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Issue Number:        Volume 1 No. 9
Publisher:               Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku
Date of Issue:               October 3 2002
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What others are saying about Dr. Kituku works:

“Dear Sir, Your newspaper column is a true inspiration.  I cannot
tell you the times that I have cut it out of the paper to share with my
family during our dinner hour or to pass on to a friend. I was born
in Oregon but have lived in Michigan for the past 9 years. My mother
sends me the local paper from Ontario thus I am a regular reader of
your inspiring words…Today’s column about your mother is one that I
will mail to a friend in England…Your written words will point to the
path that will bring her peace. Again thank you and God bless your
endeavors. I just visited your web sight for the first time WOW now I
have more to enjoy.  Looks like I should hunt down your book.  Maybe
there is a place we could find for you to do some speaking in this
area.  I'll check into it...............blessings to you.” Beverly Ogburn

“Dear Professor Vincent, I read your article in the Top 7 Business
21-09-99, and find it very true in
todays world. I live in South Africa and we see this happening every
day with people being retrenched with little or no money to keep them
going. We all pray that there will be light at the end of the tunnel
Thank you for an excellent article.” Regards
Andrew Blane
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1. Dr. Kituku Commentary: Persistence
2. At Last! How to Thrive in Chaotic Times: Dr. Kituku’s Top 13
Lessons for Success
3. Top 7 Tips on How to Balance Work and Life
4. Top 13 Strategies to Build Your Business with Unlimited Referrals
5. Featured Turning Point Experience Piece: The High Cost of


Our son’s name is Kithetheesyo Uathimo, meaning Persistent Blessings. 
To the best of my knowledge, he is the only person with this
combination. He is our fourth child, the only boy, and was born during my
middle age.

After pondering for years, I concluded that persistence is the
quality in life that separates achievers from the rest. It is the one
factor in life that makes a person prosper in spiritual, temporal and
physical ways. It separates those who endure spiritual battles from
those who succumb to them. Persistence in one’s vision brings the
anticipated blessings.

My son’s name gives me reassurance in my own life. I heartily
believe that even when nothing seems to come out of a project, persistence
pays off.  Abraham Lincoln is an example.  He is among the great
leaders who had major impact in changing the beliefs and practices of his
time.  A closer look at his career portrays somebody who would have
been relatively unknown were it not for his spirit of persistence.

Recently, I read the following from an Economic Press Publication
about Lincoln: failed in business at age 22, ran for the legislature and
was defeated at 23, failed again in business at 24, won a seat in the
legislature at 25, his sweetheart died when Abraham was 26, suffered
from a nervous breakdown at 27, defeated for speaker at 29, defeated
for elector at 31, defeated for Congress at 34, elected to Congress
at 37, defeated for Congress at 39, defeated for Senate at 46,
defeated for Vice President at 47, defeated for Senate at 49, elected
President of United States of America at 51.

His persistence, courage and perseverance brought blessings to
himself and others.  His personal and political life shows that the odds
were against him. Yet, he persisted and won his place in the pages of
history and in the hearts of his countrymen down to this day and far

You must come to grips with the realities of life if you are to
receive the blessings that come from persistence.  In life, there are
challenges that must be met. Sorrows abound and must be overcome. 
Tragedies must be faced courageously.  Struggles must be fought

Life offers enormous blessings for those who persist.  Blessings
start with accepting life as a gift. In life, opportunities present
themselves daily… take them. When you view life as a mission field, you
are bound to fulfill it.

Persistent people get their ultimate rewards because they don’t adopt
common alibis such as age, gender or material possession. Other
commitments, present skills and abilities never prevent them from getting
their goal started and accomplished.

What is stopping you from getting your blessings?  Is your vision in
line with your values? Is it a vision that can benefit you and
others?  What do you have now that you can use to begin the process of
achieving your vision? What will you lose should you choose to quit
pursuing your vision?

At Last! How to Thrive in Chaotic Times: Dr. Kituku’s Top 13 Lessons
for Success

A small group of people seem to get what they want when they need it. 
These ordinary people have figured out what’s their purpose in this
world and determined to stay focused in spite of the many
distractions. The results of whatever these people do are extra ordinary!

