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Issue Number:        Volume 1 No. 7
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Date of Issue:               June 28, 2002
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“We have received many positive comments and “Thank You” from our
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our employees but also empowering them to address our cultural
differences at TVCC in a positive manner, Thank you.” Judy K. Tiffany,
Director of Human Resources, Treasure Valley Community College

I just wanted to thank you for posting your inspirational articles up
on the web.  I subscribe to Creative Training Techniques and the
September edition included one of your articles. After reading it, I was
inspired to visit your web site and am so very glad I did. I found
articles to share with my family, which, I pray, will help them shed
some light on "their storms". Nan
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1. Dr. Kituku Commentary: Overcoming Buffaloes in the Workplace
2. 8 Top Leadership Actions that Are a Must in Changing Times
3. What’s New?
4. Presentation Skills Boot Camp
5. Top 10 Must Know Life Lessons For High Achievers by Dr. Kituku
6. Featured Turning Point Experience Piece: Blessed Embarrassment

Overcoming Buffaloes in the Workplace

Near Kangundo, Kenya were mountains that had a game reserve. Once in
a while, a water buffalo would go astray. The buffalo came to the
villages without warning. When there was a buffalo in the village, life
changed completely.

The water buffalo is a very clever animal. Traditional stories
indicate that buffaloes can spot somebody, hide and then attack.

There were times when people tried to run away from the buffalo.
However, how you ran away was very important.  If you ran uphill, you
were dead meat and if you ran down hill, you were just delaying the

From the stories I learned in my upbringing, some people tried to
climb trees to escape the buffalo. But, when you climbed a tree, the
buffalo would come and graze beneath the tree, waiting for you to climb
down.  If you took long, the buffalo would urinate on its tail and
splash the urine on you. The urine caused an itching effect on your
body.  You scratched and scratched yourself until you let go of the
branch you were holding and fall down from the tree to where the buffalo
was grazing.

You could not escape the from buffalo!

In life, there are “social buffaloes.” Those aspects that
destabilize progress, be it professional development or personal—it’s a

Like water buffalo in the villages, change in the workplace is coming
fast without warning; devastating social structures; uprooting the
harmonious livelihood in our “modern villages” and leaving many
employees feeling insecure and stressed out.

The question people are asking is, “What can I do, not only to
survive but thrive the turbulence of unexpected changes?” This is a valid
question since organizations won’t revert to the old womb-to-tomb job
security known by our parents. Job availability and longevity will
continue to be dictated by factors beyond the average employee’s
control. And as things are, the resume that gets you a job today probably
won’t keep you in it until retirement.
Adjusting your thought processes and doing what is needed to update
your marketable skills before you are forced to will help you feel
secure, less stressed out and able to thrive in these trying times and
beyond. Here are five easy-to apply suggestions:

1.       Become multi-functional. What did you do in the past that you can
revert to if your position is not available? What are the skills,
knowledge and abilities that you are using now and you can transfer to
another market if need be? What skills, knowledge and abilities are
you planning to have in the next six months, one, two and five years
from now that will keep you abreast with your area of specialization?
Keep these things in focus. Dig your water well long before you’re
2.       Assume nothing.  Flexibility must become a necessary survival
tool. I learned from a fortune cookie that, “Blessed are the flexible for
they shall not be bent out of shape!” Let go of perceptions, habits
and projects that curtail your chances of facing the future with
3.       Use network and teamwork skills. Master the fabrics for
team-building and success. These include commitment, interpersonal
communication skills, unselfish contributions, a willingness to learn from
diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, cooperation, conflict and
change management. Let others, in addition to your boss and employer
know what you are good at. Volunteer and Community Services are great
places to spread yourself around and make your talents and interests
4.       Stay in school. Helen Hayes said, “When books are opened, we
discover our wings.” Ear phones and automobile’s cassette players are
mobile colleges at your fingertips. Experts say one has to read a
book/week to be up to date in his/her specialty. Keep yourself marketable by
continuously improving your skills, knowledge and abilities. In the
jungle, whether you are a lion or gazelle, when the sun is up, you
better be running for survival.
5        Bear in mind, a job alone cannot provide long-term security. There
must be a balancing and blending of relationships (with God, family,
and community), recreation, personal and professional growth.
By putting suggestions into practice, you will have the necessary
tools to combat “buffaloes in the workplace” that threaten your job
security and peace of mind.

8 Top Leadership Actions that Are a Must in Changing Times

M.B.W.A in business is Managing By Walking Around. Funny, but MBWA in
Swahili means dog. A dog knows its environment. In leading, your
understanding of your employees’ strengths and challenges is what will
give your organization or department cutting edge advantage. It boils
down to a simple factor: motivating individuals to prepare, stay
focused and produce results as a team. What you need to do as a leader is:

1. Stay in touch with your people. Show up when they are doing what
is expected or better, and acknowledge their performance immediately
2. Accept the fact that you are their role model. They look up to
you. You set the example and the standards to be followed.
3. Build their confidence by letting them know that their
contribution matters.
4. Stay positive consistently to keep everyone focused on your
organization’s vision. Your enthusiasm is transferable and so is the lack
5. Small talk won’t get you anywhere. When negative issues arise,
address them immediately and layout, from a positive perspective what
must be done, when it must be done and by whom. Have a follow up plan.
6. Don’t be afraid of slow progress. Break each project into
easy-to-understand and undertake steps. Chinese wisdom has it that, “…the
only thing to be afraid of is standing still.”
7. Small successes are the bedrock upon which to build great success.
8. Make these practices predictable.


