changes location in search of life necessities, so does the predator. As your industry changes, don't waste energy and time wishing for a bygone past. Change before you are changed.

Renew your motivation. Motivation is like food?you need several meals a day to keep you functional. You will need to renew your motivation, fuel your passion and focus on the mission at hand. Imagine a lion that loses its motivation to hurt!

Remain with the pack?and give your best effort. That?s the main strength for your survival and opportunity to thrive.

By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, motivational speaker is the author of Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life. Contact him at www.overcomingbuffaloes.com or at (208) 376-8724

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