Now after almost a decade of research and reflections, Dr. Vincent
Muli Wa Kituku has done what perhaps no one else has done
before—interweave his rich African heritage and experience in corporate America
into top 13 lessons for professional and personal success. These three
CDs are filled with top content and strategies for what you need to
get ahead and live up to your greatness.

Raves for this timely, life changing work by Dr. Kituku:

“Vincent, Wow! Your recording is great! There is so much
information in your lessons that one would definitely want to stop to write
things down…I most certainly think that this recording contains sooooo
many great action ideas in viewing life and success from such a
greater perspective that to truly capture all of the amazing lessons and
points of the recording, one must write it down and think how it
impacts their life and their perspective on success…Your recordings could
not have come into my life at a better time. I often doubt myself and
what success is. I often feel that I have not done enough with what
the Lord has given me. Your words are a true inspiration for my
soul.  Thank you!” Sonja Kidney

Disc 1

Lesson One—The Truth About Personal Success. What is true success?
Dr. Vincent Kituku builds a solid foundation about professional and
personal success; Listen to his early struggles with poverty, illness
after illness, schooling and the loss of siblings and how his father’s
wisdom changed the tides of times forever.

Lesson Two—Definite Purpose in Life. Get ready for powerful knowledge
on a critical aspect of life—having definite purpose that gives you
the momentum to wake up with positive expectations. Learn 8 must know
and do things to build strong self-confidence.

Lesson Three—The power of positive attitude. Dr. Kituku highlights
the one thread of life that you have total control of and that can
change how you see your world and the great opportunities life offers.

Lesson Four—Basics of Life. Learn the 6 crucial aspects of life that
you are CEO of, the 6 important social entities and how what you do
relates with each. Prepare for a new beginning in your knowledge in
what others can do for you and what no one can do for you.

Lesson Five—Taking Charge of Your Personal Life. It’s common
knowledge—imbalance in life has high cost in individual lives, families,
businesses and community. Listen to Dr. Kituku as he highlights: the high
cost of life imbalance; The top 3 types of relationships with lasting
rewards; and 5 points to ponder on how to move forward without
leaving your family behind.

Lesson Six—Essential Elements for Achieving Professional and Personal
Purpose. This lesson is filled with concrete steps for you to use and
achieve your purpose. Learn: The power of personal identity; The ONE
word to avoid; Harmful desire to steer away from, The only emotion to
guard against, Top three sources of failure, The 7 most powerful
motives to cultivate and cherish

Disc 2

Lesson Seven—Top 12 Secrets that Move People Ahead. Ever wondered
what makes people with the same educational background, probably doing
the same job achieve different levels of success? In this lesson Dr.
Kituku will take you through the12 top secrets that move people ahead
in whatever field of their calling.

Lesson Eight—What 21st Century Leaders, Business Owners and Employees
Must Know. Our world has become a jungle where it doesn’t matter
whether you are a carnivore or a prey. You must run to survive. Learn: 10
practices that will position you for success; Recognize what sets you
apart in your industry; 8 top secrets of surviving and thriving in
your jungle; 10 steps on how to ask what you want when you need it;
Best ways to negotiate deals prospects can’t turn down; How to inspire,
motivate and position yourself; 13 things leaders/managers do to
de-motivate people; 9 tips on how to inspire and motivate others for
superb performance and; 9 tools for thriving in unpredictable times.

Disc 3

Lesson Nine—Turning Adversities into Opportunities for New Beginning
and Growth. Bad things happen to each and every one at one time or
another. Dr. Kituku’s path in life, as you learned in lesson one has
been filled with failure, poverty, illness after illness and sadly the
loss of siblings. In this lesson, Dr. Kituku shares 12 steps for
turning adversities into steppingstones for new beginning and growth;
Living with “social buffaloes” and; the 7 attributes you need to
overcome “buffaloes” in your life.

Lesson Ten—Life Beyond Real and/or Perceived Obstacles. What would
you do if, before your proposal to marry is accepted, you had to search
and kill a lion? Find out what inspired the Maasai men to search and
overcome lions before marriage; Top 7 tips on how to see beyond your

Lesson Eleven—Putting Faith into Action. Having faith in your great
ideas and your potential is one thing. Putting that faith into action
is another. Dr. Kituku provides an extra ordinary illustration on the
power of faith put into action in what he calls “African Impala
Syndrome.” He provides 9 proven strategies on how to avoid suffering from
“African Impala Syndrome.”.

