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Issue Number:        Volume II No. 1
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1. Dr. Kituku Commentary: 7 Tips for Living Your Life With Purpose
2. 7 Basic Steps You Can Take to Spur Your Business Onward to New
3. 10 more of Top 45 Must Know Life Lessons For High Achievers
4. Marketing Strategies For Times Like These!
5. 9 Top Tips for Development of a Powerful Speech
6. 7 Basic Steps You Can Take to Spur Your Business Onward to New
7. Who Is Vincent Muli Wa Kituku
8. Featured Turning Point Experience Piece:
Living Your Life With Purpose

Don’t fall into the New Year Resolution cycle. Think of your purpose
in life.

 To do so, let us assume that you are celebrating your 95th birthday. 
Your family is there, as well as your dearest friends. You have had
a great and productive life. You look back and start reflecting
about who you have become, what you have stood for and those you have
loved and served. You also had your share of challenges, but they made
you wiser and stronger.
In your mind, think of why this day is special.  What are the
surrounding circumstances? How is your physical appearance? What expression
predominates your face and eyes? At this moment, what are your
deepest feeling and thoughts? Through the years, what has been important in
your life?
Now, it is time for those present to say something about you.  What
would you like each to say?  Other people who might be there are
perhaps an employer, neighbors, co-workers, fellow civic organization
members or church members.
After you complete the above exercise ask yourself, “What can I do to
reflect positively on life during my sunset days?”

7 Tips for Living Your Life With Purpose

1. Build relationships.  As you went through the above mental
exercise, you realized that people were a central part of your life. People
brought happiness into your life, encouragement and a sense of
belonging. They helped you realize your vision and goals, and they were
there when you needed support and understanding. It’s not the projects
we accomplish, but the people with whom we accomplish the projects
that is essential in life.

2. Visualize your desired future. In our minds, we create the future
we want to live in.  Remember, “where there is no vision, the people
perish” (Proverbs 29:18).  Our vision is an expanded purpose that
leads to a more focused life.  It is the deepest expression of what we
want, the preferred future.  Our vision must embody the collective
values and aspirations of our relationship with God, families and
associates.  It is with vision of the future that we are inspired to focus
on the possibilities of going beyond what is wrong and what has
hindered success in the past.

3. Set attainable goals. Learn to define and set goals with others.
Formulate action plans and before final decision and implementation,
consult others. Your goals must be specific and measurable. Identify
and initiate specific activities that you must do to achieve your
goals and the obstacles you must overcome.

4. Grow and be fruitful. This is an on-going process that calls you
to be a lifelong learner, and self-initiating without the limiting
forces of job description or turf. In this process you learn to ask and
listen and you always have something to live up to while taking time
to feed your soul and mind. Learn to enrich other people’s lives as a
contributor and team player.

5. Leave the past behind. Past failing experiences or disappointments
are lessons that can be the set-ups for a rewarding future. Don’t
steal from your present and future by spending time reminiscing on the
past disappointing experiences. Keep your eyes open not to see a
closed window but the gates of opportunities that are ever present.

6. Learn a jungle survival skill. This is just a reminder that the
wise have said, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.  It knows
it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will die. Every
morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the
slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.  It doesn’t matter
whether you are a lion or a gazelle; when the sun comes up, you’d better be
running.”  Know your jungle (industry) and run not only to survive
but to thrive.

7. Think eternally. In this path to 95th birthday, a positive
attitude is a necessity. Seek the meaning of life and God’s beauty in any
experience.  Maintain God’s temple, your soul in good shape. This
journey is impossible if this temple is not in sound condition—healthy
relationship with the Creator, the only source of lasting peace of
mind. God also wants to see it (His temple) in this condition eternally.

Keep in mind that what you do for yourself can get you by. What you
do for others is what will get you ahead; whether in your profession,
spiritual pursuits or relationships. May God richly bless you and
make the year 2003 the best you have ever had.