Presentation Skills Boot Camp
Date: July 31, 2002
Time:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Double Tree—Riverside, Boise, Idaho

In today’s unpredictable business climate, you can’t afford the
luxury of developing and delivering mediocre presentations.

The ability to research and give a presentation that gets results
must be the key to your success.

If the results of your next presentation are important to you, you
need this presentation skills boot camp. You will get ahead of the
presentation curve by learning from the Master—International Award
Winning Presenter/Storyteller and Author Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Come prepared to be equipped and inspired with tools on:
 How to turn your fear of being a presenter into your steppingstone
 5 top styles to capture and own audiences and leaving them wanting
 9 secrets you, the presenter must know about adult audiences
 How to research, develop and present the proposal that gets
accepted by decision makers
 Organize and put your points across like a professional
 3 must know strategies to make your presentation authentic
 5 ways to include each participant in your presentation
 How to use visual aids and props to your advantage
 39 interactive review tips

Registration and networking opportunities will start at 8:15 a.m.

Rate information: Includes program fees, workbooks, networking lunch
and refreshments

Early bird discount: $10.00 off, if registered before or on July 10th 

$129.00 per person
$119.00 per person in groups of 3 or more

2-Easy and Secure Ways to Register:

1. Call toll free 1-888-685 1621 or (208) 376-8724 and register using
Visa, Master Card or Discover
2. Mail the filled form with a check or money order to: KITUKU &
ASSOCIATES P.O box 7152, Boise, ID 83707

Please note that this boot camp is open ONLY to those serious about
delivering presentations with impact.

Who should attend: Corporate trainers; Sales representatives;
Business owners; Community leaders; self-employed trainers; Non-profit
organization leaders; Managers; Team leaders; Public Relation Officers;
Supervisors; Pastors; Camp leaders; Facilitators; Lawyers; Speech and
Drama Teachers; Professional speakers and those who want to increase
their profits with persuasion techniques

Dr. Kituku will equip you with the tools you need to hear your
audience say things like:

“Vincent…Your presentations on leadership and team building were
exactly what we needed and right on the mark. Even though you never
played football your understanding of how a team must function as one to
be successful is amazingly accurate…” Dirk Koetter, Head Football
Coach, Arizona State University

“Vincent…I was exceptionally pleased with your efforts to customize
your presentation to the needs of our audience…Your singularly
distinctive efforts brought great credit to yourself and the Pacific Coast
Gas Association.”  Mike McGrath, Director Marketing Services and
Regulatory Affairs, Intermountain Gas Company


Top 10 Must Know Life Lessons For High Achievers by Dr. Kituku

1. Take risks to grow as a person and in your professional life.
2. Always know that you are the CEO of all you do.
3. Count your riches not by things you can see and/or touch, but the
feeling in your heart.
4. Never think you work for someone else. Do what you would if the
success of the project depended entirely on you.
5. Learning to learn is the skill that will keep you doing what you
enjoy most.
6. Assume every person you talk with is the one who will tell the
whole world about you.
7. Self-initiative will propel you above any competition.
8. Climb career and social ladders cautiously while holding tight
family ties.
9. What you get will help you make a living. What you give to others
will give you life.
10. Give children the best gift, being a good example.

These are selected from a list of 45 which you can down load from

What’s New?

Many readers e-mailed requesting the whole list of the 99 Top Tips to
Get and Keep Customers. We tried to e-mail everybody but the number
was overwhelming. The rest are in WWW.KITUKU.COM.


In April’s newsletter, I promised to share what I have learned in
different areas of life/business. Every month there will be a Featured
Turning Point Experience piece that reflects a unique circumstance
either in speaking or writing arenas.  Here is this month’s piece:
Blessed embarrassment

Have you ever panicked or felt like running away after an action that
you did in public? It is not pleasant. The fact is that we can meet
life opportunities in places we do not want to be. Opportunities open
up…whether we are ready or not.

In the spring of 1997, “The Idaho Statesman” advertised that there
was a poetry reading at the Log Cabin Literary Center. I had never been
to a poetry reading event or written a poem. I attended out of

There was a table with a paper and pen at the entry of the room. The
two people ahead of me wrote their names on the paper before sitting
down. I followed their example.  I chose to sit next to the door so
that I could leave if I got bored. More people came, and only some
wrote their names on the paper.

The reading started, and I became fascinated listening as the
participants’ engaged my soul, body and mind. After each reader, the person
conducting the event called a name from the paper which I had signed
and someone went to the front to read his or her poems. I became
nervous as the names of people who were on the list ahead of mine were
called. I couldn’t listen. I was thinking of the mistake I had made.
Sure enough, my name was eventually called. I stood up with dignity,
but without a poem.

I told the audience that I didn’t have a poem, but I had some
folktales I learned from my mother. After two short stories, the audience
was captivated. I told them one more and left the room for the night.

This event inspired me so much that I wrote my first poem on Mother’s
Day. It has been printed in several books and numerous newspapers.
Another piece was published by the national Library of Poetry. Two
years later, I was invited and paid to read my poetry at the Log Cabin.

Blessings came from many angles. The emcee of the event that night
happened to be the Director of Idaho Humanities. He learned about
African folktales and their relevancy in young people’s education.
Through his organization, I was invited and presented at more than 180
schools in Idaho within three years.

Share your uniqueness. You have what you need to get started on your
dreams and to enrich others wherever you are. As humans, we want the
fruit of humility (blessings) without humiliation. Sometimes we find
hidden talents in places we least expect.  © By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa
Kituku, Author, Motivational Speaker and Trainer. P.O Box 7152. Boise,
Idaho 83707. Phone (208) 376-8724, www.Kituku.Com

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