Lesson Twelve—The Principle of Planting in “Dry Season.” What is
planting in dry season for professional and personal success? Do you know
the high cost of not planting in your “dry season?” Learn the 8 most
important questions to ask yourself if you are to grow in all aspects
of life.

Lesson Thirteen—Pushing Your Internal Air-conditioner. What is
stopping you from living the life of your dream? Do you know you may have
a talent or an experience that could propel you from mediocre
performance to life rich with fulfillment? Listen to another one of Dr.
Kituku’s signature story that has won international awards “the Unused
Air-Conditioner”; 7 reasons why people don’t “push their A/C”

In conclusion, Dr. Kituku looks back to April 11 1997, and what
happened afterwards. He left a full time job to be a professional speaker,
trainer and author. No paycheck every other week, 401K or Health and
Life Insurances. English is not his native or even second language.
His college education is not in any remote way related to what he was
embarking to do. Now, looking back, all Dr. Vincent Muli wa Kituku
says is, “I am blessed.”

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immediate shipping. Please have your Visa, Master Card or Discover
credit cards when you call.

Top 7 Tips on How to Balance Work and Life

Lee Iacocca, former chairman of Chrysler Corporation, once said that
most of the 242 million working people, “swing out of bed, yawn, and
figure: ‘Oh…, I’ve got to make it through another day of drudgery’.”  
Working people are stressed out whether self employed or working for
someone else.  Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For the Soul,
said that about 75% of workers don’t like what they are doing or who
they work for.

 A major explanation for stress has been uncertainty in the workplace
as a result of increased competition, changing local and
international trade regulations, merging of corporations and technological

Is change new to humanity? Are there better ways for an individual
to thrive in a world of uncertainty? How can one balance the demands
of personal life and work?

To answer these questions, I am inclined to use strategies that were
used by the people of my native community, of Kamba in Kenya. Their
stresses were caused by disease, famine, the presence of water
buffaloes and unpredictable tribal wars. The stresses experienced by
Kambas and those in today’s workplace are similar because in both, one’s
security is threatened, there is a sense of loss of one’s identity and
loyalty to a system is negatively affected.

Here are Top 7 Tips on how to balance work and personal life.
1. Establish your purpose on earth from a perspective that is
independent from your daily activities.  In today’s chaotic workplace, each
one should ask himself: what is the primary purpose or mission in
life? What is there to look back to and be glad when you are celebrating
95th birthday?
2. With the purpose established, commit to vision(s), decisions and
actions on activities that help you achieve your purpose. Align
individual goals with those of the organization you belong to. In what ways
can your employment help you attain that purpose?  How are your life
goals align with the vision and mission of the organization you are
working for?
3. Develop self-empowering strategies that allows you to use your
creative and authentic potential to achieve your purpose as well as
creating an environment for your employer’s or network group’s success.
4. View natural and man made-changes as natural processes that
perpetuate personal growth.  Embrace change in the workplace.  Change
brings new opportunities, including skills, knowledge and abilities, thus
improving your employability.
5. Adhere to your faith, reflect on what has happened in past to be
where you are, stay in contact with others and use physical activities
as springboards for the body and mind as you forge ahead with your
journey of accomplishing your mission.
6. The ability to let go of perceptions and practices that may not be
beneficial to oneself or an organization is a stress-reduction step.
Remember the wisdom from a fortune cookie, “Blessed are the flexible
for they shall not be bend out of shape.”
7. Get involved in community affairs.  They provide opportunities to
learn, socialize and strengthen a sense of belonging and
contribution.  It is a great networking strategy and also an opportunity to help
others, which is one of the secrets of success.