10 more of Top 45 Must Know Life Lessons For High Achievers
By International Author, Speaker—Dr. Kituku

1. What you do for yourself can get you by.  What you do for others
is what will get you ahead; whether in your profession, spiritual
pursuits or relationships.
2. Never think you work for someone else. Do what you would if the
success of the project depended entirely on you.
3. Learning to learn is the skill that will keep you doing what you
enjoy most.
4. Assume every person you talk with is the one who will tell the
whole world about you.
5. Self-initiative will propel you above any competition.
6. Be working on something good at all times.  You can't be unhappy
when doing something good.
7. Heal yourself by helping others heal from their hurts.
8. Never underestimate the power of praying.
9. The absence of material resources should never stop you from
trying to live up to your potential.
10. Sliding is not falling.  Setbacks can be the setups for better

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The School With No Walls
By Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku
“I find The School With No Walls to be a great tool for lifting my
spirits and reaffirming my commitment to pursue my goals despite life’s
ups and downs.” Zelda Foxall, Professional Storyteller, Seattle, WA.

Book Background:
This book of Kamba people (Kenya) proverbs presents wisdom that
transcends cultures and generations. It provides wisdom that is not
acquired from school or workplace programs.  Parents are “co-principals”
and many community people are “staff members.” Dr. Kituku says that
sayings or proverbs “were the oil with which words are chewed and
swallowed.” Everybody was given something to live up to in a
non-threatening and inclusive communication style. And one statement was sometimes
enough to forever change somebody’s life perspectives.

In the school without walls, we don't pay to learn these life
lessons. We observe, listen and do. Nature is the main teacher.  Nature
teaches that when there is hope, people live. When you see that with a
little amount of force a wet piece of wood can bend while a dry one
breaks, you are in school, learning when to bestow values to young
people.  You observe a herd of cattle without a leader being the last to
arrive at the watering source and end up drinking dirty water, you
are in school, learning the importance of quality leadership.  You may
witness an old man forced by circumstances to go back to grazing his
cattle.  You find out what happened to him to do that and you put
your act together.  

Taste these wise sayings from this marvelous book you need:

"Kalula katune katunivaw'a ni kunengeleanilw'a"

1. A calabash is made red by being passed on.

       When men sat to drink beer, one of them would pour the beer from a
gourd into a calabash. He would then take a sip and pass it on to the
next one, who in turn, would take a sip before passing it on. The
calabash’s normal cream color turned reddish as a result of the oil from
the different hands.
       Reddish color symbolizes beauty. The more a calabash was passed on,
the faster it became red.  The more we share our experiences,
talents, gifts, and hopes, the more beautiful life becomes.

2. "Yenda muno itusaa mukauti"

When it (cow) ‘over loves’, it cuts the umbilical cord.

       This implies that when a cow keeps on licking the umbilical cord of
its new-born calf, the cord may get cut near the stomach, thus,
opening an entrance for bacteria that may cause death eventually.  This is
a warning given to parents not to neglect traditional disciplining
(this is not child abuse, it's done for somebody you love and wish
him/her the best in life) and training of children.

3. "Ndukaaumange sua yitanathua"

Don’t curse the sun before sunset.

       Don't give up on life before you die.  Don't give up on any project
before you get its benefits or understand why it can’t work (keep

4. "Utatia, ndethia"

He who can't let go, can't find.

       This is for encouraging people to let go of expectations,
experiences or projects that are not beneficial; have time to find new
opportunities. This especially useful in our times because there is no
job-security, thus the need to let go of expectations for long-term

5. "Mbaa ngeeka meeth_iwe mataneka"

Procrastinators are caught by events before they do anything.

       Those who keep saying, "I will do this or that whenever" mostly end
up doing nothing.

6. "Kisomo ni ukumbi yite ngulu"

Education is a barn with no weevils.

       Knowledge is like a barn that has no seed-eating organisms.  When
you have it, it's yours to retrieve and use as needed. You can also
add to the barn. (My dad used to tell us that our education is
probably the only thing nobody else can claim co-ownership.)

7. "Vai mbua ite umuu"

There is no rainfall that never brings mosquitoes.

       There is no beneficial experience or project in life that does not
have side effects (time away from family, borrowing money to start
business, spending time in school).

8. "Syalisya itina inyusyaa muulu_"

When they (cattle) stay behind, they drink dirty water.

       When a herd of cattle happens to be the last one to arrive at the
water source, it ends up drinking water which has already been made
dirty by others. When someone takes the "back seat" of life, he/she
will most likely settle for "left-overs" if there are any.

9. "Vai mbua itakya"

There is no rainfall that never ends.

