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Issue Number:        Volume 1 No. 10
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1. Dr. Kituku Commentary: An Attitude of Gratitude
2. NEW announcement about Dr. Kituku’s Top 13 Lessons for Success
3. Top 7 Tips on how to be self-initiative for personal and
professional development
4. Top Practices that Retain Customers
5. Featured Turning Point Experience Piece: "... where men and women
get knives to cut their portion of the national cake"

An Attitude of Gratitude

Some of life’s lessons are learned in unexpected ways and places. For
six years, I wondered whether God had designated Laramie, Wyoming as
a Test Site for Winter Miseries. I arrived in Laramie, Wyoming on the
10th of February, 1986. It was a cold winter morning. The temperature
must have been below anyone’s survival level, or at least that is
what I thought. Welcome to Wyoming!!! When I left Nairobi, Kenya on the
7th, the thermometer’s range was around the 100’s.
They told me in Wyoming that I should expect two seasons, the 4th of
July and winter. Rodney, my friend, told me that snow could be
expected during any month except July. The snow problem was always
amplified by wind. The speed of the wind was phenomenal. There was no need
for raking and bagging leaves in the fall. Wyoming winds blew them
to Nebraska or Colorado!
I disliked the winter conditions of Wyoming and looked forward to the
day I would leave. On the 6th of April, 1992, I started to work on an
ecological project for Idaho Power Co., which generates its
electricity mainly by use of water power.  The main source of the water is
snow.  Indeed my very livelihood depended on snow. Soon, I joined the
others at Idaho Power in praying for snow, especially given that there
had been snow scarcity for about six years prior to my coming. The
decorations of the Christmas tree that year were centered around one
theme: Let It Snow!  Let It Snow!
The forest fires of 1993 covered the Treasure Valley with smoke, and
the air was stifling. Migraine headaches became a problem, thus
prompting me to wish for the Wyoming winds. If only we had some of the
wind in Wyoming, I wouldn’t have migraine headaches.
I learned to appreciate and being thankful in any situation. Perhaps
it is 8:00a.m on Monday or a rainy day that ruins fishing, shopping,
or golfing plans.  Maybe somebody else’s prayers are being answered
by the conditions we think are making our lives uncomfortable. The
list of things to be grateful for is endless in every situation.
Often, our attitude of gratitude is impaired by the fact that we
focus on the “storms” in our lives. We only see the desert we are
traveling through. However, there is always a rainbow behind the cloud and a
stream in the desert.  When we keep our eyes and hearts on the
rainbow and the stream, we maintain an attitude of gratitude. We thank God
despite the prevailing circumstance.
At times, the rainbows and streams seem not to be there at all. 
Actually, we just don’t see them.  This is where family, friends, and
associates help us.
No one can be ordered to have an attitude of gratitude. However, it
is contagious. It can flow naturally from parents to children and from
friends to friends. We can cultivate an attitude of gratitude by
being thankful for the daily portion of fresh air, unpolluted water and
three meals a day, shelter, freedom, health, jobs, opportunities to be
creative, and chances to enrich the world with our uniqueness.
Attitude is determined by how we respond to experiences. It is how
you react to incidents, not the incidents themselves, that determines
our attitude.  We have basically little control, if any over natural
forces like tornados, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness and
pain.  What really matters is our internal response systems. How we
respond to these calamities is something each individual can control.
Life is difficult at times and easy at other times. Tranquility
depends on how we respond to difficult times. Relying on ancient wisdom,
Cicero, in the year 45 B.C. said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest
of virtues, but it is the parent of all others.”

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Do you want to be one of the few successful people? If your answer is
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After almost a decade of research and reflections, Dr. Vincent Muli
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top 13 lessons for professional and personal success. These three CDs
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Disc 1

Lesson One—The Truth About Personal Success. What is true success?
Dr. Vincent Kituku builds a solid foundation about professional and
personal success; Listen to his early struggles with poverty, illness
after illness, schooling and the loss of siblings and how his father’s
wisdom changed the tides of times forever.

Lesson Two—Definite Purpose in Life. Get ready for powerful knowledge
on a critical aspect of life—having definite purpose that gives you
the momentum to wake up with positive expectations. Learn 8 must know
and do things to build strong self-confidence.