Remember, “There is nothing we can do that will bring us more in the
way of rewards than daily striving to become better adjusted,
happier, more productive human beings. It’s a lifetime job and worth every
minute we spend on it.”  Earl Nightingale
Top 13 Strategies to Build Your Business with Unlimited Referrals

1. Be EXCEPTIONAL or else the marketplace will tell you if you’re not

2. Be a human being. That is, be easy to work with.  You’re the hired
help, not the star

3. Do your research on your client. How can what you do help his or
her organization

4. Don’t negatively surprise your client with your invoice’s content.

5. Follow-up after the sale or service with a phone call and check
how your client was satisfied.

6. As you discuss client satisfaction, and ask for referrals. Ask for
referrals both within client circles and their competitors

7. You might develop and/or use a target list

8. Get referral to notify the prospect first

9. Learn as much as you can about the new prospect…personal and

10. Send small but memorable Thank You gifts to the referral source

11. Get your new client to THANK the referral source, or at least
send the testimonial letter from your new client to the referral source

12. Get testimonial letters. Use them as much as you can. Third
party endorsement works.

13. Conquer any fear of rejection you might have in this area. Most
people are thrilled to help you as well as others whom they know.

In April’s newsletter, I promised to share what I have learned in
different areas of life/business in the last 5 years as a full time
speaker, writer and seminar leader. Every month there will be a Featured
Turning Point Experience piece that reflects a unique circumstance
either in speaking or writing arenas.  Here is this month’s piece: The
High Cost of Perfection

       I had just finished presenting my two-day marriage workshop,
“Overcoming Buffaloes in Marriage. How to Build a God-Centered Marriage,”
when one of the participants approached me and said, “Vincent, would
you please send a copy of the workbook to my brother-in-law?” Topics
covered in this workshop are: Cultural Dynamics and Family Stability;
Communicating Effectively to Save Marriage; Material Possessions:
Blessings or Curse?; For the Sake of Children; Children: Additional
Blessing; In-Laws and Your Marriage; Living Happily Ever After;
Satisfying Sex Life and Healthy Marriage; A Husband’s Responsibility; A Wife’s
Responsibility; and Breaking the Cycle of Divorce.

I knew her brother-in-law. He was the head of a worldwide Christian
organization and one of the most humble men I have ever met in my
life. He is also talented in giving powerful sermons with meekness.
Without hesitation, I promised the participant that I would send it. She
didn’t say why she wanted me to do it and I didn’t ask.  I actually
thought she wanted him to see the materials covered in the workshop
and either use it in his teachings or have me conduct such workshops
within his organization. As I was going home, I thought about her
request and I thought my workshop material were not good enough to be
given to a man of such high position. I needed to make the materials
       English, admittedly, is neither my first nor second language. I
wrote my first essay in high school and since high school, I have never
taken English classes let alone a writing class. I was a science
student and in my entire undergraduate program at the University of
Nairobi in Kenya, I was required to write only three term papers.
       So I thought I would review my marriage workshop booklet, make
corrections, and give it to an editor for more corrections before I sent
it. Because of my full-time speaking engagements, days and weeks and
months went by before I could find time to make the workbook perfect.
Her request was made in May and by the end of September, I had not
honored my promise.
In October I heard the sad news that this man had been left by his
wife.  I don’t know what happened in their marriage. They seemed to
have the “dream relationship” we all pray for. They were always
together. As this leader taught preachers how to care for their flocks, she
stood by him and sometimes taught and encouraged women married to
preachers on how to overcome the challenges they faced.
       I prayed and called friends to pray for their reconciliation. The
wife had moved out, rented an apartment and gotten a different job.
This time, I logically resisted the temptation to send the materials
because I didn’t want them to have to feel guilty.
       A few months later, this disillusioned leader, having lost
considerable weight, stood before hundreds of people and resigned his
position. I cried as I listened and watched him read his resignation
statement and leave his chair for his successor. My mind went back and forth
to his sister-in-law’s request and my pursuit of perfection. I
agonized over the estranged marital relationship and the loss of a great
leader who had led thousands to peace and hope.

Words can’t express my heart’s heaviness for days as I contemplated
on the fact that to help others we don’t have to look at our ability
or capability BUT our availability. Our job is not to perfect
ourselves in order to be useful in helping but to be willing to work through
our imperfection and give God the glory. If you have someone who
might benefit from the talents and gifts you have or the experiences you
have gone through, just listen to the soft voice. © By Dr. Vincent
Muli Wa Kituku, Author, Motivational Speaker and Trainer. P.O Box 7152.
Boise, Idaho 83707. Phone (208) 376-8724, www.Kituku.Com

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