       There is no experience or project with endless benefits. Think
beyond your current productivity level, skills, knowledge, spiritual
level, and family ties.  Then develop strategies of doing even better in
the long run.

With multi-modern life interpretations, the proverbs in this book
include the following aspects: Action/Initiative; Character;
Charity/Kindness; Examples/Role Models; Experience; Faith/Hope;
Friendship/Community; Goals; Gratitude; Knowledge/Wisdom; Leadership/Respect;
Opportunity; Perseverance/Adversity; Preparedness; Responsibility;
Self-improvement; Success; Unity/Values and other life lessons.

SPECIAL OFFER for autographed copy or copies: $4.75/book ONLY (plus
4.75 S/H and 5% for Idaho residents) Reg. Price: ($9.50) for a book
filled with wisdom and tools you can use to be the leader you are meant
to be. Mail check to KITUKU & ASSOCIATES, P.O Box 7152. Boise, Idaho
83707. Or Call Toll Free 1 888 685-1621 for immediate shipping.
Please have your Visa, Master Card or Discover credit cards when you call.

You are guaranteed FULL PAY BACK, the special sell price of the book,
if you are not satisfied within 30 days. Just call our toll free
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Marketing Strategies For Times Like These!

7 Basic Steps You Can Take to Spur Your Business Onward to New

1. Sell the vision.  When you visit with decision-makers purchase
your products or services, create an amazing picture of the multitude
of benefits awaiting them and their organization.

2. Point out residual benefits, the long-term benefits that your
products or services provide. How will what you offer improve your
customer/client’s live for years to come. Don’t leave it for them to figure

3. Present support system and tools.   Today’s buyers love programs
that have support beyond the point of transactions. The traditional
road map, or you can call it a blueprint of how your system works
provide a peace of mind all buyers need and must have anyway.

4. Establish you-gain, I-gain relationships.   Care for their
future, show it and live it and they will take care of yours.  When
misunderstanding or other problems arise as they usually do, cherish the
opportunity and turn the challenges into opportunities to serve and

5. Commit your energy, creativity and time to the delivery of value.
A Swahili saying that, “Kibaya cha jitembeza, kizuru cha jiuza”
literary meaning an item of value sells itself while poor quality item
tries to advertise itself. Deliver value and more value. Never let
today’s value of your products/services stop you from getting better. 

6. Highlight trouble. What limitations do you foresee? Offer
remedies or information that can help. The key is to equip your
customers/clients with whatever it takes to make them accountable for their

7. Flow with your purpose.   When you know your purpose in life, you
enjoy every bit of it in and out of season. Challenges become
pathways toward your destiny. Flow with your purpose involves love for your
work. This love propels you to deliver more than you have to and in
the progress improve your attitude, vision, commitment, and ultimately
you quest for excellency.

9 Top Tips for Development of a Powerful Speech (structure, main
points and support materials)

1. What’s the purpose of the speech? Don’t leave this to the audience
to figure out.
2. Connect with the audience on your first statement, pause or
3. An extraordinary introduction and conclusion are the recipe for a
lasting impression
4. Feed their expectation…don’t leave any part of your story…they
hate tying loose threads
5. Stand on the high ground of good credit, share the source of your
6. Statistics and quotes that can’t be verified work against you. Do
your homework
7. Give audience time to assimilate powerful statements before they
work on your next sentence
8. Both too little or too much can be bad. Stick to what’s right for
the time and good for the soul
9. Trim your stories to “bare necessity” by using only the relevant
ones for your speech

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Who Is Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku works with organizations and individuals
to increase productivity and achieve optimum potential. He is one of
the most sought-after business motivational speakers and trainers.
Vincent has risen to prominence by delivering authentic, informative
and high-energy messages that help people “spear social buffaloes” and
live up to their greatness. Dr. Kituku, a native of Kenya, Africa,
draws on his rich cultural heritage and his in-depth experience in
corporate America to help others apply the strategies of personal and
professional success to their lives. Vincent offers individuals and
organizations the necessary spears to overcome and thrive beyond their

The impact of Dr. Kituku’s memorable speeches and workshops has
propelled him into a league of his own. He has given presentations to
Fortune 500 Companies, Workforce Development Agencies, as well as the
National Association of Rural Mental Health, the National Citizen Police
Academy, the National Trainers Association, Mountain Home Air Force,
and the U.S. Forest Service. Vincent was the featured speaker for
the 38th Idaho State Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast and Luncheon.
His expertise is called upon annually by many groups to establish
creative training techniques for the use of other trainers and educators
in businesses and youth development programs.