Lesson Three—The power of positive attitude. Dr. Kituku highlights
the one thread of life that you have total control of and that can
change how you see your world and the great opportunities life offers.

Lesson Four—Basics of Life. Learn the 6 crucial aspects of life that
you are CEO of, the 6 important social entities and how what you do
relates with each. Prepare for a new beginning in your knowledge in
what others can do for you and what no one can do for you.

Lesson Five—Taking Charge of Your Personal Life. It’s common
knowledge—imbalance in life has high cost in individual lives, families,
businesses and community. Listen to Dr. Kituku as he highlights: the high
cost of life imbalance; The top 3 types of relationships with lasting
rewards; and 5 points to ponder on how to move forward without
leaving your family behind.

Lesson Six—Essential Elements for Achieving Professional and Personal
Purpose. This lesson is filled with concrete steps for you to use and
achieve your purpose. Learn: The power of personal identity; The ONE
word to avoid; Harmful desire to steer away from, The only emotion to
guard against, Top three sources of failure, The 7 most powerful
motives to cultivate and cherish

Disc 2

Lesson Seven—Top 12 Secrets that Move People Ahead. Ever wondered
what makes people with the same educational background, probably doing
the same job achieve different levels of success? In this lesson Dr.
Kituku will take you through the12 top secrets that move people ahead
in whatever field of their calling.

Lesson Eight—What 21st Century Leaders, Business Owners and Employees
Must Know. Our world has become a jungle where it doesn’t matter
whether you are a carnivore or a prey. You must run to survive. Learn: 10
practices that will position you for success; Recognize what sets you
apart in your industry; 8 top secrets of surviving and thriving in
your jungle; 10 steps on how to ask what you want when you need it;
Best ways to negotiate deals prospects can’t turn down; How to inspire,
motivate and position yourself; 13 things leaders/managers do to
de-motivate people; 9 tips on how to inspire and motivate others for
superb performance and; 9 tools for thriving in unpredictable times.

Disc 3

Lesson Nine—Turning Adversities into Opportunities for New Beginning
and Growth. Bad things happen to each and every one at one time or
another. Dr. Kituku’s path in life, as you learned in lesson one has
been filled with failure, poverty, illness after illness and sadly the
loss of siblings. In this lesson, Dr. Kituku shares 12 steps for
turning adversities into steppingstones for new beginning and growth;
Living with “social buffaloes” and; the 7 attributes you need to
overcome “buffaloes” in your life.

Lesson Ten—Life Beyond Real and/or Perceived Obstacles. What would
you do if, before your proposal to marry is accepted, you had to search
and kill a lion? Find out what inspired the Maasai men to search and
overcome lions before marriage; Top 7 tips on how to see beyond your

Lesson Eleven—Putting Faith into Action. Having faith in your great
ideas and your potential is one thing. Putting that faith into action
is another. Dr. Kituku provides an extra ordinary illustration on the
power of faith put into action in what he calls “African Impala
Syndrome.” He provides 9 proven strategies on how to avoid suffering from
“African Impala Syndrome.”.

Lesson Twelve—The Principle of Planting in “Dry Season.” What is
planting in dry season for professional and personal success? Do you know
the high cost of not planting in your “dry season?” Learn the 8 most
important questions to ask yourself if you are to grow in all aspects
of life.

Lesson Thirteen—Pushing Your Internal Air-conditioner. What is
stopping you from living the life of your dream? Do you know you may have
a talent or an experience that could propel you from mediocre
performance to life rich with fulfillment? Listen to another one of Dr.
Kituku’s signature story that has won international awards “the Unused
Air-Conditioner”; 7 reasons why people don’t “push their A/C”

In conclusion, Dr. Kituku looks back to April 11 1997, and what
happened afterwards. He left a full time job to be a professional speaker,
trainer and author. No paycheck every other week, 401K or Health and
Life Insurances. English is not his native or even second language.
His college education is not in any remote way related to what he was
embarking to do. Now, looking back, all Dr. Vincent Muli wa Kituku
says is, “I am blessed.”

What others are saying:

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down to earth tips. You are an inspiration! ...” Lesley Craig

Dear Vincent, “…The evaluations we received from the conference rated
your talk as the highlight of the gathering…Spirits were uplifted and
a more positive view was created for where we are now and the changes
we are experiencing…” Debra Geraghty, The Casey Family Program

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Top 7 Tips on how to be self-initiative for personal and professional

In today’s constantly changing workplaces, an age of no crystal clear
job description, one factor will set you a part from the crowd – self
There is an African folktale about self-initiative.  The story is
about a major savanna fire in dry season. The fire, given momentum by
wind, was consuming everything.  Animals, large and small, birds and
rodents scattered all over.  But, there was one small Weaverbird, who
flew to the nearest water source and draw water into its beak. He
then flew back to the burning area and let down the drop of water and
flew back for more.

An elephant noticed this small bird fly back and forth several times
and eventually asked him, “Why are you doing this. Do you think you
can put off this huge fire with just a drop of water here and there?” 
“No, my friend” said the bird, “I don’t think I can put off this huge
fire.  But, this is all I can do, and I would rather do it than do

Self-initiative is ability to identity something that needs to be
done and you, without being asked, start doing it. That is giving more
services than you are required to. Seeing a need and filling it
before you are asked to. Helping other people with their need when you
don’t have to. To be self-initiative, you don’t have to have all the
skills or knowledge, but the willingness to help. You don’t have to
ask for permission either.

Here are Top 7 Tips on how to be self-initiative for personal and
professional development

1. Look at the big picture – how what you do relate to what others do
2. See what elements are not working well
3. Think of different ways for a solution or solutions
4. Identify the benefits of the solutions you are thinking about
5. Share your concerns with someone who can help with knowledge,
contacts, skills or finances
6. State how you can help
7. Start with the skills, knowledge and abilities that you have

8. Learn as you work on the solution

There are invaluable benefits for being self-initiative at work, home
and in community or church activities. You automatically develop a
rare, but powerful quality – ability to discern a situation and do
something about it. You develop positive mental attitude towards other
people. You build your confidence in your skills, knowledge and
abilities. You become self-reliance. You attract the attention of others,
including your superiors. This permits you to become indispensable. In
return, nature compensates you by liberating other people to help you
with your personal projects.

Top Practices that Retain Customers

Build relationships. Value the success of your client/customer with
or without any pay for you.

1. Forget old tactics (Find a customer’s pain and heal it).  A person
will do business with someone they can relate with.
2. Be magnetic. This happens when your company (plus
products/services) is the 1st thing a customer can think of when he/she or someone
else they know has a need of items similar to what you offer.
3. Use the skunk’s power of publicity. A skunk survives by making its
presence known. Make your products/services known. Use media, service
clubs, schools, and other social entities. Remember to offer
products/services that don’t stink, a downside of publicizing poor quality
products and services.
4. What is your personal life philosophy? Create a philosophy that
goes beyond a selling pitch. A philosophy you can quote to others when
you are half asleep. Mine is “What we do for ourselves can get us by.
What we do for others is what gets us ahead; whether in our
profession, spiritual pursuits or relationships .” And life is short. I will
have fun in anything I choose to do.
5. Forget 8-5, Monday through Friday. Selling is an everyday
activity. You can always be in the frontline or research what’s going on in
the market so as to be better.
6. Be at your client’s human level. Asking for a celebrity’s
treatment pulls clients away from you. You are the hired hands, not the
village hero to be carried shoulder high. Be normal, go second class.
7. Be an expert. Develop your knowledge in your line of
products/services so that customers can call you with problems because they know
you have the answer.
8. Be your customer’s silent marketer. Direct people to the
products/services your customer provides and you will keep your relationships
vibrant as well as earning their business.
9. Remember St. Fransis of Asisi’s words, “Preach the gospel, use
words if necessary.” If you can’t live what you preach, your clients
10. Sharpen your spear constantly. Reading how others are attracting
and keeping customers will help you do the same.
11. Go the extra mile. Surprise your customer with something you
don’t have to do, or don’t have give them. Ask about their children’s
birthday, their new home, the puppy, the vacation. Ask about personal
things they have let you know about.