Dr. Kituku is a widely read influential writer in business,
inspiration and education. Using his exuberant, concise and riveting style,
Vincent has created books and articles of substance that are eminently
readable, with authentic clarity and relevancy. He is an
Inspirational, Family and Professional expert whose columns appear
internationally in numerous daily, weekly and monthly publications of both
traditional and electronic venues, including Zidaho.com. Dr. Kituku is the
host of “Buffaloes in Our Lives" a weekly radio program, aired in the
Northwest area on KBOI 670 AM, Saturdays at 7:00 a.m. He is chief
editor of the “Buffaloes in Our Lives" newsletter.

Dr. Kituku received his Bachelor of Science degree from the
University of Nairobi and both his Masters and Doctorate from the University
of Wyoming. He has worked extensively with both government and private
sectors. A former training specialist for Idaho Power Company, and an
active adjunct professor of Boise State University, Dr. Kituku also
conducts professional and scholarly workshops at the University of
Montana, George Fox University and the College of Southern Idaho.

Some of Dr. Kituku awards include: The 2000 Integrity Counts Award
given by the Better Business Bureau, 1st Place for Most Spiritual
Lessons Articles awarded by USA and Canada Catholic Press, and 1st Place
for Devotional and Spiritual Poems given by Christian Writers of
Idaho. He recently earned his candidacy for CSP (Certified Speaking
Professional), the highest designation presented by the National Speakers


What others are saying about Dr. Kituku’s presentations…

“I wanted to personally thank you for your outstanding Keynote
Address during the Pacific Coast Gas Association Event…I was exceptionally
pleased with your efforts to customize your address to the needs of
our audience by way of your telephone interviews with several of the
attendees…Your singularly distinctive efforts brought great credit
upon yourself and the Pacific Coast Gas Association.” Michael P.
McGrath, Director, Market Services & Regulatory Affairs, Intermountain Gas

“Our group was moved by your powerful and encouraging message in a
‘more-than-you-will-ever-know’ sort of timing! Your motivational style
is very unique, pointing each of us to look inwardly and in
conjunction with each other as a team.” R. Scott Johnson, Program Manager, BLD
Printer Lab, Hewlett-Packard

“Your presentations were clearly the highlight of our conference! I
really appreciated the time and effort you took to prepare your
presentations, and the way which you created presentations that really
addressed and met our needs.” Roy Sargeant, Chief, Bureau of Mental
Health and Substance Abuse

“…Your keynote address was absolutely fantastic, full of inspiration
and encouragement. We could not have asked for a better way to
culminate and celebrate a great conference.  You have a unique ability to
touch people’s emotions and deliver a powerful message.” Alan F.
Miller, Program Manager, Idaho Commission for National and Community

“…Your great ability to take a story and then relate it to everyone’s
interest and life and improvement of that life is a real art…” Billy
F. Richey, Idaho Governor’s Special Assistant for Military Affairs.

“Good, sound practical suggestions!” Dr. Israel Nelson, Executive
Director, Rivers Counseling Services

“Your presentation was extremely well received and motivating. I
heard many compliments from our employees attesting to the positive
impact you had on the participants.” Cathy Barbouletos, Deputy Forest

“…The evaluations we received from the conference rated your talk as
the highlight of the gathering…Spirits were uplifted and a more
positive view was created for where we are now and the changes we are
experiencing…” Debra Geraghty, Social Worker, The Casey Family Program

“… We are currently undergoing a restructuring…which take my job to
Houston. I have a teenage daughter…and don't feel I can uproot her
from her birthplace and family support. Your presentation provided
excellent counsel for both situations. I have also visited your web site
and enjoyed several of your stories which lessons I will surely use in
my life. Thanks for being a person willing to share your gifts with
others. May God bless you and your family.” Shelley Balistreri, Salt
Lake City, Utah

   A Sample of Businesses and Organizations that have benefited from
Dr. Kituku’s presentations

Training'99, 00, 01 and 02
Virginia Primary Care Association Inc.
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Idaho State Insurance Fund
Association of Idaho Cities
Double Tree Hotel Sales Representatives
Easter Seals, Work Solution Employees
ID Comm. for Nat’l and Community Service
Wash. State Dept. of Environmental Quality
Idaho Department of Correction
Franklin Building Supplies
Premier Financial Group
NAMI Idaho
Minnesota Mental Health Department
National Assoc. of Rural Mental Health
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Depart
Broadcast Towers Inc.
National Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders
Intermountain Orthopedics
Ambassadors: 1st Oregon Statewide Conference
Ronald McDonald House Charities Western
 Region Conf.
Annual Idaho Youth Development Conference
Conference of Minority Officials in
38th Idaho Governor's Leadership Prayer
Snake River Literacy Conference
The Institute of Internal Auditors
Society for Clinical Laboratory Scientists
Trinity Apostolic Faith Men's Conference
Mountain Home Air-force Base
Association of Nurse Practitioners
Idaho State Literacy Conferences
Prestige Care Inc.
Association of Governmental Risks Insurance Pools
Idaho Department of Insurance
Ore-Ida Foods Inc.
Eugene Public Library
Idaho State Transportation Department
US Forest Service
Bureau of Land management
Tens of Non-Profit Organizations
Montana State University-Billings
George Fox University
Albertson’s College
Northwest Nazarene University
Treasure Valley Community College
Region 14 Assoc. College Union International
Society for International Development
Professional Secretary International
Idaho National Guard
Hundreds of Schools and Colleges
Girl Scout Leaders & Youth Camps
Boise Leadership
ASTD (Treasure Valley Chapter)
Idaho State, Department of Commerce
International Congress of Range Management
National Association Mental Illness
Wyoming Adult Education Program
Child Care Solutions Conf.
Idaho Pupil Transportation Summer Conf.
Boise Chapter of Executive Women Assoc.
National Association of Citizen Policy Academy
Boise State Football Team
Arizona State Football Team
National Assoc. of Disability Examiners

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In April’s newsletter, I promised to share what I have learned in
different areas of life/business in the last 5 years as a full time
speaker, writer and seminar leader. Every month there will be a Featured
Turning Point Experience piece that reflects a unique circumstance
either in speaking or writing arenas. This month’s piece is about how
ordinary people can bring your extraordinary benefits if you let them.

 I have always known and believed beyond any element of doubt that
the greatest gift God has given us beside our personal relationship
with Him is other people.  Ordinary people will make you extraordinary
if you let them.
 Early in 1990s, I casually shared with Bell my next door neighbor
about my goals in public speaking. He gave me a copy of, “Think and
Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It instantly became a personal treasure.
This book not only helped me understand the power of using one’s
potential but also how to put faith into work and how to use basic
stories to present information that can be stepping stones for listeners
 Marsha Mckinney, a friend and fellow Toastmaster, give me an
outdated Idaho Media Directory in 1995.  I had never written for any major
newspaper or interviewed in any radio program. Since I had the
contacts I called and talked with editors and radio program producers. By
the end of 1998 I had for about 20 newspapers national magazines and
doing my own weekly radio program. And I have been getting a new
directory every year and work with the media weekly.
 In November 1997, on a pizza talk, Scott Crosby, a friend in the
newspaper business mentioned that newspapers have a hard time getting
unique inspirational materials that address human needs with a broad
background.  This year I will be syndicated with more than 500
articles, including some that have won international awards and others
included in books that have been so successful!

 I had a speaking engagement for the Idaho Department of Mental
Health on the 7th October 1998.  I interviewed managers, field workers,
and consumers from different regions within the State.   After my
45-minute keynote speech that included specific information from the
interviewees, about ten people in the audience came and asked me the
location of my psychological practice. My Ph.D. is in Range Management.
Since then I have presented at more than 20 conferences including a
national conference for mental health organizations.

I could make a book from the list of who, when, what and how ordinary
people are instrumental to my success in speaking and writing
business. All I can say is relationships outweigh anything else and Human
Touch is better than High Tech. Treat every person you meet as if
he/she will be the only person to tell the world how good you are." © By
Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, Author, Motivational Speaker and Trainer.
P.O Box 7152. Boise, Idaho 83707. Phone (208) 376-8724,

Stay Tuned With Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Stay Tuned With Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, host of “Buffaloes in Our
Lives" a TWO hour weekly radio program, aired in the Northwest area
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