In April’s newsletter, I promised to share what I have learned in
different areas of life/business in the last 5 years as a full time
speaker, writer and seminar leader. Every month there will be a Featured
Turning Point Experience piece that reflects a unique circumstance
either in speaking or writing arenas.  However, this month I want to
share a special incident that has been in my mind for since 1975 and
more so the last 5 years it’s about, "... where men and women get
knives to cut their portion of the national cake"

       "My children, that is where men and women get knives to cut their
portion of the national cake." These were my dad's own words in
January 1975.
       My dad did not have western education, yet he did anything he could
to educate his children. He rewarded us with well fulfilled promises
or encouraged us to try by proper spanking if one performed poorly. 
In December 1972, I took my grades home after the official closing of
school. I had placed sixth in a class of 120 pupils. To my dad that
was bad and unacceptable.  Only one or two students from Kangundo
Primary School would be admitted into government aided schools after
sitting for the seventh grade examination. So number six was probably
bad. I was spanked and denied breakfast. Too bad? No, that was the
wake-up call I needed. I had wasted three years of schooling. In each
one of these three years, the teacher or my dad, and mostly both,
would say my academic performance was not good enough. Thus, I was
referred back. This meant spending two years in the same grade. After
that spanking in 1972, he never spanked me again and I was never
referred back again. In fa!
ct my father was able to pride himself on my flying colors and those
of my young brother, Paul Muyanga Wa Kituku (who was always an
academic giant). We both did well and passed Certificate of Primary
Education examination in 1974.
       In January 1975, my brother and I were accepted to good schools
along with about ten or so other students from our school. My brother
was to join Machakos Boys School and I Tala High School. Great!  My dad
took us to Nairobi for special shopping. For the first time we were
to purchase and start wearing shoes and long trousers. My father
thought that if we had these "luxurious outfits" before joining high
school, they would have interfered with our studies. But now we were
       Going to Nairobi was a treat in itself.  That trip in 1975 was my
third time to go there and my brother's first time. After arriving,
before any shopping was done, Dad took us to the main gate of the
University of Nairobi. He showed us the University of Nairobi.
       He then said, "my children, that is where men and women get knives
to cut their portion of the national cake."
       I can't say too much about the power of this statement.  It became
the academic road map, for my brother and I. Over twenty years later,
I hear it always and in my mind I visit the same place every time I
think of it. I feel the same emotional attachment to my father,
brother and to the universe.
       One lesson I have learned since that time is, GIVE ANYONE SOMETHING
father's words cannot and could never be substituted with any one of
or even the sum of, the many, "How to succeed" books or graduate
school programs.
       This is why. In high school, we set goals and promised our dad that
we too would work hard and go,"... where men and women get knives to
cut their portion of the national cake." We both hit the books.
After four years of ordinary level high school, both my brother and I
passed with Division I (the equivalent of an A average). We both were
chosen to join national schools for Advanced Level High School
programs.  My brother went to Mangu High School and studied Maths, Physics,
Chemistry and Further Maths (tough stuff only done by a few strictly
selected students).  I went to Shimo La Tewa and studied Physics,
Chemistry, Biology and Subsidiary Maths.
       To get a clear picture of how tough this was, know that of the 120
students we were together with in primary school, only three, Richard
Maithya, my brother and I, made it to this level.  My brother and I 
still remembered, "... where men and women get knives to cut their
portion of the national cake."
       Two years later we sat for the university entrance exam. This was
known to be an exterminator. For every 100 students, less than ten
made it to university. Again, we both made it, an unheard of incident
where two brothers pass that exam at the same time.  We were able to
go "... where men and women get knives to cut their portion of the
national cake." Beside my brother and I, none of the 120 other primary
school classmates made it to university.
       I have known that there is a global cake where each individual needs
their portion. Education is the only knife which each one can use to
get their share.
       My Dad had great vision for the future. I love him for showing to me
that parents and teachers can give the youth hope by believing in
them and presenting to them with attainable challenges. It’s true that
for some people, all they need is someone to believe in them for them
to believe in themselves. You show them the stars and they take that
to mean you know they can find the way.        © By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa
Kituku, Author, Motivational Speaker and Trainer. P.O Box 7152. Boise,
Idaho 83707. Phone (208) 376-8724, www.Kituku.Com

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